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Month of June, 2008

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    June of 2008 starts off with the reverberations of the last Full Moon, May 19, that emphasized the Pleiades star system and its central star Alcyone, around which our entire Solar System revolves in the greater galactic drama of "vortices within vortices of centripetal energy" that holds the whole show together.(Noel Huntley, Ph.D.) As a species we're beginning to remember our part in the evolutionary spinning of the planets and stars, something lost in the last few thousand years of human amnesia that's brought us to the dangerous brink of destruction where we now find ourselves hovering. Indigenous people committed to holding and carrying forth the memory of the human species, as well as prophecies of what is to come, are where we need to turn, sooner or later, for the tools to navigate these changing times. Our galactic neighbors are also sources of knowledge and wisdom for the present as they have been in the past.
    Saturn has recently turned direct and Jupiter, Pluto, Neptune are retrograde, or in apparent backwards motion from the Earth's perspective. Uranus will next spin around in the heavens the last week of this month, completing the outer planet review conference over the Summer, partly into Fall. This means humanity's higher motivations, purposes, interconnections transformations are subject to a slowing, deepening process the next few months, where we have the opportunity, collectively and individually, to review, recall, re-orient and re-commit on a higher plane of consciousness. The outer planets have been joining in their retrograde passes in the Summer months since the early '80's, about the timing of our Solar System's 1st contact with the golden nebula known as the Photon Band or Photon Belt. This phenomenon is  a cloud of electro-magnetic particles encountered by our Solar System twice every 25,000 years or so. How this enormous influx of cosmic light will affect us is the source of speculations, predictions, and communications with more advanced life forms from other parts of our universe, the much maligned ET's. This time the full encounter, or immersion, in this intense field of super galactic light will be complete for planet Earth around 2012, the much anticipated end date of the Mayan Calendar. Also loosely coinciding with the Pleiadian influenced Full Moon of May was the announcement of a super nova, a mysteriously rare event within our Milky Way Galaxy, a star system that exploded 26,000 years ago (the exact length of the Mayan Calendar's ages, and timing of the astrological/astronomical precession of the equinoxes) and whose light is only now visibly reaching the Earth. (May 15, '08, NY Times) This super nova occurred, or is occurring, near the center of our galaxy, a point in space known by indigenous people around the planet to be a place of death and re-birth, and only recently discovered by astronomer's to be a black hole (galactic center). Big stuff at work in our galactic neighborhood which of course translates into big stuff in the works on our exquisite little jewel of a planet. Even as we face the ultimate destructive consequences of our amnesia-driven behavior, the new manifestation, or incarnation, of our essentially creative species is going through the birthing pangs.
    The Summer may seem rather stagnant in a sense on the surface, at least as far as our progress in making change, but have no doubt that the powerful forces of change are simmering, vibrating and preparing for the next stage of the birthing process, just below consciousness. Paul Hawkens writes about "the largest social movement in all of human history" in his book Blessed Unrest. "What does meet the eye is compelling: coherent, organic, self-organized congregations involving tens of millions of people dedicated to change." This is a spectacularly vivid example of the newly emerging and highly effective feminine model of creating and improving communities, and the quality of life in general, for all. The phenomenon Hawkens writes about also reflects the evolutionary thrust of the current outer planet patterns, and the predicted renewal and flowering of human culture in the cosmic age we're entering.
    Gemini New Moon on June 3 at 14 degrees is another SuperMoon, the 2nd of 5 this year. These Moons are labeled by astrologer Richard Nolle, at perigee or closest approach to the Earth, and have extra gravitational pull affecting all life on Earth, with extremes in tidal movements, weather conditions, electrical storms, earth movements, and having an especially strong affect on the human psyche/emotional body. Sun and Moon join at 13 degrees of the mutable air sign invested in making connections, communicating, indulging our curiosity, using humor to bridge gaps in understanding, or falling into vapid chatter and other distractions that shield us from what's really going on. Inner planets Mercury and Venus both hold court with the luminaries in close conjunctions, assuring more input and information from diverse sources, inviting us to approach the new cycle with open minds and hearts. Trickster Mercury is ruler of Gemini, intensifying its influence, and is still making mayhem, but ideally turning inward, in its retrograde condition. Start the new cycle of intentions and goals being conscious of the probability that things will shift in a couple of weeks. We have to rely more on our our intuition at this seeding moment with Mercury square Uranus, the diviner, and be willing to leave some things up in the air for now. Chiron joins the North Node in an alchemical trine with backward spinning Mercury, describing extra windy conditions and heightened awareness; collective, probably painful, revelations; exciting news concerning technology, energy medicine, alternative solutions in general. "Bridging physical space and social distinctions, two men communicate telepathically. -A time comes when the individual can still transcend the limiting boundaries of culture and ego." Rudhyar's delineation of the New Moon's degree speaks of the potential inherent in this moment to awaken to our culturally unacknowledged wholistic capacities of perception and interaction, balance left-right brain, remember who we really are.
