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Month of August, 2017


    The ferocious and enlightening energetic patterns of August 2017 foretell wonderment and upheaval. In massive magnetic shifts they can be felt within and without; from lunar, solar and earthly emanations right into the very essence of our being, the resonance is profound. In the outer planes we'll experience the exclamation point on the end of the United States' role as major imperial presence in the global community. Preparing ourselves for the personal and collective shifts is no longer an option. We're in it! Whatever practices proving most effective for each of us to keep coming back to a state of reasonable equanimity are needed for navigating this month. Some of the most helpful include "singing, humming and chanting, yoga, tai chi, laughter, prayer, exercise, deep breathing and positive social engagement". (Anna O'Faolan) I would add meditation, dancing, gardening, being in nature as much as possible, and with bare feet on the ground or in any body of water for more intimate contact with Mother/maitrix.

    The journey takes us from the depths into the heights, and all magical spaces in between on the 4th. Jupiter and Pluto, planets of higher mind, consciousness and transformational processes of life and death, perfect their ongoing square (in effect now for many months) at the 18 the degree Libra and Capricorn respectively. Building tensions around beliefs, expanded awareness, what's real vs smokescreens and deceptions, come to a magnificent head. Do we have the stomach for it all? Anxieties are prevalent wherever we're not quite acknowledging what we need to face with courage and clear intention. Needed are renewed dedication to stated values and cherished ideals as these 2 planets make quite clear. If we keep returning over and over to the inner core of connectedness to Source, the biosphere, our own essential purpose for being incarnated at this time this month of breathtaking change will go smoother. Quite apparent are the culturally neglected aspects of what it means to be human in its entire multi-dimensionality. We're invited, no, more like prodded and pushed, squeezed right to the bone, to use this (very likely distressing in some ways, enlightening in others) opportunity to make friends with inner demons, making them trusted allies. The outer demons we can see for what they really are; deluded humans hungry for power and control out of their own sense of inadequacy, with feet of clay, frightened to their very core. Their worst fear: we're collectively, in a growing movement worldwide, coming Home to ourselves in all the power and beauty of our innate co-creative capacities, personally and species wide as well. The challenges from the 4th usher in the 1st eclipse of the month and its mandate to get awake and get real.

    Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at the 16th degree of Aquarius on the 7th includes multiple major aspects indicating its highly significant impact for Gaia and all her offspring. Emotional impact can be quite dramatic as Luna emerges from the Earth's shadow. Meanwhile Sun's radiating through its own expressive and joyous sign Leo nudging us to claim or re-claim our core purpose and passion. Jupiter the Greater Benefic is a focal point for 2 of those patterns calling us to take seriously the mandate for individual and collective growth. Whatever has come to a peak for each of us is where we have the greatest opportunity for increased awareness and clear, supportive insight, in so many cases sorely needed. Emboldened to face fears and self doubts we can ground ourselves firmly in the uniqueness of our own being, completely un-replicated anywhere else in all Creation. Anything less is not worthy of our time and attention. Important to take some time away from electronic devices, especially with this lunation. Wherever possible to do so enables us to be clear of interference and distraction at such a magnificent moment. Lunar eclipse is a lead in to the further and more dramatic intensity of the Solar Eclipse on the 21st. Referring back to August 1998 for both events for so many of us will provide clarification of where we're entering a new level in our life experience."A big businessman at his desk" is the Sabian Symbol for the Moon's degree from Rudhyar. The commentary for this image reads: "The ability to organize the many aspects of an enterprise involving a large group of human beings." We all have our own enterprises, projects, intentions and goals for which we can play the role of "big businessman" even more effectively now as we allow in the new insights and commit to getting out of our own way.

