Cosmic Calendar

Month of August, 2007

                                         COSMIC CALENDAR   AUGUST/SEPTEMBER   '07
                                                                                     by Salina Rain

    August is Leo's time, the fixed fire sign whose mysteries teach us to fully explore and express our uniqueness in the larger scheme, and ideally without become overly attached to our role. Leo's spontaneous, self-announcing "roar" can be a healthy, joyous celebration of the gift of human life and all the creative possibilities before us, even within the constraints of our individual life situations. We all have Leo somewhere in our charts, so this is the phase in the yearly passage when the Sun emphasizes the qualities of this sign in the area of life where this especially flamboyant fire sign reigns. Saturn has been transiting Leo for the past 2 years, a particularly uncomfortable, constraining phase for all with strong Leo influence, yet a golden opportunity to get focused, develop self-discipline and persistence in working toward goals. In general this period has been bringing group karmic lessons to the fore around leadership, how we choose our leaders, how we give our power away to them or hold them responsible and accountable in their position of "public service". Of course the present situation clearly reveals old paradigm patterns around allowing those with the most wealth and the biggest line of bull to take control and define for us our values as a collective. It's not working anymore despite the appearance of "business as usual" in the global political realm, the old structure is failing in ever more magnificent displays of greed, ignorance and the lowest, most destructive expression of human values ever. Saturn's passage is winding up this month, bringing these hard lessons to a conclusion. At the very least there's a growing global awareness of the extraordinary callousness and dysfunction of the current "ruling class" and the need to create  new systems of government and business that address the needs of everyone. Saturn in Leo describes, among other things, the benevolent dictator, the leader who smiles and mouths all the "right" words, but whose agenda is entirely self-serving and antithetical to the values he's promoting. The month of August will bring home the darker consequences of corrupt leadership with unprecedented clarity and intensity. However a significant part of this process is also the ongoing awakening to the depths of the human heart, the unlimited possibilities for re-creating society to be more humane, life-affirming. The myth of the singular heroic figure of the last few thousand years, the one man who leads everyone to their salvation, has lived out its usefulness in human evolution, and now we must turn back to matters of community from a new perspective. We've been learning the individual and the collective are of equal importance, each supporting and nurturing the other for the sanest, healthiest human communities.
    Venus has just recently begun her retrograde passage in the early degrees of Virgo as August begins. The planet of attractions, tastes, pleasures, close human bonding is reviewing all these matters through the lens of practicality, daily habits, health concerns until the 8th when she slips back into the latter degrees of Leo where she remains through the 1st week of October. Venus only does her retro pass every 2 years. With her review periods so far apart Venus tends to get especially serious and inward, and her "journey through the underworld" was an important time for people of ancient cultures who observed these cosmic events. Her 13 long weeks this year in the sign of Leo, because of the retrograde pass, is an extended period of explorations into the human heart. It's a time for listening and observing closely all our social, partnership, financial, creative and recreational behaviors to see if they line up with what we actually yearn for in the depths of our beings. If not we will be given ample opportunities to re-align ourselves in ways that better fulfill both our personal and collective needs for love, pleasure, material comfort. Of course there's work to be done. We can't make important, life-changing shifts without having to work on changing old patterns of behavior. Wherever Venus transits your personal chart through her retro pass is an area of great opportunity for you to re-invent this area of your life with her gracious assistance.
    As Venus travels retrograde all through August, Jupiter spins back to forward motion on the 6th, at 10 degrees Sagittarius. This is an auspicious degree, look it up in your chart, as this point receives a powerful surge of expansive, uplifted energy in the pivot, and throughout the entire month since Jupiter's moving so slowly. This offers an extended period of time to stretch the imagination, expand on our dreams and wishes, ask for what we truly desire in the area Jupiter is currently influencing for each of us. In general there should be some improvements in the areas of air travel, the legal system, higher education, even within the context of the current declines in these areas due to continued commitment to a tragically unjustified, politically divisive and expensive war. Venus' transit may also bring home the bottom line on how far into the future we, our children and grandchildren will be paying for the oil tycoons' war.
     New Moon on the 12th at 20 degrees Leo begins the new monthly lunar cycle and the yearly cycle for all things ruled by Leo. Sun and Moon joined by freshly informed and expressive Mercury are also opposed by Neptune-Chiron in Aquarius. Our vision is opened, insight more profound, as these planets align and interact to remind us of our common roots, shared desire for love, joy, acceptance, not to mention our share of the essentials of life. Venus-Saturn join in late Leo also, echoing the very immediate message about love, values, self-fulfillment and the natural generosity and creativity of humans allowed to be who they truly are from the inside out. Venus-Saturn point to a wiser, more conservative distribution of resources, as well as to the consequences of draining them in outlandishly wasteful consumption, especially with a potent trine from transformational Pluto. This New Moon beginning point is excellent timing for further re-orientation into a more enlightened reality, one where we take responsibility not only for ourselves but for all beings who share this Earth. If we don't get really serious about voluntary changes now the future will be all the more difficult as resources dwindle more and more dramatically. Dancing within our limitations and being willing to sacrifice some of our unconscious behavior is the key in this lunation to discovering vast inner resources of creativity and community building. Rudyhar's symbol for 20 degrees Leo reads:"Zuni Indians perform a ritual to the Sun. A return to the glorification of natural energies." Where this lunation's degree is in your personal chart is an area of profound deconstructing and re-structuring in your life, a process leading deeper into the essence of what you're about.
