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Month of June, 2017


    June begins with a call to commitment to higher ideals and more brilliant solutions for implementing them in our troubled world. Saturn's 2 1/2 year passage through Sagittarius, ending in december this year, has been creating massive focus on belief systems and the destructiveness of religious dogma. On the personal level we all have long held, even unconscious beliefs that do not serve us nor our world. On the collective level we have lived out the 500 year story line where male dominance, female subjugation, colonialism and glorification of war have been prominent in cultural paradigms. We're at the end of that brutal period, with the ensuing mess a necessary part of the deconstruction process. Cosmos and Earth interact in a mutually beneficial evolutionary cycle that has come in full force since the end date of the Mayan Calendar in 2012.

    Saturn brings the full weight of consequences for our shared and individual beliefs while revealing the opportunity, and necessity, of shifting out of the separative, destructive paradigm while embracing life affirming ideals that are natural to our species. Manipulation of the masses through constant bombardment with false events and outlandish claims are the tactics used by those at the top of the crumbling power structure who are desperate to keep us from knowing what's really going on. Saturn increases the heavy-handedness of those tactics but also helps us see through the deceptions. The Lord of Time reminds us that time is on our side in the generous sign Sagittarius. Jupiter, ruler of the mutable fire sign, colludes with Neptune the connection to Source, in supporting our transition. Increasingly we must rely on the more female mode of perception which tells us, through intuition, gut feelings or other physical body cues, what is deceit and what is real. Truth will always resonate deeply if we pay attention, while lies send us into a mental process with uncertainty or a feeling of discomfort at its base.

    Between now and December we're charged with separating truth from lies, beliefs with positive impact from beliefs that generate fear, that divide and destroy. Wherever Sagittarius falls in personal horoscopes is an area of life where major deconstruction is at work, where constraint is helping us focus on what's essential, and eventual reconstruction is inevitable. Saturn's journey always sets before us the very lessons we need to concentrate our precious life force energy on in order to break through the heaviness and obstructions, individually and together as a species.

    On the 9th Jupiter, Greater Benefic and propeller of conscious evolution, turns to direct motion after months of being retrograde, more internal or undercover in a sense. The bigger picture begins to become clearer and easier to comprehend as the planet of expanding consciousness is strongly emphasized in Libra, the sign of balance, harmony, cooperation, social justice and one to one relationships and encounters. Jupiter also stimulates the need for artistic expression and appreciation, the benefits of beautification for the sake of personal and community well being. We're now sent forward on intentions and projects that have been percolating since early in the year. Caution in this field of experience is with indecisiveness that Libra can foster when we're off balance, ungrounded. going to excess is also a Jupiterian weakness, something to be aware of as its influence increases in present time. A surge in movements for social justice will accompany the forward spin dispelling some of the sense of helplessness that has arisen in the past months.

    Full Moon at 19th degree of Sagittarius also on the 9th is enhanced by all the expansiveness, illuminating even further the epic split from reality promoted through manufactured news and incomprehensible lies. Sun-Pluto in a tense and revealing aspect dig deep into the muck and mire to expose manipulations and deceit. The abuses of power are evident, both personally and on the world stage. Speaking out with our truth, no matter how disturbing to others, is a potent way to claim space in this pivotal time. This of course does not preclude compassion in how we go about it. Distraction and confounding our sense of what's real is the biggest obstacle before us, making awake and aware a necessary state to cultivate. This all applies in individual experience as well as we focus on the aspects of our lives where real work is required and in progress. Sabian Symbol for Moon's degree from Rudyhar: "Pelicans menaced by the behavior and refuse of men seek safer areas for bringing up their young. The need for people concerned with the future to discover a new way of and more wholesome surroundings." What could be a more relevant image to the dilemmas we now face? With the absolutely breathtaking magnitude of destruction we've wrought in the false belief that we're the superior species on the planet, humility and simplicity must be wholeheartedly embraced across the globe for the sake of all life. No question that wisdom from the indigenous people of the world, and an orientation more to the feminine (away from male domination and the prison of the rational mind divorced from larger mind) lead the way to the future.

    Sun into instinctual Cancer on the 20th 9:25 pm PDT announces Summer Solstice. A high sacred moment in the yearly round, the longest day of our central Sun's radiance in the Northern Hemisphere is infused with wisdom and inspiration from the feminine perspective. People are more inclined toward collaborations and consensus processes. Venus working with Neptune softens atmospheric conditions further. Mercury and Uranus release uplifting revelations and futuristic ideas, all of which influences the season ahead. A Grand Fire Trine in orb since mid-May continues to lift us periodically out of the quagmire of failing systems and ghoulish leadership in moments of liberation from the known and inspired problem solving. Keeping the pace with one foot in front of the other, with dedication and resolve, is the key to fulfillment while emanating that power to those around us in support of their own resolve. Personal dilemmas benefit from the same doggedness all through the summer and beyond.

    New Moon at 3rd degree of cancer perfects on the 23rd at 7:31 pm PDT in close conference with Mercury the perceiver and communicator. A new beginning in the realms of nurturing self and others, of bonding with our tribe, is enhanced by Mercury's helpful connections and heightened intuition. This lunation is conjoined with the US chart's Venus and Jupiter, an auspicious omen for bringing out the more generous part of our national identity, ideally. It can also trigger the sloppy sentimentality used by propagandists to rope people into going along with policies that are absolutely against their self interests or the well being of life on Earth. In larger numbers than ever we won't fall for that. Sabian Symbol for Sun and Moon reads: "A man bundled in fur leads a shaggy deer. The need to overcome stagnation and "cold" during trial of endurance." (Rudyhar)
   Chiron known as the Rainbow Bridge (between matter and spirit), the Wounded Healer is on a quest for healing the causes of suffering deeply imbedded in the human psyche. We all have our own soul's journey in that regard and unique soul experiences we've carried into this lifetime from the ones most relevant to the present. We also have collective karma which Chiron speaks to as well. At the very end of June, beginning of July this cosmic body turns retrograde in late Pisces in a challenging T-Square with Ceres and Saturn. The clearing we're engaged in right now, both in the personal and the collective realms, is in full force. The needs for nurturing and self responsibility are high on our list. This event speaks loudly about our illusions of the material realm, where we have gone far away from authentic human nature by becoming so immersed in density we've forgotten spirit almost entirely. Chiron's movement in Pisces has been bringing the indigenous people of the world to the fore. It's become evident at last, and in accordance with prophecies of Turtle Island, that they are the Keepers of the world, the ones who have held our world in (increasingly precarious) balance through the millennia of brutality, ignorance and darkness. Shamanism is Chiron's realm as the coming months offer more teachings from that ancient system of deep connection and healing.























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