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Month of February, 2009

                                                     Cosmic Calendar  February/March   2009

    The 2nd month of this dynamic year begins with Mercury direct and Jupiter crossing the Solar Eclipse point from the 25th of Jan., expanding more on the themes of that cosmic event, enhancing our capacity for a more unified collective vision. The crises we find ourselves challenged by are matched by the miraculous scenarios unfolding before us, with Saturn-Uranus closing in on their 2nd exact opposition by February 5. Lessons of the past (Saturn) must be learned before the promise of an enlightened future (Uranus) can be fulfilled. This 2nd pass, with Saturn retrograde, is another point of great tension as the forces of conservatism face off with the forces of radical change. The world has been celebrating the new American President, a person who holds powerful archetypal meaning for all humanity as well as almost unprecedented intelligence and a most Aquarian unified view. He also appears to combine the best of Saturn and Uranus in his approach to government, which is so far to include the spectrum from conservative to liberal, to take the best from the past while looking forward to the requirements of the future.  At this time these 2 planets help us break through yet another layer of resistance to re-structuring our familiar, yet dysfunctional societal institutions, help us change our relationship to authority, moving from fear-based decisions to ideal-based actions. The 1st Saturn-Uranus opposition was exact on Election Day just to remind everyone of the quality and flavor of this earth-shaking transit to be completed in 2010. Good timing for all of us to reflect on our personal fears as well as resistance to our own process of transmutation. Sun, Mars, Jupiter, Chiron, Neptune and the North Node are all in Aquarius for a massive, multi-faceted movement toward unity in diversity and embracing all other forms of life. Humans are no longer the center of the universe in the next evolutionary phase, but one part of a miraculous whole. These planets create an alchemical energetic, making available to us all the elements we need to transmute ourselves and our over-burdened environment.

    Full Moon February 9 at 21 degrees Leo opposes Sun-Chiron-Neptune in a Lunar Eclipse, illuminating where we may be out of synch, or perfectly aligned, with our role in the collective. The Aquarius-Leo axis highlights the dance between individual and community experience, how we share our creative capacities in service to others, or not. Chiron-Neptune conjoining the Sun speak to the need for integrating the spiritual and physical aspects of our being while surrendering into a more multi-dimensional experience of ourselves and life in general. We can also perceive more clearly the collective organisms we create when we join energies with others in any endeavor. Saturn and Uranus make high tension aspects with Sun and Moon respectively, for lots of pressure and intensified emotional states, pushing for the status quo and great change at the same time. Wherever this eclipse lands in your chart is a highly charged area likely to bring upsets and commotion, but pointing the way to creative, positive change we can make now. Sabian Symbol for 21 Leo: "Intoxicated chickens dizzily flap their wings trying to fly. 'Trying to do something beyond the bounds of experience or possibility.' " (Lynda Hill) A warning in this image tells us we must make a clear and honest assessment of what we're ready for, yet validating the need to also stretch beyond our old, familiar patterns. "The aim of life is to live, and to live means to be aware, joyously, drunkenly, serenely, divinely aware." (Henry Miller)

    Pisces New Moon arrives February 24 at 7 degrees , 5:35 pm, PST. North Node, Jupiter, Juno, Mercury and Mars line up closely in Aquarius emphasizing and energizing the revelatory theme and amazing breakthroughs of this time, and at every level of human experience. Chiron-Neptune continue also in close union at later degrees of the fixed air sign, and will remain within a few degrees of each other throughout this year, shifting our experience of community, spirituality, what it means to be fully human. Sun-Moon's conjunction is the year's seed moment for all things ruled by the mutable water sign; inner vision, dreams, intuition, imagination, state of oneness with all creation, unconditional love, along with illusion, deception and addiction. We have the heightened perception to  feel our way through to the next stage of our journey. With all the intellectual, idealistic Aquarian activity of 7 planets and points in that sign we need the right brain, intuitive aspect also to find our direction, not to mention discovering the much neglected heart wisdom. Uranus in a latter degree of Pisces has been opening the way for the last 6 years, with many more awakening to the spark of divinity within all living beings. "Illuminated by a shaft of light, a large cross lies on rocks surrounded by sea and mist. The spiritual blessing which strengthens individuals who, happen what may, stand uncompromisingly for their own truth." (Sabian Symbol from Rudhyar)
This new beginning reminds us of the Proverb: "When things are at the worst they begin to mend."

