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Month of August, 2010

                                                             August   2010

      Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Pluto continue to push for extreme change through the month of August, joined briefly by both transiting Mars and Venus traveling together in Libra. While some of the shifts are bound to be exhilarating, liberating, enlightening, the resistance to change is of course still powerful. It's the resistance that causes the most difficulties and misery. The universe is in flux, as always, and waits for no one in this time of vast evolutionary movement. Jupiter and Mars form a hard-edged T-Square with Pluto on the 3rd that's closely joined by Saturn (which will exactly square Pluto on the 21st). No mercy in this aspect if we're in denial still about what we need to change in our own realm, and certainly in the collective. Any ideas about maintaining a status quo, or even reverting to past patterns of behavior that weren't entirely rewarding, will result in catastrophe, major or minor. The old order, represented largely by the elder white men who comprise the U.S. Congress, is out of touch, out of tricks, and eventually out of power as the dualistic world view crumbles and self-destructs. The myth of the "Great Man" as leader dissolves while the power of the common people joined in community rises. Saturn's Libra transit over the next 2 years requires compromises and cooperation in order to untangle the knots of faulty reasoning and ignorance. Boldness, optimism and courage are Jupiter's most refined expressions in the major aspect of the 3rd, with a caution to forego exaggeration and hot-headed reactions. We have the extraordinary opportunity this year to see, once and for all as a species, the absolute futility of war.
    August 9 at 8:08 pm PDT New Moon in Leo perfects at 18 degrees in the annual beginning point for all matters ruled by the fixed fire sign, as well as the monthly lunar cycle of renewal. This is the first of 3 "SuperMoon" New Moons in a row, where lunar electromagnetic/gravitational influence on Earth is intensified, including a stronger impact on the human energy system. Asteroid Vesta, along with Saturn, Venus and Mars line up in opposition to Jupiter-Uranus, and together they all form a T-Square with Pluto (which is in an ongoing square, characterized by extremes, with Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus). Leo's usual playfulness is present in this beginning point, but the seriousness of the cardinal squares is most prominent. If we combine this spirit of childlike awe and pure, whole-hearted engagement, using them creatively to play with the energies, we'll find ourselves as we were born to be. We'll be doing the dance of our most fulfilling individual role within the collective. We mustn't forget, or more to the point we must remember, that we're cosmic entities, or spirit, embodied on this planet for the purpose of learning, growing and experiencing the beauty and wonder of this Earth-School along the way. Vesta, Saturn, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Uranus all squaring Pluto create a demanding pattern of energies pushing us to act with clarity, awareness, courage and precision. What is it you need to change about your life right now, before it becomes a life-threatening matter, literally or figuratively? The Houses where the early degrees of the cardinal signs fall in your chart are, once again, the areas of the most dynamic, immediate shifts, while the House where 18 degrees Leo falls is the area of most effective creative beginnings for now. The inter-connectedness of female perspective/power is on the rise, a crucial addition to our incomplete, narrow world view which has threatened our very survival.

    The second of 3 Jupiter-Saturn oppositions ( the 1st one in May) perfects on the 16th, this one with both planets in cardinal signs, making the impact more dramatic.  Jupiter's retrograde in Aries, giving it an impulsive edge along with the need to review the bigger picture. Saturn in Libra encourages the 2nd or 3rd look at what we need to act on with a particular interest in what's fair, just, legal and improving the social structure. Also we're getting feedback in our one to one relationships, where they've been out of balance and where we come together with a shared  philosophical perspective. The tendency today will be to struggle with problem areas if we're not being direct and clear about our approach to resolutions. There is no question we are being challenged to break through old programming and take risks!

    Full Moon at 2 degrees Pisces on the 24th, 10:05 am PDT is still within the influence of the Jupiter, Uranus, Saturn, Pluto radical T-square, and ties in with that major aspect pattern with Moon sextile Pluto, Sun trine Pluto, Moon quincunx Saturn, Sun quincunx Jupiter. All these planetary connections heighten the intensity of our experience, raising awareness to yet another level of what and how much we need to change. Pisces Moon gives us the insight and the faith to follow where spirit leads, if we're properly grounded through the discerning consciousness of Sun in Virgo. Mercury has just turned retrograde on the 20th at 19 degrees Virgo, necessitating a more internal focus and offering the opportunity for thinking differently about the things that most distress and perplex us. Venus and Mars have begun their extended journey together through the first week of October, first through Libra, then Scorpio, on a mission to help us balance and harmonize male and female aspects of self, as well as creating more understanding and clear interaction between the sexes. The Moon's proximity to Neptune and Chiron only increases the probability of multi-dimensional breakthroughs, of a new awareness of who and what we are. Alienation and separations by race, class, gender, ethnic or religious backgrounds are dissolving as we re-awaken to our oneness whether through disasters or revelations. A more intimate relationship to Earth Mother is an important aspect of this Full Moon's potentials. Sabian Symbol from Rudyhar  for 2 degrees Pisces reads:" A squirrel hiding from hunters. The individual's need both to ensure his future subsistence and protect himself from aggressive social elements." We must retreat from the dangers of negative collective projections, remembering to be centered in the heart and to connect with others in mutual support.



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