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Month of June, 2009

                                               COSMIC CALENDAR  JUNE/JULY  2009

                                                                        by Salina Rain   707-668-5408

                      "There isn't any energy crisis. It's simply a crisis of ignorance." R. Buckminster Fuller

    June and July 2009 mark an exquisitely hopeful time in navigating human-created difficulties and challenges, along
with ongoing  universal and individual transformations. Jupiter, Chiron and Neptune continue on their mission of awakening us to our true nature (these 3 last joined in Aquarius 3,000 yrs. ago), at the same time time making it painfully clear the extent of the mayhem we've unleashed on ourselves and our co-habitants of Planet Earth. Not an easy time, but one full of revelations, brilliant solutions, as well as a new willingness to experiment with creative strategies for change. This doesn't mean the resistance goes away, but those fighting the needed changes will have less and less power and control as these cosmic/earthly energies vibrate us into the next stage of evolution. Jupiter, Neptune and Uranus have been traveling along for quite a while in mutual reception, an astrological term meaning they inhabit each other's signs, giving them increased rapport and strength in their collective purposes. The 2 signs involved, Pisces and Aquarius, are transpersonal signs whose influence teaches us about our essential oneness, the interconnectedness of all life, the power and potential joys of joining forces to work, play and celebrate the gift of being alive. Aquarius also emphasizes the importance of each individual's unique role within the larger collective when we're engaged with its most positive qualities and skillful applications. Paradigm change, lead by Uranus and the Planets in Aquarius, includes the formula for healthy community and healthy individuals; honoring the sacredness of each person's abilities and unique role within the larger group. Chiron's presence in this magnificent threesome assures mass enlightenment to our multi-dimensional reality, while helping us leave behind crippling religious ( and in some instances scientific) dogma that only serves to separate and generate misunderstanding, fear, mistrust and hatred. Archeological discoveries may link what was believed myth with reality, changing our understanding of human history in the distant past. Alchemical processes are at work as time continues to speed up toward the completion of the 26,000 year cycle, actually occurring in Oct. 2011, according to the precision of the Mayan Calendar (Calleman).
    Jupiter-Chiron-Neptune remain within 1/2 degree of each other through almost mid-July, while Uranus also occupies the same degree in Pisces, creating an even stronger resonance among these transpersonal/transmuting energies. Wherever these 3 angel/shaman/spirit guide/divine essence manifestations are impacting you through your personal horoscope is an area, or areas, of unprecedented potential for life-changing breakthroughs. We're being urged to lift our consciousness to match the vibratory rate of the miracles, which dwell as yet unmanifested, in our hearts. Hard work, discipline, crystal clear concentration and belief in pure magic are the winning combination. We may encounter the searing pain of knowing we're capable of manifesting our dreams, needing to break through the place of age old resistance. Are we really going to allow ourselves, Judeo-Christian ( and all other sources of) guilt aside, to live, individually and collectively, the heaven-on-earth possibilities we dream of? We're evolving into the next level, with science, technology, spiritual revelation/guidance, tellurian and cosmic energies behind us. The mathematics and light harmonics of the earth energy grid, with ley lines and world power points, will be further revealed, along with more acceptance of the crop circle, acoustic levitation and other earth energy phenomena over the coming year. Neighbors from the outer realms of space can communicate more easily in the years to come without the dense veil of human left-brain denial in the way, opening up connections with the galactic community within which our magical Solar System spins.
    From June 6 into July Venus and Mars travel unusually close (within 2-3 degrees) in Taurus immersing us in the most earthy pleasures while reminding us, ideally, of what brings true fulfillment. Appetites are especially high for sensual/sexual play, making it necessary to remain mindful of how we act out our desires. At the same time we're opening exponentially in the realm of consciousness, we're being grounded in the material realm, a perfect balance of heaven and earth energies if we keep ourselves centered instead of feeling pulled by conflicting forces. As above, so below, the cosmic message for Summer of 2009. Financial progress can be made in present time, personally and in the larger realm, but we must be aligning ourselves with core values for any lasting benefits. Our collective institutions will not be done with the radical re-structuring for a few years, so meanwhile there will be fluctuating "recoveries" and sharp declines before the old paradigm of greed, competition and ignorance fully passes.  Newly direct Saturn in the pivotal mid-degree of Virgo for all of June signals significant progress in institutional/cultural changes, especially in matters of health care, clearer analyses of problem areas, facing difficulties with dedication and commitment to the necessary work ahead. Down side of Saturn in this placement is the tendency to be worrisome, pessimistic, fearful beyond all reason and unnecessarily critical. Be wary of these pitfalls, turning negative thoughts around when conscious of them. The magical 3 will help. "The mind is its own place, and in itself can make a heaven of hell, a hell of heaven." (Milton)
     June 7 Full Moon at 18 degrees Sagittarius opposes the Sun exact at 11:12 am PDT, with Sun and Moon square Saturn for a more challenging, serious lunation. Sag Moon usually highlights adventure, freedom to explore unknown territory, but this Full Moon is confronting us head on with our negative beliefs and unproductive uses of our precious time and energy. Of course as we clear up core beliefs, making sure they resonate with who we are, we become much more effective in using time wisely, achieving the end results we truly value, as well as restoring ourselves by engaging in the activities that nourish us. Scattering energies, wasting time becomes an especially excruciating experience. Venus-Mars trine Pluto in earth signs can be productive as well as enjoyable, just make sure you know when to stop. Rudhyar's Sabian Symbol for 18 Sagittarius:" Children playing on the beach, their heads protected by sunbonnets.-Sun and sea are powerful forces; they can kill as well as illumine and inspire, as can various kinds of forces within (humankind's) unconscious." Now more than ever we must consciously choose the ideas, beliefs and "forces" with which we align ourselves, being mindful of our true intentions and impact on those around us.
