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Month of October, 2009


                                                             OCTOBER/NOVEMBER    2009
                                                                                              by Salina Rain

    From Oct. 12 through Dec. 1 Jupiter, Chiron, Neptune, and Uranus turn direct for a powerfully forward moving energy field this Fall season, with all planets direct for a couple of weeks in early Dec. We've been through a tremendous amount of emotional release, insecurity, shifting perspectives, adjustments in relationships over the Summer, prodded and energized by the 3 eclipses of July- August. With Mercury's direct spin on Sept. 29 a whole lot of the muddled, chaotic scenarios have begun to sort out so that we can finally make more effective decisions into the month of Oct. Libra Sun always turns our attention this time of year to interactions in personal, professional and collective relationships, helping us define what our role is in them, our needs and responsibilities. Of course without balance, fairness and fulfillment in our personal relationships there will never be balance in the larger communities that make up human society on planet Earth. This is the single most crucial issue for the survival of the human race, that of mutual respect and justice extending to all beings, not just those with the most wealth and the whitest skin. These are the cardinal air sign's primary attributes when skillfully expressed, but attachment to pleasant surface appearances at all costs and polite deference to the status quo is how Libra plays out its dark side. This month we get to re-negotiate our group involvements and one to one connections with higher ideals to guide us. Juno (partnerships) and Uranus (humanitarianism, innovation) have been communing in Pisces off and on since June, completing their work in radicalizing relationships and how separate groups approach common problems, during Oct-Nov. Meanwhile, by the end of Oct. Saturn is very close to its eviscerating square with Pluto, where the "guts" of our present structure are severely impacted. The exact square perfects on Nov. 15, with events that are destructive, challenging and absolutely necessary marking this period. Pluto and Saturn together provide no easy ways through what we must release and transform, but if we prepare ourselves and stand up for the challenge the results will be magnificent. A firm grounding daily practice along with the stillness of meditation are our best fundamental tools for navigating the extremes of the next few years while keeping our light shining forth, joining with others who also illuminate the path to wholeness.
  Full Moon at 12 degrees Aries on Oct. 3, exact at 11:11 pm, trines Vesta in Leo affirming the need for courage, an open heart and commitment to our passion as the month begins. Mars, ruling this lunation, currently in Cancer conjunct the South Node, trines dynamic Uranus-Juno and is quincunx Neptune, quite a complex pattern requiring further emotional release, including all defensiveness and grasping at what we think we need. This is a particularly tricky time for relationships, our instincts may be off, resulting in misguided conclusions about what adjustments should be made. Be patient, self-reflective, willing to see your own mistakes while not giving in to old patterns of inequality or delusions of too low, or too high, self worth. The Aries-Libra Full Moons are about our individuality and how we compromise, over-compromise, or not, to create functional or dysfunctional interactions with others. Pallas square Pluto digs deep for the truth, sometimes exactly what we don't want to acknowledge. However this is a great opportunity to re-orient ourselves with a stronger commitment to seeing beyond the surface, and in doing so discovering vast resources of energy freed up to create a more authentic, fulfilling life. There's so much we've taken for granted up to now that isn't serving our good or the good of all life, yet this isn't about punishing ourselves, it's about cooperating with the transformational process. "A triangularly shaped flight of wild geese." This image from the Sabian symbols speaks of self-transcendence resulting from joining with others with shared ideals, the beauty of planetary seasonal rhythms, and the "cosmic order in contrast to the social-political order". (Rudhyar) The birds (souls) flying in V shape against the clear sky in this image reminds us of the higher energies at work within us and our planet in present time. There are many adventures to come! "I met a hundred men going to Delhi and every one is my brother." (Indian saying from Lynda Hill)
