Cosmic Calendar

Month of August, 2008

                                                          Cosmic Calendar     August/September    2008

                                                                                    by Salina Rain

    August starts right off with a re-defining, pattern shifting, heart opening  total Solar Eclipse at 10 degrees Leo, the New Moon seed point for all Leo ruled matters for the coming year, and of course the initiation of the next lunar cycle. This eclipse moment has especially powerful impact on those born between 1939 and 1962 since these generations have outer planet emphasis in the fixed fire sign indicating dynamic changes at work in the areas of transpersonal life experience. In other words many millions of people on this planet are encountering their destiny in their personal, and collective, role as we evolve to the next level. This eclipse resonates with one in late July 2000 at 9 degrees Leo. The previous Solar Eclipse's frequency was aligned with the creative potential of humanity when we engage our "spiritual and vital energies" (Rudhyar) in whatever we're manifesting. This eclipse brings us further along the evolutionary path. Sabian Symbol from Rudhyar reads:"Early morning dew sparkles as sunlight floods the field. The exalted feeling that rises within the soul of the individual who has successfully passed through the long night which has tested (her) strength and (her) faith." With the month beginning on this note the lunar cycle, and 6 month or so period that follows, is infused with the energy of personal and collective crises that helps us further define our purpose for being here, while revealing ways we can implement that purpose.

