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Month of December, 2008

                                    COSMIC CALENDAR   December  2008 - January 2009
                                                                           by Salina Rain    707-668-5408  


    Passions burn hot, with emphasis on ideals and dreams, at the beginning of December with Sun, Mercury and Mars all lined up in firey Sagittarius, stimulating the spirit of exploration and high adventure. Add to this magical, electric, sometimes wild, Uranus recently turned direct. Restlessness is so pervasive we must be mindful of how we're acting in our great sense of optimism, being careful not to ride off on our mighty steed too soon and too fast, and down the wrong trail. This is a fruitful time to be sharing our visions of the future with others,  exploring new possibilities for ourselves and for our communities. Venus and Jupiter are quite close in pragmatic Capricorn for the first week of the month reminding us there's work to be done to get to those idealistic goals, but also supporting our capacity to make real progress. Relationships benefit from a serious, down to earth approach for now. Making personal boundaries clear and sticking to them, while respecting boundaries of others, is required to go to the next level and to ensure our connections will last over time. This combination extends the austere mood in economic conditions, yet helps us create more practical, and ultimately fulfilling, strategies to deal with the deflation. At the same time we're seeing into the future with a more solid plan for utilizing resources over time. Jupiter in Capricorn's year long transit has been helping us learn the value of restraint,  discipline and using the wisdom of past experience in manifesting our heart's true desires. Collectively we've experienced the outward signs of the global transformation we've been undergoing as the whole world celebrated the outcome of the U.S. election. At last we see some powerful, visible sign that we're on the right path, as Saturn-Uranus' 1st opposition revealed on Nov. 4.
    Full Moon on the 12th at 22 degrees Gemini is ushered in by a Sun and Mars-Uranus square in the days right before the lunation, a potent, explosive energy best used to free ourselves of old ego patterns and unskillful willfulness rather than experiencing the accidents and angry outbursts these aspects can attract. Mars joins the Sun in opposition to the Moon in its current full phase, warning us further to think before we act, especially as Mars-Sun, Moon, and Saturn-Uranus form a volatile Mutable Grand Cross. As if that weren't enough this is one of the SuperMoons of '08, occurring with the lunar orb in closer proximity to Earth. The tension between old and new, youth and elders, establishment vs. revolutionary change is quite evident in our personal and collective realities at this turning point, with societal Saturn and spiritual Uranus doing their evolutionary dance between now and 2010. Mercury-Pluto in a tight conjunction help us articulate and prioritize problems needing our immediate attention, while Jupiter-Saturn still form a supportive, grounded, real world resolution based trine.  Sabian Symbol for Moon at 22 Gemini according to Rudyhar: "Dancing couples in a harvest festival. The wholesome enjoyment of organic processes and emotional drives."  What do you need to express right now about your own experience, with tact, sensitivity and courage? Don't let this intense pressure build internally, as the final release can be quite destructive.
    Winter Solstice arrives on the 21st, 4:04 am PST, as Sun enters the 1st degree of Capricorn, joining transformational Pluto. The alliance between Solstice Sun and the planet of death and rebirth adds more power to this season's energy patterns; we enter this season more grounded than ever in awareness of the constantly changing nature of reality, the ongoing cycles of birth death and rebirth.  We cannot hide behind our delusional cultural view of reality any longer, the one that's brought us to the brink of total destruction. And at the same time, as we release all resistance, we can see right through into the very core of life, into the biological/energetic/spiritual reality into which we born over and over. Saturn quincunx Neptune reiterates this theme of re-adjusting the lens through which we perceive reality or suffering from a sense of being utterly confused and lost. It's important to refrain from business as usual for at least a part of this day as this turning point holds great significance in our lives over years to come.
