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Month of December, 2009

                                                             DECEMBER 2009 - JANUARY 2010

    December begins on a high note of forward moving, liberating energy as Uranus turns direct after 5 months on its more internal retrograde journey through the cosmos. This planetary activity promotes increased sensitivity to frequencies not usually experienced consciously, an awareness of multi-dimensionality, spiritual, or essential, energies. If we're in harmony with these energies, i.e. cultivating receptivity, we're fine-tuning our instrument to give voice to spirit. Asking ourselves questions now and being open to how the universe responds is an effective strategy, paying attention to new impressions, searching for authenticity and meaning. Clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience are heightened, especially for almost the first three weeks of this month as all planets, Chiron and 4 major asteroids, are traveling in direct motion along with the more powerful Uranian influence. This is an especially exciting, auspicious period for unfettered action. Beware sensationalism and fascination with the purely bizarre, as these are unskillful, and wasteful, uses of the current alignments. For those who've been diligently working on self, freeing up from old negative patterns, and getting clear on what we're here for, this can be a magical time of instantaneous manifestation of intentions, individually and communally. In other respects this can be pandemonium as the old structures continue to crumble from the sheer force of evolution in motion. We increasingly need to keep focused on the central core of our purpose, and stay grounded through the creative chaos, which is bound to be disturbing our equilibrium.
    Sun traverses Sagittarius, the sign of adventure, exploration and open-minded inquiry, adding to the upbeat, and distressing, theme of dynamic evolutionary change. Mars is the first planet to turn retrograde on the 20th, in Leo the sign ruling ego, generosity, creative self-expression, and the childlike, or childish, aspects of the human personality. We'll be backtracking, doing our review, personally and collectively, of ego -driven behavior, aggressive tendencies and individual responsibility for ongoing war, through March 2010. This can slow down significant outward progress for this period, but can also be extremely fruitful if we manage to stay undistracted by trivia from late Dec. through the beginning of Spring. The degree at which Mars turns resonates with themes of restoring spirit through authentic and nature-based (non-dogmatic) ritual and ceremony. This can be our inner journey for the Winter of '09-'10. Rudhyar speaks of "a return to the glorification of natural energies". Our mission is nothing less than remembering to radiate through our hearts, the internal sun burning within each of us that is fully connected to Divine Wisdom. Sacred Warrior archetype emerges more powerfully in Mars' passage, the true warriorship embodying discipline, courage, passion and the sacrifice of giving up the non-essential aspects of our lives to align with a higher standard. Culturally we have the imperative to restore sacredness in place of the deadening decline into morbid materialism. This does not exclude lightheartedness, however, since Mars in Leo prods and pushes us to play, create, and connect with pure joy. This process of re-igniting the inner sun unfolds for each of us wherever 00-20 degrees of Leo falls in our personal horoscope.
    Mercury's next to turn retrograde on the 26th, and will do its own internal review through Jan. 14th. Its pivotal degree speaks of inner strength developed through gracefully accepting external failure. (Rudhyar) Mercury backtracks through Capricorn, the earth sign most aligned with society's institutions and structures, as well as how we organize and structure our lives individually. This passage will be an opportunity to re-think the dysfunctional aspects of our current system(s), ideally working on solutions to implement as the planet of rational thought moves direct next year. Wherever Capricorn is in your chart, from 5-22 degrees, is the area of personal review and re-structuring for you.
    Full Moon on Dec. 1 perfects late at night at 11 degrees Gemini, almost excessively electrified by the lightening bolt of Uranus' direct pivot. We can embody and transmit the light or succumb to darkness, one of the major lessons of this opposition of the lights. Mars opposes the Jupiter, Chiron, Neptune shamanic/alchemical trio, lined up in Uranus' sign, sparking the fire necessary to move us from innovative and idealistic thinking into bold action. Mars is in its "shadow degrees" so this Full Moon's events will be revisited next May for final resolutions. Saturn-Pluto still in their tight, at times compulsive, deconstructing/reconstructing square continue to command powerful encounters, activating massive cultural change. Time to ally ourselves, if we haven't already, with others who share our ideals and vision for the future. Gemini Moon's Sabian degree reads:" Newly opened lands offer the pioneer new opportunities for experience. The power and joy of new beginnings." (Rudhyar) A whole new order is in the works and our role is to remain as flexible and receptive as possible, while maintaining crystal clear inner vision of what we're co-creating.
