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Month of April, 2010


                                                      Apri-May 2010

            "In all chaos there is a cosmos, in all disorder a secret order."  

                                                                                                  Carl Jung

    Pluto, the Transformer, turns retrograde at 5 degrees, 25 minutes Capricorn on April 6 emphasizing this exact area of the 360 degree zodiacal wheel for almost the entire first 2 weeks of the month. Certainly anyone with planets or points within 2 or 3 degrees in either direction of this pivot will be experiencing, with increasing intensity, the need to cross an important threshold in their lives. This also applies to those with planets near that degree in Aries, Libra and Cancer. For all of us this turning marks a new phase in continuing our journey into the vast unknown. Orientation to the burning questions about the future must come from the depths of the soul, territory we've been largely undervaluing as a culture up 'til now. Since 1977, with the discovery of Chiron, we've been on major individual and group quests to heal ourselves, experience our wholeness, in order to take our rightful place in the evolutionary cosmic dance. This is still the most important work we can do since it puts us back in touch with our ability and responsibility to cherish all life. Chiron has been playing a major role since May '09 as far as stepping up the process of re-connecting with our multi-dimensional selves. There are many things between now and mid-September we must consider before moving further along, most crucial of which is where to commit our time and energy. The 4th of 5 culture changing Saturn-Uranus oppositions comes toward the end of this month, the 1st one having coincided with Election Day 2008. Saturn tends to burst the illusory bubble aspect of Uranus in Pisces, but also shows the way to sweeping, positive changes benefitting the most and lasting a long time. It may not appear that way now but revolutionary change is on the way,  probably most apparent by the last face off between these 2 planets on July 26. Meanwhile it's up to us to pay less attention to inessential matters and more attention to what excites us or has a high negative emotional charge that must be released. Wherever we're focusing consciousness in present time is of huge consequence later on.
     Saturn retrograde moves back into Virgo on the 7th finishing up its mutable earth sign work on July 21, a golden opportunity to implement reforms, especially around health issues. In present time it certainly appears the corporate "beast" has a strangle hold on all possibilities for improvements, but ultimately that model is contrary to systems that thrive and grow in the universe. We're being required to make huge adjustments in our lives, and the way we perceive the world, over the next few years as the old system continues to crumble, and the new emerges.
    April 14 the New Moon arrives at 25 degrees Aries for the annual beginning point in all things ruled by the cardinal fire sign, itself the sign of beginnings. This is the yearly moment for offering up especially bold intentions to the universal field as our prayer for the coming cycle. Take extra time in contemplation leading up to this lunation in order to avoid the temptation to charge ahead before being clear on the most beneficial direction, especially with dwarf planet Eris ( mythologically the sister of Ares, god of war) conjoining this impetuous lunation. Adding to the impassioned, and potentially belligerent, energy field is newly empowered Mars in a difficult quincunx aspect to Pluto, exacerbating our worst fears, but also pushing for clarity on our most essential motivations. If we can shift out of the adversarial, or victim, position we'll make a powerful leap forward in conquering, better yet befriending old demons. Neptune-Chiron continue in their soul-enriching, muse invoking partnership, demonstrating how  painful it has become to buy the illusion of separateness, and how exquisitely healing it is to embrace each other in our common experience of being human. Ceres closely joins Pluto amplifying the politics and power dynamics of accessibility to food globally, along with the unnatural modification of food crops, exposing yet another layer of that insanity and greed. The joining of the Mother (Ceres) with God of the Underworld (Pluto) additionally brings up the gross undervaluing of nurturers and caregivers, mothers and children, in this climate of unnatural attachment to wealth for its own sake. Both Ceres and Eris' presence at this time assures louder cries of outrage at the injustice of this out-of-control political/economic system. Rudyhar's Sabian interpretation for 25 degrees Aries:" The possibility for man to gain experience at two levels of being; the revelation of new potentialities." As long as we remain open to new solutions, new scenarios, new directions we'll be able to navigate the changes happening in our lives, and in our world, with grace, and more ease than we could have imagined. Where does this New Moon degree fall in your chart, energizing your new potentialities? Where are the muses calling you to fulfill aspects of yourself you've only dreamed of exploring and expressing.
    Mercury turns retrograde on the 17th at 12 degrees Taurus, backtracking to 3 degrees by May 11 when it pivots to direct motion again. This period is about reviewing what's most essential to us on the material plane to function  effectively and with a certain amount of comfort. Important environmental concerns are up for scrutiny, while the outer planet activities bring to the forefront the necessity for social justice being incorporated into any worthwhile environmentally healthy programs. Remember to delay big moves 'til after the 11th of May if possible, and ideally wait until the 28th when Mercury re-crosses its retrograde degree.
    Scorpio Full Moon perfects on April 28 at 9 degrees, with Sun-Mercury directly opposing Luna in Taurus,  just 2 days after the 4th Saturn-Uranus opposition, the next layer of shaking up our world, and bringing to light all our darkest fears around resources, both shared and personal. Sun-Mercury trine Ceres-Pluto supports increased networking around the most important issues we face as a collective, and sharing information that helps ensure wiser, more humane uses of resources. Communal and individual values are shifting to more satisfying ways of setting priorities, while a Sun-Moon square with Mars energizes the push for big change. Venus-Juno quincunx Pluto-Ceres work for wider exposure of the feminine perspective; the real, and increasingly unmet, needs of people at the lower rungs of the economic ladder. These aspects push us to institute or restore systems of mutual support and sharing, the only real abundance and wealth we can experience in our earthly incarnations. Whatever House in your chart contains 9 degrees Scorpio represents the area of life most affected by this cosmic push toward further evolution. Sabian Symbol for Moon's degree reads:" A dentist at work; overcoming the negative results of social practices and ego-cravings." (Rudyhar) As we weed out what's toxic, and the unfulfilling distractions, from our lives we're able to be present in the moment.
    At the beginning of May Saturn-Neptune form a tight quincunx aspect, an ongoing pattern highlighting the uncomfortable and confusing condition of having one foot in one world (old paradigm) and the other foot in another (new paradigm). This calls for a big adjustment on our part, individually and collectively, where we're ideally able to incorporate aspects of both very real worlds productively with a shift in how we experience reality. Swami Beyondananda says:" I'm dyslexic and paranoid. I believe the world's plotting to make me happy, and there's nothing I can do about it."
    New Moon on May 13 at 24 degrees Taurus begins the monthly and yearly cycle ahead with supportive and auspicious aspects from Sun-Moon to Saturn and Jupiter-Uranus, and a challenging square to Neptune. This is a highly productive time, especially as Mars is almost back to the degree it turned retrograde on last Dec., also presenting a challenging square to the lunation degree. From the Taurean orientation to the material world we're pushed to expand our perceptions beyond into other dimensions of reality (Neptune). At the same time Mars energizes us into action, especially regarding whatever has been on hold since Dec. 20th, '09. The lunation also is joined by newly discovered dwarf planet Sedna, named for an Inuit creation goddess ruling the oceans and sea creatures, especially the northern seas. Sedna's presence ensures crucial events or information coming our way regarding the state of the Earth's oceans, while emphasizing a shift in the collective consciousness about our relationship with the planet. Sabian Symbol for Moon's degree:" An Indian warrior riding fiercely, human scalps hanging from his belt. The aggressiveness of human instincts when fighting for their earthly base of operations." (Rudyhar) The earth changes are no longer in the future, they're very much in the present. Rather than live in denial we can affect the future changes positively by acting with respect, responsibility and love for our beautiful, jewel-like planet and all her diverse life-forms; by honoring our own unique role in the unfolding of this miraculous time. To paraphrase Yogi Bhajan: If you don't see the Divine in everything, you don't see the Divine in anything.

