Cosmic Calendar

Month of October, 2007

                                                                       COSMIC CALENDAR   OCTOBER/NOVEMBER  '07
                                                                                                  by Salina Rain

   October's onset may feel especially unstable, dynamic and expansive at the same time, with Jupiter and Uranus in a mutable sign square that's fluctuating, extreme and full of new possibilities. However Uranus is still retrograde 'til late November, so the timing for new opportunities is a bit delayed even though we may have a full blown vision of what we want to pursue. If possible look up the mid degrees of mutable signs in your natal chart (Sagittarius, Gemini, Pisces, Virgo) to see where your most dynamic challenges and opportunities are unfolding. Saturn and Neptune finally completed their stressful and frustrating opposition in the Summer, a push-pull aspect that affected us in the professional and spiritual realms, a time when we could bring these parts of our lives closer together if we took full advantage of the several months long face-off without being knocked off course by the delays, road blocks and nebulous situations that presented along the way. Saturn's entry into Virgo in Sept. has cleared the way for breaking down our larger missions into the smaller components of tasks to be completed on the way to fulfillment. Right now we're challenged to shift focus from big picture to little picture, and back again, as we navigate this highly shifting field, all the while trusting in the supportive quality of the living field of energy around and in us. Inner vision benefits us most, along with in-the-moment awareness of where we are and what tasks need tending next, keeping us on track even when the outer world is spinning in chaos and utter confusion. Storms may be particularly intense for the first few days of the month with wind, water and fire elements highly active and unstable. Catch the voices of spirit singing through elemental movements, be still within the storms to receive guidance, messages, visions. The artificial walls of separation between the material and spirit worlds are dissolving, leaving us at times in a state of vulnerability and/or vibrant luminosity.

