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Month of September, 2017


    Mercury, The Changeable, still retrograde as September begins, offers as yet unavailable information, solutions and renewed relationship to the mundane sphere of life, and in the last degree of Leo. Are we allowing more playfulness in approaching those stuck places and other challenging situations so unambiguously presented by the 2 eclipses of August? The next 9 days offer opportunities for engaging in problem solving with increased creative gusto! But first we must be able to get out from under the last vestiges of Saturn's stern mandate as it turned direct on the 25th if we haven't already. The green light from Saturn the Teacher/Taskmaster/Builder has opened the way for progress in the areas of greatest importance, that is if we've been steady and diligent in our dedication to those goals. If not we at least are supported in getting clear with the destination making the most sense for us now, and that also contributes in some way to the greater good. On the 5th the old Trickster turns direct in the sign most expressing the pure radiance of the Sun. In this significant timing Mercury forms a dynamic, divinely inspired trine to Uranus, closely conjoining activating Mars, and at the extra potent degree of the Total Solar Eclipse New Moon. Big stuff! Creative thinking, new information crucial to our cause and alliances where all parties are present, heart and soul are emerging from the sometimes messy quagmire of the retrograde period from August 12.

    "It is only with the heart that one can see clearly, what is essential is invisible to the eye. ("The Little Prince", de Saint Exupery)
Full Moon at 14th degree of Pisces on the 6th joins that sign's ruler Neptune for a mystical, visionary, dreaming lunation that can also be perplexing, elusive and overwhelmingly emotional if we're not taking care of our deepest needs leading up to it. In that case this Full Moon will give us ample feedback as to where we must allow more space for meditation, reflection, musical expression, spiritual practices, writing or creating visual art from the imagination for just a few examples. The unseen realms, numinous experiences call to us. To ignore this is to invite a more tangled web of convoluted scenarios. Unwise as well to ignore the inner voice. From Dr. I. Naiman:
    "As a general rule we cannot be deceived unless we give up our instincts. We do this to placate someone who is     overbearing or because we have learned to trust the mind more than our feelings…suspicions may murmur but be banished."   
We have certainly been indoctrinated, intimidated and shamed culturally into banishing our instincts, even though the most brilliant individuals of the last century have been quite upfront about their own reliance on that aspect of mind. In an age of such intensified deceit, intentionally convoluted reasoning and massive push to control our lives from government, big business and religion it's imperative we re-learn the skill of trusting our own sense of information, news, events, situations. To exercise and develop that "muscle" further we must practice; for instance ask a question, allowing an answer to naturally emerge in a quiet moment when relaxing, being in nature, going to sleep or waking up, free of electronic noises and disruptive devices like phones, computers, tv, radio. This lunation strongly encourages us to be more resolved in creating that kind of receptive space for ourselves amidst the many challenges where the firey energies at work are demanding clarity and renewed courage. The intelligence that flowers from a balance of rational mind and comfort and familiarity with intuition is the kind that saves us from the worst calamities. It does take some time and practice for those who have been more casual about this. From the Sabian Symbol explanation of the Moon's degree: "The use of intelligence and mental subtlety as a protection against storms and trials." Rudyhar relates a need for "protective shielding" for those who have chosen a path dedicated to the greater good; justice, equality, peaceful co-existence and responsibility to our Mother Gaia.

    Jupiter exactly opposes Eris, dwarf planet and goddess of discord, on September 9. This highly intensified aspect can blow up situations we perceive as unjust way out of proportion, or it can help us align with a productive and fair way of approaching such conditions. Public scenes may be best avoided since so many will be over-reacting to whatever is happening. The emphasis is clearly on the inequalities and dismissive attitudes so aggressively cultivated in our current (and dying) paradigm that views some groups of humans, and other animals, inferior or superior to others. This aspect helps to bust that cultural mythology that has led to so much war, suffering and waste of our species innate creative capacities for the past 5,000 years. On the 11th Jupiter contacts the Moon's North Node for a broader view of the future and our options for creating more harmony, cooperation and equality in all our relations; public, private, local and international. Also a boost for all aesthetic improvements, art projects and movements for social justice in the collective experience.

    On the 19th New Moon at 28th degree of Virgo perfects at 10:30 pm PDT, and after Venus enters that sign earlier in the day bringing the count to 5 Virgo planets for now. This line up starts us off on the monthly cycle and the year ahead regarding all Virgo ruled matters. So essential that we exercise the patience and skillfulness the mutable earth sign famous for as Sun and Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars all call quite seriously for those qualities. Whatever new techniques, tactics or skills we can see are necessary to achieve our ends are best looked in to right now in perfect timing for learning or refining those elements. A Mercury-Neptune opposition reminds us to include the 6th sense we've ideally been cultivating since the Full Moon. Chiron directly opposes the Lights infusing this moment with deeper experiences of our multi-dimensionality. We are not what we thought we were as reality continues to mutate in the human psyche, before our eyes, and under our feet. Rudyhar's comment on this lunation's degree says: "At this stage……we face the unpostponeable necessity for decision and transformation." Where are we each facing life altering challenges that a new perspective, attitude and approach is being offered to open the path forward? Especially gentle care with ourselves and those who share the journey with us is called for. What does real health look like, what qualities and experiences constitute true well being? The major issue of the need for a system that takes care of all is highlighted like never before. We have an opportunity to make progress toward that goal, in spite of outer appearances, now and in the coming months.

    Fall Equinox arrives on the 22nd at 1:02 pm as Sun enters 00 degrees Libra. This starting point for the season includes a Mercury-Pluto trine promising substantial results wherever we persist, especially in the most essential matters. Moon has just left Libra in the morning, while Jupiter and Sun occupy the cardinal air sign influencing the flavor of the season, one with rich possibilities for increased cooperation among people and groups of diverse backgrounds. The trend may be to find common ground for working together, and finding that much easier than we thought.

    Pluto stations to direct motion on the 28th after over 5 months retrograde. This subtle but powerful transition emphasizes Pluto's transformative, whistleblowing, excavating influence over at least a week before and a week or 2 after. Uncovering what has been hidden, intentionally or not, is a prominent theme. Jupiter and Uranus just formed a highly revealing, dynamic, perhaps bombastic opposition the day before stimulating even more dramatic scenarios, but ones that hold crucial information about where we've gone wrong and how to set things right. Pluto's stationing degree in Sabian Symbols reads: "A repressed woman finds a psychological release in nudism; the escape from bondage to social inhibitions and a reliance on the wisdom of the body." (Rudhyar) We've headed into Fall 2017 with a really means business mandate to get clear on what's of immediate importance and what we'd best leave behind, with all the support we could need to take care of that business. If we're aligned with the soul's journey and major purpose for being here this time around, or at least on that quest to clarify soul's purpose, then it will be a productive, fulfilling, albeit plenty weird and unusual, last few months of this extraordinary year. All heartfelt prayers and dedicated mantras, songs that spring from the heart, tender words of healing, have immense power when sent out on the wind, into the Living Field.





























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