    On the 15th Mercury re-crosses its retrograde degree encouraging forward movement for big decisions, signing contracts, finalizing agreements or installing new systems. At the same time Jupiter pivots to retrograde motion for the next 4 months, calling us to review our religious, or spiritual, affiliations, our sense of connection to the higher self, any plans for higher education or training, long journeys or spiritual quests, in the near future. Summer Solstice arrives on the 20th, 10:46 pm, as Sun enters Cancer with transformational Pluto opposing within 2 degrees highlighting the shadow realm of insecurities, clinging to the past and self destructive habits for the entire season. If we're wise we'll use this opportunity for healing old emotional patterns. Make sure you take time today for honoring the transition into another season, an especially important one this year, as starship Earth whirls around the Sun on her rhapsodic cosmic journey.
    Cancer New Moon brings Sun and Moon together on June 22 at 12:36 pm PDT, at 2 degrees, joined by Vesta, and in a very tight opposition with Pluto. The beginning point of the monthly lunar cycle and the year's beginning in all Cancer ruled matters is vividly revealing where we need to let go of old, sentimental, disempowering emotional habits, both personally and collectively. The U.S. national psyche is especially susceptible to the Cancer shadow tendency for self-deluding, overly sentimental states, with the grasping self-interest and smothering concern for others that go with it. We're certainly at a crossroads nationally as to how we can shift this tendency into the more positive Cancerian qualities of mutual caring, support and nurturing those more vulnerable than ourselves. Personally wherever 2 degrees Cancer is in your chart is the point of new beginning for you in emotional clearing for the coming month and the year ahead. Food and nourishment also fall under Cancer's rulership, making this an excellent start to resolving individual, and global, food related problems. Vesta's presence in this lunation calls for devotion to the sacred qualities of divine mothering/nurturing as part of our passage. Venus and Mars are in a rare conjunction in Taurus, as Venus cools the transformative rage she was processing all Spring, and joins the planet of initiating and activating in a powerful, earthy, sweet dance of female/male balance. Venus-Mars also trine Ceres-Saturn, a super productive combination promoting practical strategies for feeding and caring for the most vulnerable. "A man on a magic carpet hovers over a large area of land. The ability to expand one's consciousness by stabilizing one's point of view at a higher level." (Rudhyar, Sabian Symbols)
     July 1 Uranus turns retrograde emphasizing its creative chaos effect for days before and after. Uranus squares the Galactic Center as it pivots, while Jupiter-Chiron-Neptune have been sextile the point of birth and death transformations within our galactic community. No question this shift reverberates out like ripples on a lake, announcing an influx of divine energies we can use for our own transmutation.
    Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on July 7 at 16 degrees Capricorn opposes Sun at 16 degrees Cancer, trine Saturn-Ceres in Virgo. As the Moon, at the peak of its light, becomes darkened from the Earth's shadow, the usually hidden, dark aspects of the signs involved are more emphasized. Tremendous energy is available to release the past while moving into the future. Mars squares the Jupiter-Chiron-Neptune alignment pushing us toward acting concretely on our ideals and dreams, while the Moon-Saturn-Ceres combination firmly supports a long term, dedicated plan of action, while we clear away any old guilt, shame, self-abandonment themes from the past. Mars also sextiles recently potentized Uranus for even more incentive to follow inner guidance. Look up the degrees in your chart to understand more fully where you're being called to move beyond past limitations. Rudhyar's interpretation for 16 Capricorn reads:"School grounds filled with boys and girls in gymnasium suits." A healthy society encourages physical activities and play in proportion to how much people work. Since ours is way out of balance in requiring us to spend too much time in money-producing activities, this lunation's message is about giving ourselves time for recreation. Equal amounts of work, play and rest are the ideal; we can at least dream that intention for the future if we're not there yet.
    Total Solar Eclipse New Moon on July 21, 7:36 pm PDT is the 2nd New Moon in a month closely aspected by Pluto, planet of death and regeneration, and also the 2nd New Moon in Cancer this year. The first one was at the beginning of the cardinal water sign, this one is at the last degree, signifying the completion of the lessons for us in this sign's matters. Between these 2 lunations there are lifetimes of learning, and lifetimes of attachments and emotionally charged situations, including some from past life experiences, conditions we must deal with in the most compassionate ways possible. Pluto's uncomfortable quincunx with Sun and Moon pressures us to shift out of habitual grasping at things, people, substances  we use to make us "feel better", and ground ourselves in genuine nourishment on the physical. mental, emotional and spiritual levels. Since this is also a total solar eclipse the energy is intensified many times over, the pressure is to let go of what holds us back from being our most authentic self, or be devastated by the forces beyond our control. It's simply much harder and more painful to resist the changes we know we must make at this point, and takes more time and energy to recover from the consequences. Something new and ultimately healing is emerging with this eclipse, unfolding over the next 6 months to a year. Where does 29 degrees Cancer fall in your chart? Also refer back to July 21 1990 when another solar eclipse occurred at the same degree. How are you being called to move beyond whatever was operating in your life then, to enter a higher frequency of wisdom and understanding in your life experience? As a universal event this eclipse helps us release more of the alienating beliefs as the winds of change blow especially strong.Venus in Gemini squares Saturn challenging traditional gender roles, values and the need to infuse society's institutions with more feminine values.   "A Daughter of the American Revolution. The tradition that was once born of revolution now extolls 'law and order', attempting to suppress any new forms of the same revolutionary spirit." (Rudhyar, Sabian Symbol) Evolution moves on, regardless of our willingness to allow new forms to emerge or not. If we allow ourselves to indulge in imagination, intuition and utopian scenarios we'll be having way more input, not to mention fun,  as the changes unfold. 


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