    Lunar Eclipse Full Moon, at 5 degrees Pisces on the 28th in the twice a year line up of Sun, Moon and Earth is within a couple of degrees of the Moon's North Node. This indicates an especially important event in the collective experience, a turning point for all of us as we're faced with matters of faith and the need for careful discrimination in where we place our faith. This eclipse resonates intimately with one on Aug. 27th, 1988, and completes a larger cycle in the mysterious realm of eclipses that lasts for 19 years. What was going on in your life life that Summer? Whatever was significant then is due for a much deeper layer of resolution, and is an important factor in where you find yourself and who you are now. Mercury-Uranus oppose each other in an inspirational, insightful moment of access to universal wisdom, truth, divine intelligence. If we pay attention and meditate on the energies at play we'll be shown how to engage wholeheartedly in the dance of everyday life, and how to let go of too much attachment at the same time. Wherever 5 degrees Pisces and 5 degrees Virgo face off in your chart illuminates important aspects of your current place in the collective, your skills and responsibilities, and where you need to surrender more to the benevolence of the universe you inhabit. For 5 degrees Pisces Moon Sabian symbol:"A church bazaar. The value of giving a spiritual or transcendental sanction to even the most commonplace interchanges between social persons and individual minds." (Rudyhar)
    Venus is moving slowly and with great intention as September arrives, winding her way back through demonstra-tive Leo while we finish re-considering our heart's desires and creative projects. She pivots direct on the 8th, a day after powerful Pluto's direct turn, making this 1st week of September especially intense in the realms of  love, sexuality, soulful desire, beliefs, lust for wealth and luxury. We're clarifying values and what we really need to feel fully expressive, alive, giving ourselves permission to experience joy and playfulness. We're also keeping an eye on mindless excesses of consumption that don't really have anything to do with self-fulfillment.
    September 11th brings the Solar Eclipse New Moon, Sun and Moon at 19 degrees Virgo, resonating with the Solar Eclipse of Sept. 10, 1988. Again, whatever was going on for you then is reaching another level of resolution as you're offered the opportunity to leave the past behind, truly begin anew. A wide Grand Mutable Cross is formed with Sun-Moon opposing Uranus, square Jupiter-Vesta and Mars. Without allowing ourselves to get pulled in too many directions at once we need to use the flexible, open-minded qualities of this configuration to clarify our thinking, shift beliefs that bring undesired results, re-pattern our day to day routines to fit who we are becoming. The eclipse provides a potent moment to release the past, and this one completes a 19 year process. Vigilance and reverence for self and others, for all of life, are key to maximizing this lunation's opportunities for clearing. Rudyhar's Sabian Symbol for 19 degrees Virgo:"A swimming race. The stimulation that comes from a group effort toward a spiritual goal." This is also a grand opportunity for moving in the direction of improved health care for all. In the 1980's a good deal of damage was done in the political madness of that time, now we're in the last phase of that particular insanity. We have the option to free ourselves of the paralyzing fear and divisive beliefs that have reached a peak of hysteria also in the current climate of "terrorism".
    Equinox comes on the 23rd of September, 2:52 am PDT. Mars opposing Pluto in the Fall Equinox chart indicates great preoccupation with aggression and war for the season, and with lots of open debate, diverse opinion expressed, unlike the enforced silence, or complete ignoring of the voices for peace of the last few years. Of course this day is a sacred moment in the yearly turning of the seasons. Take time for reflection and honoring the gift of life. No matter what our circumstances, we have the possibility to shift out of negativity and suffering. We have the power to re-create our personal lives and our collective experience, and now is the time.
    Aries Full Moon on the 26th at 4 degrees opposes Libra Sun, squares Mars and Pluto in the yearly Harvest Moon. In this particularly active, intense lunation we see what's unfolding since the New Moon eclipse of 2 weeks ago, signifying in part where we've come in the last 19 years and what we're willing to do about it. Acting on principle is a prominent theme as Mars-Pluto continue their exploration of the effects of human aggression, the possibility of alternatives like mediation, diplomacy, behaving as if we've matured beyond early adolescence. Venus-Neptune opposition is the 3rd since the end of June, emphasizing the universal, unconditional qualities of human love, of getting past our personal likes and dislikes to see the divine being in everyone. These planets together bring especially important lessons in their extended period of interaction, and offer you personally a new take on love and forgiveness wherever 18-22 degrees of Leo-Aquarius fall in your chart. Sabian Symbol for 4 degrees Aries Moon:"Two lovers strolling on a secluded walk. The progressive polarization of energies needed for fulfilling one's life function."


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