   October 11 New Moon at 18 degrees Libra initiates the cardinal air sign's annual cycle as well as the monthly lunar cycle, the seed moment for beginning new ventures, relationships, alliances with maximum effectiveness. Of course Libra is the sign most aligned with human relationships of all sorts, from professional partnerships to the most intimate personal connections. Libra's mysteries teach us precious lessons of self-discovery within the context of our interpersonal contacts, both fleeting and ongoing, with endless situations requiring acknowledgement of our commonalities and our differences. The cardinal air sign wants harmony and equality at any cost, so often gets us off track with a tendency to sweep differences and conflict under the rug rather than admit to any disagreements. With Neptune trine, Jupiter sextile, Uranus quincunx Sun and Moon at this starting point, the possibilities are great for connecting with honesty, depth and empathy for each other's unique perspective, bypassing the temptation for denial and superficial harmony. Spontaneity is favored as we break out of old role models and rigid rules in our partnerships, which can lead to a certain amount of chaos for a time. If we're patient and trusting in the wisdom of unconditional love, the confusion will subside. Venus' recent retrograde passage has us all in a renewed state of awareness about our relationships, what needs work and what's going quite well. Mercury in early Scorpio has been slowing way down over the past few days, turning retrograde tomorrow at 9 degrees. This impacts the current lunar cycle by making it extra important to be clear about our intentions and how we're communicating/interacting with others as the possibilities for misunderstandings are increased. Mercury in Scorpio is intent on revisiting unfinished business in order to move on, revealing hidden motives and resentments that have held us back from living to the fullest. The trickster planet then pivots to direct motion on Nov. 1st at 24 degrees Libra bringing forth new information and new ways of achieving equality and balance one to one, if we've done our work in the review period. Sabian Symbol from Rudyhar for 18 degrees Libra reads:"Two men placed under arrest. A breakdown in the constructive relationship between the individual and society, and the expectable result."
    Full Moon on the 25th at 3 degrees Taurus, falls into a category that astrologer Richard Nolle terms a "SuperMoon", a lunation whose impact is especially powerful particularly regarding weather conditions and tides. Moon trine South Node-Saturn encourages releasing outworn agendas while attending to our real work, part of which is lessening environmental impact on our home planet, cleaning up our mess; trine Pluto also, with the planet of transformation at the Galactic Center, place of death and birth for our entire Solar System and Milky Way Galaxy. What we value most and how we use resources available to us, collectively and as individuals, is a powerful focus at this turning point. Be willing to ask for what you truly want while being accountable for imagined needs and wants that just create more junk on the ever-growing junk heap we create with our throw-away goods. In other words we can be discerning while allowing the energy of abundance to expand in our lives, which can only happen as we share more of what we each have. Rudyhar's interpretation for 3 degrees Taurus:" Natural steps lead to a lawn of clover in bloom. The gradual expansion of the individual consciousness after a fecundating experience."
   November begins with Mercury's spin to direct motion alleviating all the infamous problems relating to retrograde Mercury's passages; machinery/automobile problems, shifting schedules, unclear communications with attendant misunderstandings, delays and glitches in projects that need some re-working. By the 15th, however, Mars will make its retrograde turn, a journey the warrior planet makes only every 2 years. Its pivot will have particularly strong impact on the U.S. Sun as we collectively enter a crucial review period about our own involvements with war and aggression. Mars will be in review through the end of Jan. '08 and cross its retro degree in early April, the point where we can really take action from a new level of wisdom and acknowledgement of our interconnectedness. Meanwhile Neptune has just turned direct on Halloween, along with the commotion of Mercury's spin, bringing mysticism, compassion and utopian dreams to the foreground again. Nov. 1st is the cross-quarter day also known as Samhain, halfway mark between Equinox and Solstice, a sacred point in the annual cycles.
   Scorpio New Moon on the 9th at 18 degrees trines Mars in Cancer and Uranus in Pisces, an extraordinarily watery, emotional, psychic combination of energies at play for this seeding point of the new cycle. Neptune squares Sun and Moon adding more psychic energies, creating a shifting point in our consciousness, an opportunity to release old prejudices about anything "psychic" and acknowledge that this is part of our divinely given abilities as much as our other senses, just more in a state of atrophy in most cases. The growth in consciousness includes a broader awareness of our fellow beings and increasing empathy for all life on our currently embattled planet. Scorpio's new beginning requires even deeper reflection on what we value most, where, what and who we need to release in order to grow, change, heal our constantly evolving beings. Emotions are right at the surface, an excellent opportunity to clear the emotional body through ritual baths, massage, energy work, flower essence therapies over the next 2 weeks. The releases are necessary to bypass the more negative possibilities of this line up, which can easily deteriorate into delusional states, gullibility, giving away power to those who claim to know The Truth. Sabian Symbol for 18 degrees Scorpio according to Rudyhar:" A path through woods brilliant with multi-colored splendor. The exalted feeling of a work well done and a truly consummated life."
   Full Moon on the 24th is another "SuperMoon" with increased probabilities for extremes in weather and tides and it also follows that these lunations would have more intensified emotional impact for the beings of Planet Earth. Luna perfects her full phase at 2 degrees Gemini opposing Sun at 2 degrees Sagittarius, both squaring the Moon's North and South Nodes in Pisces and Virgo respectively. This Mutable Grand Cross helps us shift as a collective into another level of consciousness, one inclusive of spirit and matter as an integrated whole. Mercury in Scorpio, more clear-headed after the recent retro passage, exactly squares Neptune for more intuitive insights or some measure of befuddlement if we haven't been doing our work over the past month or so. Jupiter's within 3 degrees of conjoining Pluto, an aspect that will be exact in December. We're beginning to experience the next huge power plays at work, the manipulation of the masses through their belief systems, but at the same time the expansive growth of true spirituality, each individual's unique relationship with the divine. Uranus stations direct at this lunation, powerfully emphasizing its electrical, inspirational and chaotic energy. This coupled with the intensified SuperMoon situation indicates a particularly volatile Full Moon experience. Stay focused on your dreams and grounded in the present moment's tasks to most effectively utilize the magic. Sabian Symbol for 2 degrees Gemini from Rudyhar:" Santa Claus furtively filling stockings hanging in front of the fireplace. A rewarded faith in spiritual blessings."



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