Cosmic Calendar

Month of July, 2010

                                                             COSMIC CALENDAR   July   2010
                                                                                                by Salina Rain

    On July 4 Last Quarter Moon at 13 Aries squares Cancer Sun in a conflict between independence and mutual support, affecting us nationally for the coming year, since it's near our Solar Return, and personally for the latter part of this lunar cycle. Finding the balance between independent impulse and action and concern for the common good is what we're challenged to work on in this last week before the Total Solar Eclipse on the 11th. How can we fully embody our unique gifts, follow our soul's yearning and be in balance and harmony with the people around us? This month continues the potential for powerful healing in families, tribes, nations as well as increasing possibilities for ancient feuds and real or imagined wounds being intensified; it's completely our choice on which outcome we focus our attention. Saturn-Neptune have been traveling in a close quincunx aspect to each other, the most intense part of it from mid-June 'til the last week in July. During this period the major structures in our lives are dissolving while we're pressured to make significant adjustments regarding our sense of limitations vs. boundlessness. At the same time we must be accountable,  facing the consequences of past behavior, collectively and personally, including our insatiable addictions, and be open to  miraculous, undreamed of solutions to the most vexing problems. There's no moving forward without accountability, so attempting to dodge consequences and skip the full lessons will be totally ineffective. Neptune rules both oil and water. This is our big chance to deal with how extensively we've polluted the world's oceans, turning creative genius to making it right rather than creating more death zones. Also on the agenda is the huge matter of available, drinkable water for the world's poorer populations, as corporate greed continues to grab control of water sources for private profit. How outraged can we be? We'll find out this Summer.Uranus is still a quite prominent influence in early July, especially as it's been slowing down to pivot retrograde on the 5th. That birthing degree (00 degrees Aries) in the zodiac is the focal point of the biggest astrological events of 2010, exposing the blinders we've had on collectively to our own reality. While this can be traumatic it's also exhilarating, if we wake up to the unending magical  dance of the cosmos, and to our own part in the panorama of life on Earth.

    While Uranus leads the revolutionary/evolutionary trends radicalizing so many in this year of big endings and bigger new beginnings, Saturn is moving back to oppose the Great Awakener for the last time toward the end of this month, representing the old order, and in part the people who want control of everything, and who stop at nothing trying to achieve that entirely impossible outcome. It's clear resistance to change is powerful, but is also destined to fail. New Moon Solar Eclipse perfects on the 11th at 20 degrees Cancer, 12:41 pm PDT. Take some extra time in the last Dark Moon days before this eclipse to clear up old business, do deep internal work on yourself, at least listening closely to what the inner voice has to say, since this total solar eclipse is a potent time for re-wiring the energetic circuitry. In other words we have greatly increased capacity for becoming more who we want to be, letting go of old patterns that have kept us in a very limited box. But first we must know who we are in our essence. Electromagnetic fields are subject to bigger, more dramatic shifts now and we must remember to take extra care of ourselves and slow down enough to allow physical adjustments to happen with the least unpleasant repercussions possible. Family dynamics are especially emphasized, and with Venus opposing Chiron-Neptune and trining Pluto, it's much easier to collaborate, forgive the past and move into more fulfilling alliances in private and professional realms. Set your New Moon intentions with great care, sending your prayers and cherished desires out into the living field with deepest love and faith. In Cancer's influence new life receives the nourishment to grow healthy and strong; nourish your dreams and goals, not giving in to the darkest scenarios. Jupiter's square to Pluto tempts us to expand on the nightmare  before us, but can also provide the courage to face the worst, emboldened with an iron will to succeed. Sabian Symbol for the Moon's degree:" Venetian gondoliers giving a serenade. Happiness as an overtone of social integration and conformity to custom." (Rudyhar) While attending to the most important work of our time while facing frightening projections for the future, we must maintain and nurture our interconnections, making space for the simple pleasures we share and the mutual support that keeps us going.

    On the 23rd Jupiter turns retrograde in early Aries, squaring Pluto as it turns, heading back towards Uranus for the 2nd of 3 dynamic encounters over the next few months (Sept. 19). The planet representing our quest for meaning, our beliefs and connection to the higher self, is moving into its more internal phase for the coming months, not turning direct 'til the last half of November. Jupiter also rules air travel, (any long distance journeys, foreign countries and people) higher education and law, among other things. We can expect pretty dramatic changes in these areas this year and next. The status quo will no longer have such a strong grip, and the more extreme right wing trends are becoming brassier, louder but with less influence over the next year. The square to Pluto in this timing assures a huge reality check as far as what we must rally together to achieve, or be ready for increasingly dire consequences. The Gulf of Mexico has been made into a cesspool (that will affect the rest of the world in no time) out of our acquiescence to big business government and our own mindless consumption of petroleum. Whatever the vision is at this turning point, the means to remedy it will also be apparent, with the next few months to review our options. We can expect small pockets of sanity and inventiveness to continue to provide important guidance for the masses as the collective reality gets more and more difficult. For those with planets and points in early degrees of cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) this retrograde pivot will affect you more personally. Certainly those born around the 3rd week of March, June, September and December will be especially impacted. There'll be plenty of surprises with those who end up in the most crucial leadership roles over the next 2 years.

    July 25 marks the Aquarius Full Moon at 3 degrees, 6:37 pm, PDT, with the last of 5 exact Saturn-Uranus oppositions on the 26th greatly impacting this lunation. Of course the 1st of these face-offs between past and future was on Election Day, '08, when in the U.S. we massively voted for change and hope for the future. The intention is still strong no matter the disappointments of the last 2 years. These 2 planets assure the old, dysfunctional structure is crumbling while the new is coming at us with astounding speed. Saturn has re-entered Libra, intensifying the cardinal square with Uranus-Jupiter and Pluto. We can't possibly see what this looks like as it unfolds, but we can be assured the future looks very different than the present, and our spiritual re-orientation, including the coming together of science and spirituality,  as a species is a huge part of it. We're leaving the Dark Ages finally, awakening to our true nature and potential and aligning with the larger galactic reality. " A deserter from the Navy. The individual's self-realization  through a crucial repudiation of a collective status which has become unbearable." (Rudyhar's interpretation for this Moon's degree)




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