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Month of July, 2017


    Second day of July a Mars-Pluto opposition kicks off an intensely emotional period lasting throughout the 10th where we can easily get lost in pessimism, anger, despair, real or imagined experiences of victimization. The need to focus on our own feelings and responses while foregoing projection onto others is a big issue during this time. Taking action by feeling our way for the right direction is the way to go with Mars in Cancer 'til the 20th of this month. Otherwise ignoring intuition and psychic flashes will steer us utterly wrong, especially with the contacts Mars makes with the outer planets during this transit. Accidents happen with more frequency in the first 2 weeks of July with the extra volatile combinations of energies at work. Care and caution urged on the road and with other kinds of equipment that can become dangerous with inattention. As well we need special care in how we interact with the feelings of vulnerability so amplified.

    All month Saturn, Neptune and Pluto remain retrograde as we ask ourselves how to create the structure enabling us to live our ideals while navigating the, at times terrifying, de-construction of the current power structure. Unsustainable does not even begin to describe this dying paradigm that does not quite know yet that it's extinction is assured. Separative, alienating, brutal, wasteful, greedy and ignorant are terms that better resonate with the outcome of patriarchy gone to the ultimate extremes. Awakening from the nightmare is not a comfortable process to say the least but is also the most rewarding journey we can undertake as we're guided toward a future where anything is possible. In July we have more than enough guidance and support to prepare for the significant eclipses of August, but we must remain awake and aware and taking action based on our own, and the collective, well being.

    Full Moon on the 8th arrives 9:07 pm PDT at the 18th degree of Capricorn and is joined by Pluto, squared by Jupiter and Eris. Pluto compels digging for lost treasure, but also instigates unearthing the disowned feelings we need to acknowledge and work with. The fear and anger, humiliation and betrayals turn out to be the treasure that end up empowering us as we're able to release their hold on us at the unconscious level, all the bound up eery that's been keeping us from living fully authentic lives. We've been frozen so to speak at a deep layer of the psyche, from the emotional patterns inherited from family and culture. Releasing ourselves from those paralyzing complexes, personally and collectively, is much of what 2017 is about. This Full Moon brings out yet another layer of the dirty laundry of the past, and the beliefs and personal/cultural practices and institutions based on domination/submission structure of human societies. Jupiter, Pluto and Eris provide impetus and support for unloading those things that weigh us down. For each of us wherever 15-22 degrees of Capricorn and Cancer fall in our personal natal charts are areas where the deconstruction is happening, a powerful process that completely out of our control. What is in our control is how we respond to this process. How are we working toward the re-structuring and reform that are necessary? Letting go is always a good tactic where Pluto is involved so intimately. Whatever is catching our attention at this illuminating moment is worthy of our dedicated time and energy if the intention is to empower ourselves and move forward. Avoidance will only get us deeper into feelings of powerlessness. Sabian Symbol from Rudyhar for Moon's degree reads: "A five year old carrying a bag filled with groceries." The image is explained as: "Rising to the occasion when asked to assume social responsibilities ahead of one's normal development." We are all called on to rise to the occasion in whatever ways we are personally suited for. Eris continues to pressure us to exit those situations and alliances that do not fit our individual ideals and values. More than ever we must feel seen and heard as a valuable member of any partnership or group endeavor.

    The crumbling of corrupt institutions is a major part of our journey this year with the potent astrological patterns ejecting us out of any residue of delusion and onto the evolutionary path forward. For those unwilling or not ready to join the enlivening, rejuvenating, transmuting path into healthier, happier ways of being human, in right relationship to our biosphere and our non-human relations, the way grows more difficult and more confusing. Bless us all. May we reach deep into the bottomless well of the human heart, beyond ego attachments, to find compassion and kindness for all.

    From the 16th of July to the 6th of August Sun and Mars travel within 3 degrees of each other. This partnership expresses through the psychic, emotional sign Cancer for the first few days and then through proud, outgoing Leo for the remainder. Among other things the 2 planets in cahoots generate a stronger sense of purpose in all actions we take along with increased creative flair. The more we express and act on the inner yearnings, the more generous-hearted we allow ourselves to be, the better. And that certainly includes with ourselves. As we engage in some extra special fancy footwork in the dance of life the mood of playfulness grows, extending out into the collective. Just necessary to beware the trend toward melodrama also and side that along the way.

    New Moon at the 1st degree of Leo 2:46 am PDT on the 23rd is energized by Mars joining the Lights for this beginning of the new cycle. Mercury-North Node, Uranus-Eris and Saturn in the ongoing Grand Fire Trine remind us that too much spontaneity in our words and actions can be trouble, so important that we maintain a good grounding and keep a certain amount of patience in reserve for this highly fired up pattern. If we mind our p's an q's well, satisfying Saturn's requirement for self-accountability, the creative genius that emerges can be enlightening, as revelation after revelation releases into consciousness. First degree of Leo for Sun and Moon in the Sabian Symbols reads:"A man is under emotional stress and blood rushes to his head." (L. Hill) The image is one of a great rush of excitement that can overwhelm, get us stuck in ego limitations, let passions rule or energize us into new awareness, expanded consciousness. Our choice. Jupiter's ongoing quincunx to Neptune, in orb since late April, opens the "doors of perception" further while urging us to surrender into the greater Mystery of  existence, into the miracles of Nature, without which we are truly lost, disconnected from our Source.

    On the 24th Mercury, the Traveler Between the Worlds, enters the shadow degrees, for the remainder of this month, that it will re-cross in late August and early September, then again in mid-September for the 3rd and final pass in direct motion. This passage gives us a good amount of time to go over the fine details of how we can most effectively and efficiently get things done, especially in the areas of health, service, work habits, daily routines and learning new skills or increasing existing ones. On this day, and from September 3rd through 7th, Mercury will visit and re-visit the degree of the August 21 Solar Eclipse as we're given extra opportunities for deeper comprehension of the meaning of that event for each of us and for all collectively. Good timing on those dates to be writing, mentally exploring puzzling situations and extra tricky problems. Mercury's in its full on Trickster mode from August 12 'til September 5 in retrograde motion, so between now and late July good to attend to what systems and equipment are most vulnerable and may become non-functional as Mercury takes us on the third of four review periods of 2017. More importantly is the matter of how we best serve the collective from our own unique and unrepeatable set of skills and values.























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