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Month of August, 2009

                         COSMIC CALENDAR  AUGUST/SEPTEMBER  2009
                                       by Salina Rain   707-668-5408

    The first day of August is the 3rd cross-quarter day of the year, the turning of the seasons for many ancient cultures and indigenous peoples, halfway point between Summer Solstice and Autumn Equinox. The more we mark these turnings and honor the cycles ruling our lives, the easier this time of magnificent transitions will be. In Ireland part of this fire festival celebration of the harvest was the Tailltean marriage, a "game" where a couple could informally marry from one Lammas festival to the next, reassessing the following year to see if they wanted to continue together, or they could "stand back to back and walk away from each other", ending the trial marriage (Mike Nichols). The yearly passage is actually when the Sun reaches 15 degrees Leo (7th of Aug.), one of 4 power points in the zodiac, associated with the Law of Karma, the mid degree of the fixed signs. This year Lammas falls amidst the triple-powered eclipse season, with three in a row this Summer, promising increased pressure to release old forms, more radical changes in our lives. Whether we honor the seasonal cycle on the first or the seventh, it's beneficial on many levels to break with routine even briefly to align ourselves with our own internal, and Gaia's, rhythms. In fact synchronization between ourselves and the biosphere has never been more essential!
    The 3rd eclipse of the Summer, a rare event, is lunar, on Aug. 5 at 14 degrees Aquarius, reverberating back 19 years ago to an eclipse on Aug. 6, 1990 at the same degree. Whatever was happening in your life then is significant now, with a cosmic push to go to the next stage of self-knowledge and wisdom in the same areas of your life experience. We're having  extraordinary opportunities to see the impossible become possible, in direct proportion to how much we can get out of our own way, personally and collectively. Jupiter, Chiron and Neptune, in Aquarius also, still sound the trumpet with their earth-shaking wake up call. They're sending forth powerful winds affecting everything that doesn't resonate with the energies of evolutionary change. If we haven't found our unique role in the collective by now this is a  wide open doorway where destiny calls. Exploring our wildest dreams, what pulls strongest on our heartstrings, should be our focus. Mars square Saturn brings unworkable ideas, formats, systems out in the open to re-work, but requires getting past our fears and doubts to be affective. Venus opposing Pluto is intent on clearing the last residue of negativity and inauthenticity from our relationships, especially from last Spring's raging Venus transit. Also wasted resources are a factor with this combination, making this a good time to rein in spending, be more mindful of how we allocate precious assets. Rudyhar's Sabian Symbol for the Moon's degree:" A train entering a tunnel. The ability to short-cut the process of natural evolution by the exercise of will, mental skill, and physical self-discipline." We have the capacity to embody "unbroken wholeness in flowing movement", a wonderful image to work with in this time of instability and possibility. (Junius)
    The 13th through 17th of this month is a wildly creative, exciting period with Sun opposing, and Mars trine, Jupiter, Chiron and Neptune, highlighting the exceptionally inventive solutions available to us as we grow and evolve individually and together. Optimism rules as we get further lessons in combining our personal contributions in collaboration with others, merging in unity rather than acting in isolation. The time of the Lone Wolf has indeed passed. It's also likely, however, to go too far with non-productive ideas if we're not adequately grounded.
    New Moon on the 20th brings Sun and Moon together at 28 degrees Leo, right on the heels of the solar opposition to the shape-shifting, unity in diversity, threesome, for grand probabilities of an energetic beginning to this cycle. Mars forms an radical, wavering grand cross with Uranus-Mercury and Pluto, cautioning us to be extra mindful of our movements, in and out of vehicles, and our communications. Great excitement is in the air, but this conflicted aspect can encourage unskillful criticism and explosive situations. Saturn's edging up to its next opposition with Uranus in Sept., a further stage in huge, culture changing events perfecting in September. (The first opposition in this passage was on Election Day last Nov.) Health care in the U.S. is one major focal point for Saturn's current transit through Virgo; a measure, in some ways, of whether humanity as a whole is ready to move on to the next evolutionary stage willingly, or in some other less palatable way. Of course a huge rebellion on the part of the people is what's required, and what the cosmic dance of Saturn-Uranus is pushing for. No better time than this to be outspoken and reasonably loud since our mostly aging lawmakers can't hear very well. Wherever 28 degrees Leo falls in your chart is the area of your new beginning in this volatile, dynamic turning; a point of high creativity and powerful heart connections. "Many little birds on a limb of a big tree. A wide, and perhaps confusing, openness to a multiplicity of inspiring potentialities." (Rudyhar's Sabian Symbol for 28 degrees Leo)
