Cosmic Calendar

Month of June, 2010

                                                             COSMIC CALENDAR   JUNE   2010
                                                                                                by Salina Rain

    Early June is, of course, one of the more significant times of this year with Jupiter and Uranus joining up exact on the 8th, at the 1st degree of Aries, the birthing degree of the zodiac. What is being birthed collectively and personally does not come without birth pangs for the most part, but is at the same time the most powerful opportunity for massive change we've had in many years. This is largely due to the cardinal cross activities of the next couple of years, where outer planets are squaring each other in a major re-configuring of how we perceive and experience our reality. Whatever has been most significant for you in this early June event is revealing your own possibilities for magnificent, lasting change in your life. Since the energy of evolution is intensified, and we're all being "cracked open" in our own individual ways, while experiencing explosive events worldwide, the deeper, shamanic, magical parts of the human psyche are becoming much more available. This is stuff that used to be labeled "crazy", the natural, intimate connection we each have with the Earth and the Cosmos, the ability allowing us to be still and to know, by vision, listening, or sensing, and to manifest what we need from that information. No more room for skepticism, as our thoughts are manifesting at a faster rate that previously, something we need to acknowledge and get used to so that we manifest for the higher good instead of the same old stuff. To be properly aligned and oriented it's crucial to be grounded into the center of the Earth's core while lined up with Galactic Center. (B.H. Clow)

    The whole week of the 8th is super dynamic, and may be experienced subjectively/internally by many and/or through external events by others. Then the New Moon in Gemini at 22 degrees arrives on the 12th, 4:15 am, the yearly conjunction of Sun and Moon in the mutable air sign, ruled by the Trickster planet, Mercury. This is our seed moment for the monthly cycle, as well as the beginning point for whatever we're creating over the coming year in Gemini ruled matters: communications, networking, capacity for flexibility, diversity and to laugh at what most vexes us. Also we're challenged to be highly discriminating in ideas we choose to work with, information we share, and to communicate with increased clarity and compassion. Don't let the busy-ness of the Gemini influence make you miss important insights and newly released inventiveness. Sabian symbol for the degree of this lunation reads:" Dancing couples in a harvest festival. The wholesome enjoyment of organic processes and emotional drives." (Rudhyar) The image speaks of the need to align with seasonal rhythms as well as create stronger community by coming together to celebrate collective achievements and the turning of the year.

    Summer Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere arrives on the June 21 when Sun enters 00 degrees Cancer for one of the 4 sacred gateways of the year. We're most wise to take some time out at this important turning to align ourselves more intimately with the natural cycles, to receive whatever insights, inspirations or visions that will guide us through the coming season. Summer of '10 is going to be a time of extremes, with Sun square Jupiter-Uranus, trine Moon, opposing Pluto, trine Neptune-Chiron and square Saturn in the solstice chart, we need to be ready for whatever comes our way, much of which is undermining our sense of security, tradition, comfort and safety. However the demands on us to adapt,  be inventive, take risks, imagine new structures and work in collaboration with others will bring huge rewards if we bypass the tendency to get stuck in regrets or holding on to the past in any way. Never before in our lifetimes have boldness and optimism been more available and more necessary.

    Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on the 26th at 5 degrees Capricorn, 4:31 am PDT, is joined by transformative Pluto, opposing Sun-Mercury-Juno, square Jupiter-Uranus and Saturn in a continuation of the world changing cardinal cross energies of the next couple of years. No question this lunar eclipse marks a significant turning point for this year, and having a huge affect on the coming years, depending upon how we respond to the extraordinary challenges before us. New discoveries and spiritual awakenings are clearly themes for the Summer of 2010, with this lunar event revealing dramatic contrasts between past, present and future, including our perception of ourselves as members of a larger Galactic community. We all have our unique roll in the unfolding evolution of Gaia. That should be our major focus no matter what, because as we allow ourselves to take on our authentic role we will be more supported and rewarded by the universe than ever. If we cling to the old paradigm ways through this Summer we'll be struggling, fearful and anxious. Listen deeply to the inner voice, pay attention to dreams and visions, use prayer and clear intention to communicate with the living field. Rudyhar's Sabian symbol for this degree of the Moon:" Indians on the warpath. The mobilization of physical and emotional energies in a spirit of conquest."

                           "Ancient voices thought to be lost in Rock
                           Can still be heard today
                            Their medicine is not lost
                             It lies in the rock
                            Which is very much alive
                             So sing to these voices
                             And you will once again dream"

                                                   (Unknown source)




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