    At the New Moon 25 degrees Sagittarius on the 16th Sun and Moon make harmonious sextiles with Jupiter, Chiron, Neptune, combining great wisdom and knowledge with the capacity for instantaneous materialization of what we've been dreaming. This does not really apply to wishes for bigger houses and luxury lifestyles (as promoted by wildly popular New Age personalities of the last few years), and mostly because that would be a gross trivialization compared to what we can really create, not to mention what we really need to create. Communities that function for the benefit of all are far more exciting and fulfilling, creating a great deal more happiness than merely accumulating more personal material wealth. Nothing wrong with manifesting comfort for ourselves in the material realm, but beyond that we have a much greater mission in this New Moon beginning point. Mars trines Venus, Sun and Moon while still opposing the dynamic trio, while Uranus squares the lights, enlivening this seed moment with a passion for entering new and unexplored territory, a powerful challenge to encounter the unknown. Wherever 25 Sagittarius falls in our charts is our personal place of renewal, rejuvenation, integrating wisdom while encountering the unknown, with the probability of expanded consciousness.
    Usually there are 4 eclipses in a year, 2 lunar and 2 solar, but 2009 ends with the sixth eclipse this year, which perfectly matches the scenario of vastly speeded up change. On the last day of the year a Lunar Eclipse Full Moon at 11 degrees Cancer ejects us further out of the past. This can be a particularly uncomfortable eclipse since Cancer's influence immerses us in memories and some amount of sentimental attachments that make it more difficult to let go, especially with Saturn square the Moon and Sun, and a hard opposition to the Moon from Venus, Pluto and Sun in Capricorn. We may feel particularly powerless at this juncture, at least as a nation, which is not necessarily a bad thing since we've been operating from a position of power in relation to the rest of the world for a long time. The message here is we must accept our shifting position in the global community or suffer much more than necessary. For each of us personally the areas of the horoscope where 9-12 Cancer-Capricorn fall are the areas where we may be struggling to maintain a sense of security and comfort. Sabian Symbol for the Moon's degree: "A clown caricaturing well known personalities. The value of humor in developing objectivity and independence of mind." (Rudhyar) This image affirms that laughter is a wonderful de-conditioner that allows us to go beyond the collective agreements of cultural values. The place to focus now is on developing new values, including the capacity to laugh at ourselves, along with being our own boss.
    January's 1st lunation, after the waning quarter Moon, is a Solar Eclipse New Moon on the 14th at 25 degrees Capricorn with North Node, Sun, Moon and Venus all lined up within a few degrees, and Pluto-retrograde Mercury in close conference also in the cardinal earth sign square Saturn (recently turned retrograde). It will be especially difficult to think and communicate clearly at this beginning point, with power struggles and questions about who's in charge anyway, taking prominence. Fortunately Uranus sextiles the Capricorn planets helping to awaken us to a less hierarchical way of functioning, and Jupiter, Chiron, Neptune fall in the mid degrees between the lunation and Uranus, infusing this seed moment with possibilities we hadn't previously entertained. For those with planets and points around 21-26 degrees cardinal signs (Cancer, Capricorn, Aries, Libra) this New Moon will be a particularly important beginning for the month, as well as the year, ahead. And for those with planets and points around the early degrees of the cardinal signs, this is already a time of profound, and life-changing, challenges. The clearer we are as to our role and purpose in the larger community, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant that may be, the better we'll fare through the next few years. Rudhyar's Sabian Symbol for 25 Capricorn: " A store filled with precious oriental rugs. The use of cultural and artistic processes as a means to enhance personal comfort and appreciation." We can use the best of what our traditions have given us for comfort and some measure of stability through difficult times.
    Jan. 29 at 10:18 pm Sun and Moon oppose in the Full Moon at 11 degrees Leo, joined by retrograde Mars, while the Sun is joined by Venus. The active and receptive principles emerge prominently at this lunation, as well as the dance between our individuality and group involvements, helping us find a balance in ourselves as we go through radical shifts and changes. Sun trine, Moon sextile, Saturn offers some stability in the midst of chaos, yet Saturn's moving closer to its 2nd exact square with Pluto, in the ongoing push for total transformation of old institutions. Things may be a mess, but they're a divine mess. "Children play on a swing hanging from the branches of a huge oak tree. The power of tradition as shelters the beginnings of individual self-expression." Again we're reminded of the beneficial influence of the more positive aspects of tradition, symbolized by a huge tree, a cross-cultural spiritual symbol of the multi-dimensional aspects of our existence. If we're attuned to the essence of all major spiritual traditions, we can rely on the strength of our core beliefs to protect and sustain us.


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