     The significant grand cross with Saturn-Uranus and Mars-Pluto carries us forward into the future, with portions of this aspect affecting humanity's destiny for years to come. When Saturn enters Libra late this year, Uranus enters Aries in 2010, this energy field becomes even more radical and shape-shifting, as Pluto-Uranus-Saturn square form squares and oppositions in cardinal signs. New beginnings, ready or not, and in forms we can't yet imagine from this perspective. We can look at this as the biggest opportunity yet for creating just, workable societies, supporting the full spectrum of life, in this neighborhood of the Solar System. Of course the planets in early degrees (first decans) of the cardinal signs, (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) impact each of us individually over this period, from 2008 through 2013.
    From the 6th through the 29th of September Mercury backs up from early Libra into the last degrees of Virgo, making space for internal review of our partnerships and the kinds of practical, everyday strategies we can employ to make them work better. We're also re-thinking health matters and how to make improvements in that area. The "shadow" degrees affect us though from the 17th of Aug. when regular routines begin to fall apart with mixed up schedules and uncooperative communications devices and vehicles. If possible leave important business 'til Oct. 14 or beyond when Mercury clears its retrograde degree.
    Pisces Full Moon perfects on Sept. 4 at 13 degrees, opposing Sun-Pallas and forming a yod aspect with Venus and Ceres. Feminine modes of perception and problem-solving are highlighted in this moment of illumination, where the cosmos speaks to us through mystical insights,  emphasis on the present moment and self-responsibility. Under Pisces' influence we perceive and communicate more profoundly through images and symbols, making this an especially good time for creating or appreciating art and music, studying metaphysics, and bringing elements of our dreams into our waking reality. Saturn-Uranus continue on their mission to break through old paradigms into uncharted territory (the next exact opposition on the 15th) requiring a great deal of adjustments on our part, as reality shifts before our eyes and under our feet. Relationships are being re-negotiated with Juno square Pluto demanding an end to unequal power dynamics. For 13 degrees Pisces the Sabian Symbol reads:" An ancient sword, used in many battles, is displayed in a museum." (Rudhyar) This image describes the transformation of the personal will as one uses it for a higher purpose. We no longer can afford the luxury of existing in our own little worlds, separate from the larger picture. Each of us must find, and act on, our passion as it benefits the whole, and this can only be done by surrendering to the heart's yearnings and the voice of the higher self.
    On September 18 the Sun and Moon join at 26 degrees Virgo for the seed moment of the New Moon, with Saturn adding its weight, stability and inclination for discipline to this beginning. Mercury and Pallas also line up with the lights for a greater measure of intelligent problem solving, re-negotiation of old structures (health care reform just won't go away). Chiron-Neptune quincunx, Uranus opposed, the lunation call for imagination, compassion and wisdom that can only come from seeing things through different eyes. Whatever has seemed solid and unchangeable is now crumbling, dissolving, disappearing, which can certainly be a painful, or at least uncomfortable process, but one whose time has come. Focus, clarification and simplification are required of each of us wherever 23-29 degrees Virgo falls in our chart. Pluto has turned direct on the 11th, ending the 5 month long review of whatever we've needed to eliminate from our lives in order to move forward, free of old energy draining, self-sabotaging patterns. Rudyhar's interpretation for 26 degrees Virgo:" A boy with a censer serves the priest near the altar. The first stage of actual participation in the great ritual of planetary evolution." We may not be able to see clearly what we're in the midst of, but trusting in the evolutionary process is easier as we open our eyes and hearts to the miraculous nature of our universe.



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