    On March 6 Venus begins one of her 6 week retrograde journeys, happening every 18 months. The esoteric Venus cycle concludes and begins every 8 years with 5 retrogrades in each phase, and ultimately forming a perfect 5 pointed star, or pentagram, in the heavens as it cycles above and below the horizon as morning and evening star. Of course the 5 pointed star is an ancient symbol of the human aspect of creation. This cycle represents a profound passage for each of us in our experience of love, pleasure, prosperity/poverty, beauty, balance and harmony, as well as making priorities in our lives. Venus now turns at 16 degrees Aries, a degree associated with nature spirits, fairies, benevolent co-creators with humans on the earth plane. Venus pivots direct on April 17 at the last degree of Pisces, having required of each of us a searing look at what we value most and where we may be blocking our heart's true desires. As a collective we'll also be reviewing values and how we use material resources.

    Virgo Full Moon on March 10 falls at 21 degrees, 7:39 pm PDT, with the all encompassing Saturn-Uranus opposition closely allied with Moon and Sun respectively, amplifying the normally emotional and tension filled mood of any Full Moon. This energy pattern brings to mind an Alice Bailey quote from the Tibetan, her teacher, that Earth is the "planet of releasing sorrow and purifying pain." If ever we had cosmic support for those processes it's now. What we fear most haunts us just as what we aspire to and hope for is calling us, demanding that we shed the terrors that block us, judgements and false beliefs in order to move forward enlightened and free. Revolutions are birthing in every area of life, on every part of the planet as past gives way (not without resistance) to the evolutionary thrust into the future. Virgo-Pisces axis highlights how we choose to serve, and in this lunation, where we may need a new path to fulfill that all-important aspect of our lives. Doesn't matter if our service is small, inconspicuous, seemingly devoid of high impact, the crucial part is that we feel inner devotion and fulfillment of the reason we are here. Society is changing in radical ways and forever; we will never be the same over-consuming, trivially distracted group of individuals we have become in this part of the world. This doesn't mean we need to become austere and joyless, though, quite the contrary. The imperative now is to see ourselves for who we are and commit to becoming who we want to be, including great compassion, humor and playfulness in the process. The continuing, extraordinary line up in Aquarius tells us we are all responsible for creating a better future by offering our unique gifts in cooperation with, and in service to, the collective. Moon at 21 Virgo reads: " A girl's basketball team. Physical training  as a means to inculcate the feeling of participation in a collective culture." (Rudhyar)

    Spring Equinox arrives on the 20th of March, 4:44 am PDT, in one of the most important turing points of the yearly cycle. Capricorn Moon makes a tight and supportive trine with Saturn, while Pluto squares the Equinox Sun describing a season of down to earth productive work accompanied by continued pressure to clarify and refine our collective and individual motivations. Extreme consequences unfold if we're not acting from integrity and self-knowledge in this extraordinarily active energy field. We mustn't let the Aries impulsiveness take over 'til we've examined our underlying feelings and taken into account the affect on others.
    Aries New Moon on March 26 at 7 degrees, 9:07 pm PDT, with retrograde Venus embracing Sun and Moon, while Pluto squares the lunation, and Mercury closes in on this highly charged and intimate gathering, also in early Aries.
We're being pushed even further to review our values, collective and personal, and to act with courage, speed and spiritual clarity on creating a whole new course for ourselves. War and aggression are being re-thought, and new action taken, as we no longer can afford to act out in the primitive clobber and conquer style of the unskillful expression of Aries. We're re-learning the only true experience of prosperity and abundance on the earth plane is when resources are shared and all are nourished, supported, replenished. The human heart needs to share everything from unconditional love to material resources to be fulfilled, and the belief otherwise is coming close to making us extinct. Look in your chart for the degree of the New Moon in the cardinal fire sign to see where you're called to take a life-changing risk. 7 degrees Aries in the Sabian Symbols for this lunation: "A man succeeds in expressing himself simultaneously in two realms." (Rudhyar) While there is an implicit caution in this image not to try accomplishing too much, spreading ourselves thin, there is also the possibility for integrating the spiritual and the material realms in perfect balance. The male archetype is going through a further transformation, from dominant authoritarian to sacred warrior.


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