    On the 12th Supreme Trickster Mercury spins around to retrograde motion and in Virgo one of the 2 signs Mercury rules. Mars also enters Virgo the same day. This portends much stronger than usual, even for a Mercury retrograde period, focus on schedules, effective tactics, daily habits, health concerns, the smaller tasks that all together enable us to reach larger goals and of course communications and the devices used to connect. Also emphasized in this period, from now until September 5 is how we choose to serve. It's serious review time compelling us to slow down enough to re-think how we're going about our day to day lives and how effective we are in or work and in work relationships. That is if we're wise. Of course the Great American Solar Eclipse occurs while Mercury does the backward tango adding ever more complexity and possibilities for misunderstandings into the mix of powerful energies at work. All the more crucial then to pay attention like never before to each moment as if it were the only thing we have. The delays and upsets will prove especially maddening if we're not in an accepting mode for the required modified pace, the upsets of our usual way of going about things. We've actually been in the "shadow" degrees of this retrograde period since July 24 which means the mayhem has already had a good start. Mercury in Virgo however particularly loves the rituals that remind us of the sacredness of every moment. It will re-cross the retrograde degree on the 19th of September, coinciding with the New Moon in the mutable earth sign, and giving us full permission to finalize decisions, make contracts and agreements and move forward in general on the most prominent issues throughout the last 2 months. Venus also joins the multi planet conference in Virgo on the New Moon, reinforcing the refined, precise and earthy influence even more.

    August 21 the New Moon Solar Eclipse, touted as the Great American Eclipse, arrives at the 29th degree of the sign of heart Leo. The eclipse Sun and Moon form a tense and difficult aspect with the U.S. Pluto signifying further decay of a long term position of a certain kind of power for our nation and also impacting the financial markets. For too long we've acted as the world's police, overthrown and installed governments in sovereign countries for self-serving reasons, not the idealistic ones we've been led to believe. The Lights oppose U.S. Moon implicating powerful emotional impact as a shift is in the works around our national experience of security, our ideals of domesticity. Clearly the "American Dream" has died a sad and deluded death. We're struggling with what we really stand for. Quite significantly for the U.S, and the North American continent "the two previous eclipses that were most similar occurred in 1776 and 1492. I think we all learned those dates in history so there ought to be a wow factor somewhere." Seems the massive importance of those dates foretells perhaps similar historical impact of this one. ( Dr. I. Naiman) Eclipse as well hits POTUS personal ascendant, a dynamic and dangerous place for such an event. Leo is also the sign of kings, and since our current leader assumes the role of king much more than president the significance is clearly multi-layered and not so good for him or the stability of our country. His Mars is closely involved which can likely set loose violence either from or towards him. Not to raise anxiety levels above what they already are, but being forewarned of extreme events can help us stabilize when they occur, remembering eclipses play out over months. This New Moon's possibilities also include grand awakening and motivation for co-creating something that benefits all, not just the greedy few. Wherever the last degrees of Leo fall in our personal charts is an area of major shift for us individually, not necessarily in equal measure for everyone. It depends on the planets and points aspected. We cannot do better than to open our hearts to this powerful event and to all the beings we share Mother Gaia with. The power of love and determination to endure combined with the recognition that human greed and the resulting voracious war machine have gone too far will bring us where we need to be; ready for real change based on the grand potential of human creativity. We have all the tools and all the support we could possibly need. Sabian Symbol for 29th degree of Leo: "A mermaid emerges from the ocean waves ready for rebirth in human form." Commentary from Rudhyar: "The stage at which an intense feeling-intuition rising from the unconscious is about to take form as a conscious thought." In the coming months as these patterns unfold we have choices to go with the highest potential, our heartfelt dreams, or succumb to the fear and feelings of powerlessness generated by the promoters of the dying paradigm.

    Saturn's turn to direct motion on the 25th has influence on the last eclipse as it's been slowing down to station for a while. Saturn rules structures like governments, institutions of society and the foundations upon which we build them. The Teacher planet makes sure we learn about consequences of our actions and the value of consistency in our important commitments. In Sagittarius Saturn has been showing us the quite viscerally the consequences of our beliefs, religious dogma and nationalism among the most dangerous. On the personal level we've been getting lessons on the importance of internalizing authority to regain power over our own lives. With Saturn's forward movement the way ahead can become much less daunting, confusing or fraught with a pervasive sense of doom if we choose to stand firmly in our power, personal and collective. This is the time to dedicate ourselves heart and soul, and in whatever ways resonate for us individually, to co-creating a new world from the incoming paradigm of unity, equality and affirmation of life. Our species and our planet can accept nothing less.





























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