Cosmic Calendar

Month of October, 2008

                                                COSMIC CALENDAR   OCTOBER/NOVEMBER  2008
                                                                                              by Salina Rain

    Fall 2008 is an especially crucial season this year as the whole world's attention is focused on the U.S.  presidential election which has more severe or hopeful repercussions globally than any election in memory. Also this season is highlighted, at a deeper level, from the perspective of our evolutionary condition as human beings, with Pluto in the 3rd and last pass of the last degrees of Sagittarius. As Pluto completes the journey through the sign of belief systems ( both culturally and personally held beliefs), consciousness expansion and a higher standard of justice for everyone, we're most likely experiencing a powerful sense of immediacy. It's now or never, with the planet of transformation, releasing the past, elimination of what no longer serves us, has crossed the Galactic Center for the last time on its way into the sign of social structures. If we're not ready as a collective to let go of the old dogmatic, separative ways of thinking the transition into the next evolutionary stage becomes much more challenging. Yet in no way will the process be stopped.
    With Mercury retrograde in Libra through Oct. 15, and having been in the "shadow" degrees since Sept. 3, the flip flops, waffling, indecision, and general shifts and changes from one day to the next of our personal and collective attitudes, opinions and stated commitments are assured. Don't be distressed by the current trend, in other words, but go with the wavering flow of information, ideas and difficulty in making decisions from a stance of firm grounding within your own ideals, values and goals. Mars enters Scorpio on the 3rd of Oct. intensifying passions, increasing secretive behavior as well as devotion to getting to the truth. Investigations, excavations, and actions that support healthy, and unhealthy, emotional release, will receive a huge boost from this passage, through Nov. 15. Getting good physical work outs will help with healthy releases.
    Full Moon at 22 degrees Aries, Oct. 14, perfects at 1:03 pm PDT illuminating the dynamics between our relationship to self and our relationships with others. Do we tend to lose ourselves when in partnership situations or do we tend toward the dominant role, or do we shift back and forth? How can we relate to others without playing the dominant/submissive roles?  Moon, Juno-Pluto and South Node-Ceres create a Grand Fire Trine dramatically emphasizing our partnership history, the problems we've encountered, lessons presented through those connections and insight into how we can transform current and future relationships. This is, of course, both in the personal and global realms. At 22 degrees Aries the Moon also is conjoining Eris, categorized as a plutoid (outside Pluto's orbit) and is one of the recent discoveries in astronomy that has doubled the size of our Solar System. Full Moon's emphasis on this celestial body brings it into focus; mythologically Eris is Aries' sister, her archetype relating to conflict, war, discord, courage and resourcefulness in adversity. Eris was discovered in 2003, the year Mars, Aries' ruler, made its closest approach to Earth in 60,000 years. As well as being the year the current war began, in 2003 the world witnessed the most massive global peace movement in human memory. This lunation brings forth another level of that awareness in the collective and individual human psyche, the need for re-negotiating our responses to conflicts, to learn how to disagree and work with it. Wherever this degree is in your personal horoscope is an area you are called upon to meet a major challenge of strength and courage in your life. Neptune-Chiron, Sun and Pallas form a Grand Air Trine at the same time, assuring a higher perspective, increased wisdom and understanding  in all our interactions, while encouraging resolutions to conflicts, especially with Mercury poised to turn direct the next day. (Our period of review in the realm of Libra ruled matters is almost complete, so don't make final agreements, decisions or sign contracts just yet.) Fairness and equality are prominent themes, many more people are seeing the light of interconnectedness. Rudhyar's Sabian Symbol for the Moon's degree: "The gate to the garden of all fulfilled desires. Abundance made possible by human togetherness and cooperation."
    Scorpio New Moon falls on the 28th, Sun and Moon at 6 degrees, 4:14 pm PDT, with Mars, the traditional ruler of Scorpio, also in the fixed water sign. Mars squares Chiron, North Node, Neptune, sextiles Saturn and trines Uranus in a particularly dynamic, and in some ways volatile, mix of energies pushing us to act with integrity, courage and authenticity. This can also instigate extremist or obstinate behavior, but the ongoing Jupiter-Saturn trine helps us to get clear on where we need to commit our ourselves to promote personal and social improvements. Meanwhile the Saturn-Uranus opposition is closing in, the 1st of 5 over the next 2 years, in an earth-shaking, culture changing, re-structuring aspect that leaves no room for attachment to the institutions and traditions that no longer work. Of course the highest use of this aspect is to take from the past what is of value and open up to the future with experimental, innovative and more humanitarian structures. This is the seed moment for the year ahead in some financial matters, certainly affecting the areas of personal and national debt. We're experiencing the coming apart of the old structures currently through our financial institutions, and as uncomfortable and unstable as this is in present time, the system has been headed for much needed changes for a long time. In the personal realm wherever Scorpio falls in your chart is an area of new potential for you regarding shared resources, values, your own personal debt, as well as your deeper, internal reserves of courage and passion for life. Sabian Symbol for 6 degrees Scorpio: "The gold rush tears men away from their native soil. The passionate search for new values which, at any level, promise a more abundant life." Whatever values we're choosing now will affect us over the long term, we must be exquisitely clear and attuned to the shifts our mother-planet Gaia is birthing. We may also need to grieve for the loss of all that is dying since it has been part of our reality for so long. "Sometimes I go around pitying myself, when all the while a great wind carries me across the sky." (Ojibway saying)