    Oct. 17 Sun and Moon join for the Libra New Moon, just 5 days after expansive Jupiter moves direct, bringing lots of movement and progress in our intentions and goals that have gone somewhat underground since last June. Venus, Libra's ruler, enhances the receptive, gracious qualities of this seed moment as she also travels through the air sign associated with relationships, social  justice,  collaborations, along with Pallas and Mercury adding their networking, creative, communicative energies to the new lunar cycle. Sun and Moon make a high flying, idealistic trine with Jupiter, Chiron, Neptune, while quincunxing Uranus-Juno, and squaring the Moon's Nodes. The prominent themes are again complex, requiring good grounding and inner stillness to discern what's real and worth pursuing. We're pushed to release old dependencies obstructing evolutionary movement, both personally and collectively, while cultivating inner discipline, clear, healthy boundaries, and internalizing authority rather than giving it up to politicians, religious leaders or other patriarchal figures in our lives. The U.S. will have an especially hard time with this process as we've grabbed on to "family values" and "Christian" ideals so tightly many have forgotten, or never knew, what those things are really about. Contemporary popular Christianity looks more like Zoroastrianism, at least in the U.S. Zoroaster's the ancient religious leader (pre-dating the Christian era) who decided that "time was linear", fully denying the "cyclic nature of time". (Linda Johnsen, M.S.) It's his vision of the god-fearing who would be resurrected after the apocalypse that some modern, and all too influential, Christians have latched on to, without having a clue where it came from. Sabian symbol for 25 degrees Libra reads:" The sight of an autumn leaf brings to a pilgrim the sudden revelation of the mystery of life and death." (Rudhyar) Nature is the most authentic, non-dogmatic spiritual teacher, as we live in synch with her cycles, surrendering to the larger reality of interconnections, impermanence and constant renewals.
    November's aspects and events unfold with extraordinary impact, with turning points and openings for greater wisdom and alignment with the cosmic order. Nov. 8 marks one of the last phases in the Mayan Calendar leading up to the Oct. 28, 2011 culmination of the current cycle according to Mayan Calendar experts Barbara Hand Clow and Carl Johan Calleman. We're entering the 6th Night, a period in which we must integrate and apply what we've learned from the previous cycle which initiated on Nov. 12, '08. As we approach the end date of this calendar, which accurately marks some of the scientifically derived periods of evolution (cellular, reptilian, mammalian, humanoid, to name a few, all the way out to planetary and galactic) we'll see more signs of the positive evolutionary changes at work, though of course there are many disrupting events and processes along the way. We can't know how this will unfold, yet it's certain the next phase will involve rebirth and renewal as we awaken to our true nature and purpose. The Full Moon comes in on the 2nd to illuminate this important passage, Moon at 11 degrees Taurus, Sun at 11 degrees Scorpio joined by Ceres and Mercury emphasizing authentic, supportive, nurturing connections and communications. A Fixed Grand Cross is formed by  Sun, Moon, Mars and Jupiter all pushing for essential values and the courage to implement them. As the old order continues to dissolve from the inside out we're faced with the problems of transition strategies which cannot be figured out in isolation. For this we need to engage in collective, sometimes spontaneous, sometimes carefully thought out, intuitive problem solving. Jupiter, Chiron and Neptune have been whispering, shouting and otherwise dramatizing this fact for us since Spring and continue to work closely together into Jan. 2010. Small steps can have enormous results. Venus trine Neptune-Chiron-Jupiter, quincunx Uranus-Juno opens our eyes to how unconditional love and acceptance can transform all our relationships and help us create new livelihood solutions by joining forces. Sabian symbol for the Moon at 11 Taurus:" A woman watering flowers in her garden. Development of the powers of the mind on which ego-consciousness is based." Our best gift to the world at large is to be fully exploring, accepting and expressing our uniqueness as we participate in the collective. "Creativity is piercing the mundane to find the marvelous." (Bill Moyers)
    Scorpio New Moon at 25 degrees on Nov. 16 is joined by female archetypes Ceres and Venus also in the fixed water sign, and is square Jupiter-Chiron-Neptune, trine Uranus-Juno, sextile the North Node. Scorpio is the sign most associated with shared resources and values, profound emotional bonds and the transformational process. The female perspective, wisdom and experience (Ceres-Venus) is most needed in present time to support us through our changes, while the other planetary aspects challenge us to let go of whatever is not nurturing and participate wholeheartedly in the holy dance of transmutation. Wherever 25 Scorpio falls in your chart is a starting point with grand potential. "An x-ray photograph helps with the diagnosis."( Lynda Hill, Sabian symbols) The fixed signs all have the penetrating quality that comes with devotion and persistence, none so much as Scorpio. This lunation facilitates seeing through the carefully constructed facades of a society deeply out of balance with its source, the very entity which gives life and sustenance. The diagnosis is severe illness, the prognosis is good only if we face this reality full on and in present time. We can dedicate ourselves now, in this seed moment, to trust in the forming new paradigm, while releasing the deeply instilled fears the old paradigm has promoted for centuries.
"Life is uncharted territory. It reveals its story one moment at a time." (Leo Buscaglia)


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