    Full Moon in Sagittarius at 28 degrees perfects on the 18th, conjoining Pluto and Juno, and opposing Sun, Venus and Ceres. This lunation stimulates and develops further the much larger and multi-dimensional perspective that opened up for us at the Dec. 11, '07 Jupiter-Pluto conjunction ( very near Galactic Center) at the same degree as this Full Moon. What's being illuminated for the next level of action from the events and ideas of last Dec.? Sun and Moon-Juno all square Uranus, a high tension T-square aspect compelling us to pay attention to the most uplifting futuristic visions, while Moon-Pluto-Juno trine Mars calls for courage, generosity and an open hearted approach in all our actions. This is a time of startling realizations helping us to move past the old paradigm systems of fear, authoritarian controls, separation from each other, from the Earth and from our true selves that has kept us living with self-doubt and a negative world view. Meanwhile Mercury, ruling planet of this lunation, is almost at a standstill, stationing to turn direct tomorrow, and is vibrating at an intensified frequency as a result. We're getting ready to move forward with the things that went on hold May 26 when the Winged Messenger began its inward passage, and especially ready for more action on the New Moon's intentions. Decisions are easier to make now as well as supported by more information, clearer thinking, more cooperative allies. Rudhyar's Sabian Symbol for Moon's degree reads:"An old bridge over a beautiful stream is still in constant use." Lynda Hill's version of the Sabian Oracle (360 Degrees of Wisdom) degree expands the theme:"A splendidly built bridge, a heritage of unknown ages, still spans the beautiful and wildly primitive stream." Both images speak of links between past and present culturally, links between people and places that have been separated, even linking past lives with present experience.
    Cancer New Moon on July 2 at 12 degrees is an especially nurturing, nourishing, connecting new beginning as the Sun and Moon are joined by Venus and planetoid Ceres, all emphasizing the cultivating, caring and supportive energies of the cardinal water sign. The 3rd SuperMoon of the year assures more tidal activitiy, extreme weather, and certainly stronger emotions from the intensified gravitational pull of the Moon in her closest proximity to our planet. Insecurities and concerns for our safety and for those close to us will also be prominent themes, and as the U.S. as a nation is highly influenced by the sign Cancer, there will surely be events bringing out our national tendency to take care of, defend or to be the aggressor over the next 2 weeks. Individually we need to focus on what nourishes us body, mind, spirit, and put forth, with all that extra magnetism available in this energy field, our New Moon intentions for fulfilling those needs. This makes us much more effective in all our endeavors, personal and professional, feeding ourselves with the highest frequency substances, ideas, emotions and relationships possible. Venus exactly opposite Jupiter extends our experience of loved ones, family/tribal groups, with whom we feel connections and commonality. The family of humanity is the only distinct family that exists in reality, as the new and exciting work with DNA emphasizes from a scientific perspective. Mars and Saturn quite close in Virgo caution us to soften the critical edges, to be discerning and discriminating without falling into hyper-critical or harsh judgements of ourselves or others. These 2 planets will conjoin exactly on the 10th, be extra aware of the need for precision and clarity free of all negativity. Rudhyar describes 12 degrees Cancer:" A Chinese woman nursing a baby whose aura reveals him to be the reincarnation of a great teacher.The revelation of latent worth in an experience once it is seen in its deeper meaning." Cancer's influence concerns us with our roots, heritage, ancestry, both as individuals and as group souls, pointing ever deeper into the essence of who we are, where we're from, to make sense of where we're going.
     On July 18 Capricorn Full Moon perfects at 27 degrees widely joined by Jupiter, opposing Sun in Cancer and with Mercury-Ceres in a close conjunction also in the cardinal water sign. The Capricorn-Cancer axis creates tension between the obligations and time constraints placed on us by our work, careers, public persona, and the need for a fulfilling private life where we give and receive support, acceptance, love. Jupiter expands on the theme of responsibility for meeting commitments, accounting for time and energy spent each day toward achieving cherished goals. Of course we need a balance between these 2 areas of our lives, especially in this time of intense uncertainty. Instead of succumbing to the unskillful expression of Capricorn where fear and self-doubts predominate, we can choose the cardinal earth sign's capacity for discipline, clear focus, dedication to higher purpose. Instead of getting lost in Cancer's tendency for neediness, insecurity, defensiveness we can tap into the all-embracing love and acceptance of the Divine Mother archetype. Sun trine Uranus helps us to experiment with new ways of achieving greater harmony while further revealing the extent of our interconnectedness and interdependence. "Pilgrims climbing the steep steps leading to a mountain shrine.The ascent of the individualized consciousness to the highest realizations reached by the spiritual leaders of its culture." (Rudhyar, Sabian Symbols).

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