    In November 2 outer planets change direction with both Neptune and Uranus moving direct . On the 1st Neptune stations, just days before the heart-stopping, edge of our seats, life or death presidential election. The planet of imagination and dreams steers us forward, encouraging us to dare expressing and committing to our most cherished dreams and visions for a future free of brutality, out of control greed and separatist policies. Individually wherever 22 degrees Aquarius is in your chart is where your visionary capacities are being stimulated, expanded and also where you're encouraged to join with others who share your dreams. All Souls Day is a perfect time for Neptune's increased influence, a time when traditional cultures recognize the greater opening between the various dimensions of our reality, when we can move through realms new and magical, connect more easily with beings not presently in bodies, and acknowledge the vast ocean of existence within which we navigate. If it's clear enough go outside and meditate on the Milky Way on this night and be ready for the visions or messages you may receive.
    Election Day 2008, Nov. 4th, is the exact timing for the aspect of radical change in traditional structures as Saturn-Uranus form their 1st opposition in the signs Virgo (Saturn) and Pisces (Uranus). If the 1st hit in this 5 part process doesn't bring on the new version of the old institutions, the most unexpected candidate taking the election, then this will be the last of the folks running on the Fear Ticket holding power. There may be a "revolutionary" response to the elections if the majority is not served this time. If the more life affirming, idealistic and community oriented rule the day then this will only be the beginning of what Saturn-Uranus have in store for us as far as surprises and upsets in the current system. Sabian Symbol for the Election chart's Sun: "Telephone linemen at work installing new connections."
    Full Moon at 22 degrees Taurus falls on the 12th, 10:19 pm PST, conjunct newly discovered Sedna, also beyond Pluto's orbit, and the 1st celestial body to be named for an a Native archetype. Sedna is a creation goddess in Inuit mythology, connected with the depths of the icy Arctic Sea and protectress of the sea creatures. She's the giver of life and sustenance and is known for witholding, in righteous anger, that sustenance when the humans live out of balance with nature and each other. Luna sheds her light on Sedna for further emphasis on the crisis facing planet Earth through the misdeeds of humans, particularly evident in the Arctic Ocean. Neptune, god of the sea and also ruling oil, squares Moon and Sun for an even more critical encounter with the out of control behavior that's led to the current crises and the need for us to surrender to a higher value collectively. Sedna's presence infuses the lunation with the powerful feminine, reminding us to value what promotes and sustains life on this planet. Sun in Scorpio is joined by Mars and Mercury sending a strong message that immediate action is crucial. Look up 22 Taurus and Scorpio in your chart to locate the areas where your personal crisis in values is calling you to act, and ideally in cooperation with others. What do you need to eliminate, and what can you invite into your life to ensure more abundance and security for all? Jupiter exactly sextiles Uranus joining these 2 higher minded planets in harmony to strategize for brilliant and practical solutions to our dilemmas. Taking this opportunity for major problem solving will bring great rewards. "White dove flying over troubled waters" is the Sabian Symbol image from Rudhyar for 22 degrees Taurus. Allowing ourselves to worry and succumb to fears and dark scenarios will not get us through our present transformation, only fearlessness in facing reality and commitment to a higher awareness.
     On the 27th New Moon in Sagittarius , 8:55 am PST, at 6 degrees is joined by Mercury and Mars in an especially enthusiastic, optimistic and visionary new beginning accompanied by Uranus' pivot to direct motion that signals absolutely anything goes. Be ready for startling developments and unforeseen upsets in this seed moment for the next lunar cycle, and in all Sagittarian ruled matters for the coming year. Where does the New Moon's message of hope and change call to you in your natal chart? The degree of Uranus' turning is significant, at 22 Pisces, an area where you need to open up to the wildly creative and uncompromising energy of the planet of chaos. If we ignore its signals beforehand we'll surely be knocked way off balance by today's station. Jupiter and Venus join up in down to earth Capricorn making beneficial and practical alliances, and solidifying the growing influence of the feminine perspective, (and that doesn't mean women who espouse male dominant ideology). Pluto has re-entered Capricorn, meanwhile, and for the long haul, 'til 2023. This a significant ending and beginning point we're poised at right  now, the territory may not look at all familiar, but that's not a bad thing, just disorienting. We need to cultivate an attitude of ready-for-anything while trusting the universe will support us as we let go into the unknown. The Fool in the Tarot deck is a good meditation image for this lunation, and for these times. Sabian Symbol for 6 Sagittarius reads : "A game of cricket. The development of skill in group situations testing collective goals."



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