    Refer back to Summer of 2000 to check in with where you were in your own process of self discovery and impact on the world around you. This is an extraordinary opportunity to recognize the part we've each been playing in the divine plan, to embody the wisdom and knowledge we have acquired. For those of us who've been on the wrong path, or more accurately, delayed progress on the path of highest fulfillment, this can be a rather rude awakening, but as long as we're seeing our light it's a good awakening. Mercury, South Node and Venus all line up in Leo also marking a busy, insightful and crucial point of transforming old ways of communicating and stirring us up for playful possibilities in our journey to transform our world. North Node, Chiron and Neptune oppose the eclipse planets indicating an intensive gathering of new and brilliantly conceived solutions in the creation of a new reality on planet Earth. This lunation points out the necessity for us to come together in like minded groups, however small, to blend our skills, abilities and wisdom with others who share our vision. Otherwise the ideas stagnate and the opportunities are missed. Mars-Uranus oppose each other (Virgo-Pisces) reminding us to stretch our vision beyond the problems and harrowing events of late, to connect with a higher frequency of mental activity. This combination can also be disrupting to an extreme, as these planets usurp the status quo with sudden, and in some cases violent, shake ups. Mars trines Jupiter in an earth sign too, stabilizing the ever-shifting energy patterns while clearing the way for social improvements (health care, government, business practices), with Saturn coming up behind to ensure the focus on improvements over the long term.
    The Saturn-Uranus opposition, exact on Election Day this Fall, Nov. 4, is being hinted at with the current planetary patterns. Extraordinary amounts of fear and depressing, austere scenarios are being used by representatives of the tired old paradigm trying to keep us all under control. At the same time the life-affirming forces of change are being activated to an even higher degree, and are unstoppable. Whatever the election outcome is it will be a defining moment for the new wave unseating the old. This by no means paints a picture of easy transitions, as the road ahead is full of cleaning up the messes we've created so far, and with Pluto in Capricorn, completely transforming our old relationship with authority.
    Lunar Eclipse on August 16 at 25 degrees Aquarius is joined by Neptune, the planet of sacrifice, deep sorrow, and mysticism. Also closely joining the Moon are Chiron and North Node compelling us to recognize the importance of this time, while the Age of Pisces (ruled by Neptune) winds down to a close. This pattern activates humanity's capacity to see through the surface differences and realize our commonalities and our need to cooperate in a global community. Sun trines Pluto in the same degree as last December's Jupiter-Pluto conjunction, which initiated a powerful process of transformation for everyone. Where have you come since last Dec.? As the Sun, Moon and Earth line up again, this time with the Moon's light interrupted, we experience a deep energetic release that allows in more of the lunar, neptunian modes of perception. In this energy field what do you sense at the core of your being? Take meditative time to sense your optimal direction at this point, and with whom you're meant to work. Where in your chart does 18-25 degrees Aquarius-Leo fall? This is an extremely important axis for each of us according to which Houses these degrees inhabit. Saturn, Mercury, Venus and Mars are all in Virgo requiring great refinement, self-responsibility and accuracy in our interactions, not letting us get away with any waffling or vagueness, no breaches of our ethical commitments. "A butterfly with the right wing more perfectly formed. The capacity to develop the rational and fully conscious aspect of the mind ahead of normal evolution." (Rudhyar's Sabian Symbol for Moon's degree) The interplay between the 2 very different modes at this time offer us a much needed balance with right and left brain, rational and intuitive aspects of mind, as we leave behind the either-or mindset to further incorporate the all-inclusive perspective.
    August 30 brings in the New Moon at 8 degrees Virgo joined by austere Saturn and trine expansive Jupiter, indicating an incoming cycle with both new restrictions and further growth and improvements in society in general. Saturn-Jupiter are in close trine aspect with each other through November, easing the flow of productivity for those seriously focused in on goals. Certainly health care concerns are big with this lunation with possibilities to actually get somewhere in the quest for more quality and equality in the current system. Virgo's mutable earth sign emphasis keeps us focused on practical strategies that can stand the test of time, making this a perfect time for integrating new skills and techniques in our work, and improving working conditions. Efficiency and precision are strong Virgo qualities, while we must resist the temptation to get lost in the details, keeping the bigger picture in mind.  Venus, Mercury and Mars are meanwhile holding a civil, harmonious conference in Libra assuring compromise and diplomacy in our dealings or tempting us to make agreements based on superficial niceties. Rudhyar's interpretation for 8 degrees Virgo reads:"A five-year-old child takes a first dancing lesson. Learning to use one's capacity for emotional self-expression according to cultural standards." We can be tremendously more effective in our work and play as we open up to new, perhaps basic, skills or fresh approaches to what we're about.
    Jupiter and Pluto both turn direct within a day of each other, Sept 7 and 8 respectively, re-emphasizing the influence of both planets and moving us forward with the growth and transformative processes we've been involved in at least since last Fall. Pluto represents a force beyond our control, the life force energy that sweeps us along, willingly or not, until we've been permanently changed by the experience. Devotion to one's spiritual center is the only way to engage with Pluto cycles and not be devastated by the fire of destruction, and be available for the process of regeneration. Pluto's in the last gasp of its Sagittarian transit, determined to purge the horrors and delusions of millenia of religious dogma and fanaticism, of great ignorance and greed. What other being in the universe brings itself to the point of total self-destruction over rigid and false beliefs? Certainly a peculiarly human complex, but one that also exposes our capacity for the opposite path, the one where we awaken to our true nature as divine, creative beings. Jupiter's pivot in Capricorn supports progress in long term projects, in the planning and discipline it takes to brings things to fruition. We can accomplish great feats, individually and collectively now if we'll just stay with our goals. What's been on hold for you since early May?
    Full Moon at 23 degrees Pisces on September 15 is the Harvest Moon and in a very close conjunction to Uranus, the Awakener, harbinger of radical change, with a wide opposition to Saturn who's closing in for the dramatic Nov. 4 opposition. This is a visionary Moon offering us a clear look at what is possible and what's holding us back, filled with startling revelations pointing to both welcome and unwelcome shifts in the status quo. Pluto squares the Moon and Sun in a dance of power dynamics and nightmarish scenarios that ultimately push us to acknowledge the part we all play in perpetuating the suffering. Facing our own demons is the best way to navigate this illuminating moment. Mars, Mercury and Venus in Libra form a gracious, forgiving and connecting trine with Chiron, North Node and Neptune making it easier to reach out to each other to heal the major rifts. Mercury will re-cross this degree at the beginning of October revisiting the interpersonal aspects of this Full Moon in particular, winding up the issue by the end of the month. Be aware that whatever transpires now will not be finished 'til then. For 23 degrees Pisces:"A 'materializing' medium giving a seance. The ability to give of one's own vital energy to substantiate one's conscious ideals or unconscious desires."(Rudhyar) We can't  allow unconscious motives to run our lives any further, this is one of those "moments of truth". The more conscious we become, the more powerfully we can live our dreams.
     Mercury turns retrograde on the 24th at 23 degrees Libra, turning direct on the 15th of October at 8 degrees. This period requires deep reflection on all our relationships and social interactions while giving us the opportunity to improve the quality of those connections, bringing more equality and cooperation to them. Wherever Libra falls in your chart within the above degrees is the area of review for you personally.
    On September 29 the New Moon in Libra perfects at 7 degrees, the yearly new beginning in all matters ruled by Libra. Partnerships of all types and situations requiring negotiation and diplomacy have been under scrutiny and review already with Venus, Mercury and Mars having traversed the cardinal air sign of late. Venus, ruler of this lunation, has moved into healing Scorpio, ready to get to the essence of each relationship, each situation needing our undivided attention. Where do your passions and desires really take you? Are you being honest with yourself and others about what you want? Mercury's retro conjoined with Mars makes communicating a bit trickier but brings us further into the internal process, an excellent time for journalling. This period can help us tune into where we might be going along with our group or partner just to keep any possibility of conflict or confrontation from arising, and committing to being authentic and truthful no matter what. Inauthenticity in love and friendship is particularly unloving and mistrusting and leads to disaster, or at least to nothing, in both personal and non-personal relationships. Of course diplomacy is part of this New Moon's energies, we may see new attempts at nations reaching toward each other over the coming months in genuine gestures of peace and cooperation, especially with Mercury-Mars trine Neptune, North Node, Chiron. Sabian Symbol for 7 degrees Libra from Rudhyar: "A woman feeding chickens and protecting them from the hawks. The need to face the antagonism of 'powers of darkness' as one attempts to feed the mind of as yet helpless and frightened apprentices."

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