    Sagittarius Full Moon on May 27 perfects at 7 degrees, with Uranus about to enter fire sign Aries for the 1st time in 75 years. Jupiter is close behind, about to enter the cardinal fire sign in early June. This Full Moon illuminates the beginning of this radical cycle of change where revolution and evolution are the even more prominent themes for the next few years. No turning back now, we must be up for active involvement in the changes or risk being overcome by them. Once again, the only way to ride this storm, and be enlivened by it, is by opening up to the multi-dimensional reality we're part of; by being fully engaged heart and soul, using great imagination, intuition and the help of other multi-dimensional beings. It can't be done from a merely 3rd, or 4th (collective consciousness) dimensional perspective. Saturn turns direct in 3 days, moving again towards the cardinal squares involving Uranus and Pluto over the coming years, that will echo in some ways the severity of the economic crisis in the '30's, as well as bringing more sweeping changes to our social structures. Neptune turns retrograde on the 31st extending the quincunx aspect with Saturn through June, continuing the impact on our sense of what's real. Right now the placement of 7 degrees Sagittarius in our charts has meaning for each of us as far as our personal connection to the "higher self" and what we are being called to do with our lives. Rudyhar's interpretation of Moon's degree:" Cupid knocks at the door of a human heart.-What is implied is a challenge to emotional rebirth."
    In the first few days of June Jupiter will enter 00 degrees Aries, the most energized beginning point of the entire zodiac, heading for the red hot, explosive and liberating 1st conjunction with Uranus on the 8th. The next 2 Jupiter-Uranus conjunctions (Sept. and Dec.) will be in Pisces, a water sign, for a less aggressive push to the future. The June 8 aspect's energies according to the Sabian Symbol degree reads:" A woman has risen out of the ocean, a seal is embracing her", an image of an emergence into "a whole new arena of existence and activity." (Lynda Hill)


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