    Capricorn New Moon on the 27th arrives at 4:23 PST, at 7 degrees, joined by Mars and Pluto, signifying a major beginning point for social/cultural transformation, one that fully exposes the destructive impact of the domination/submission model we've been operating with for thousands of years. Pluto in the cardinal earth sign now through 2023 is clearing away the outworn structure, aligning us with our core desires and intentions on a collective level, changing reality by leaps and bounds over the coming years. Wherever 7 Capricorn falls in your chart is your personal new beginning with your role in the collective. Karmic patterns are at work in this area, time to burn it up and start anew. Whatever difficulties we encounter now are part of the karmic clearing, best to go along with the process, no resistance, no regrets, and just surrender. Chiron, Venus and Neptune are in an exquisite, uplifting embrace in Aquarius, teaching us more about the healing power of unconditional love, the ethical and magical uses of technology to improve life for the masses. With these 3 planets working together idealistic visions can, and should, be shared with others, in groups both intimate and institutional. "A veiled prophet speaks, seized by the power of god. The ability to act as a mouthpiece for the revelation of a transcendent will and truth determining future action." What is your current role in the larger picture, and what changes are necessary to maximize fulfilling your intent?
    On December 31 Saturn turns retrograde at 22 degrees Virgo slowing down the high speed momentum we've picked up since Uranus pivoted direct in late November. Saturn's pivot will be felt for at least a week beforehand as it slows down considerably, and may be experienced as a sense of heaviness, perhaps frustration, in moving ahead. But the retro period, from now 'til May 16, 2009, is important for re-negotiating our major projects and plans, discovering the flaws and imperfections we need to work on before committing to the next level. Look up 22 Virgo in your chart if possible to locate the area of greater focus, discipline and restraint over the coming months.
    Full Moon in Cancer, at 22 degrees, on January 10th perfects at 7:27 PST, trine Uranus, quincunx Neptune and sextile Saturn, illuminating new ways of creating security and comfort, especially within the context of security and comfort for all beings. We're beginning to realize collectively that respect and caring for all beings is the only true security.  Meanwhile we have extraordinary shifts we must navigate in order to leave the old structure behind. Instead of being overwhelmed by the vastness of what lies before us, we can use this lunation to see the smaller, immediate steps we can take in shifting paradigms. Jupiter has recently left Capricorn and is in Aquarius for the next year, sign of idealism, humanitarian concerns and good for building community by way of joining together in innovative, creative approaches to our shared problems.  In fact Mercury, North Node, Chiron and Neptune are also in the fixed air sign, broadcasting that message of utopian themes, combining forces for the good of all. Rudyhar's interpretation of 22 degree Cancer Moon: "A young woman awaiting a sailboat. The longing for transcendent happiness in the soul opened to great dreams." What deepest longings are calling to you now? Look at the lunation's degrees (22 Cancer, 22 Capricorn) in your chart for more clarification of how you can maximize the potentials of this moment in time.
    The New Moon at 7 degrees Aquarius on the 25th of January is an annular Solar Eclipse, and includes, along with Sun and Moon, Juno, Jupiter, North Node, Chiron and Neptune in the sign of futurism and group consciousness but also truly bizarre and/or fanatical tendencies. This leap from past into future is especially radical since the Sun and Moon (and Earth) align in Aquarius, the sign ruled by "lightening bolt" Uranus. Venus and Uranus join together in compassionate Pisces to soften the otherwise purely mental air sign's impact, helping us to open wider to the demands of the moment while remaining sensitive to our emotional needs and the needs of others. Venus is in her exaltation in Pisces, and with the addition of the Uranian energy, supports our complete receptivity to more inclusive loving relationships, intuition and psychic perceptions, divine whisperings.
Technology is emphasized in this new beginning point, with a much stronger pull toward more ethical uses. Personally wherever these planets line up in your chart, 2-24 degrees Aquarius, is an area that's been vibrating with significant changes over a long period of time, and is now moving and shaking to the next level. 7 degrees Aquarius, for Sun and Moon, in Lynda Hill's Sabian Symbols (360 Degrees of Wisdom) reads: " A child born out of an eggshell. Transmutation. The birth of a new creative impulse."
This is a powerfully alchemical shifting point, one where we can easily become disoriented and distressed beyond conscious comprehension. The antidote is to acknowledge and honor the cosmic energies at work within and through us. Are you ready for  the next layer of the psyche to be peeled away, exposing you even more to the unknown?



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