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Month of February, 2017

     Mars has entered its own sign Aries by the beginning of February for a significant amping up of the warrior archetype through March 9. That includes everything from the overblown testosterone tendencies so in evidence at the ultimate end of the last 5,000 years of patriarchal rule to the heart-centered Sacred Warrior. That archetype embodies the best of divine masculine, defending and protecting life in all its diverse manifestations. Venus enters Aries next on the 3rd to travel side by side in close collusion for several weeks, bringing the planets representing the polarities of masculine and feminine together to help us work out some problems with renewed courage along with willingness to enter new territory. Of course belligerence and impetuousness are also energized in those places where we're not open to the work we need to accomplish. Uranus, Eris, Sedna, all inhabiting outer reaches of the solar system, are traversing the cardinal fire sign also and will be for a long time as their orbits are quite large. With Jupiter in Libra opposing these planets and Saturn in supportive trine aspect the next few months will be epic in how boldly and skillfully we can initiate change in the personal and collective realms. Neptune in Pisces, the sign it rules, has enhanced influence over the long term as well, supporting increased alignment with the subtle realms and soulful interactions. Chiron, the bridge between matter and spirit, in Pisces also emphasizes  multi-dimensionality, mystical experiences connecting us to our wholeness and interconnectedness as human beings. Pallas, master of strategies and icon of female wisdom, joins in the mutable water sign group, which all together provide the sensitivity, empathy and compassion needed to bravely assert our agenda. Saturn approaches Galactic Center this month and hovers around that extraordinarily creative/destructive cosmic field through May and will re-visit in November. The planet of foundations, structures (internal and external), step by step processes wastes no time in this powerful relationship with birth and death. It's 100% about taking apart those structures that do not serve the highest good while helping us build on a new, more inclusive and life affirming. Government and big business are the main cultural institutions, which have melded as one in the last decades, that are targets in Saturn's most serious agenda.

    February 5 Jupiter turns retrograde in a review of all the Greater Benefic's realms of influence well into June. The reassessments in this period center around cultural values, the need for more collaboration and cooperation in partnerships and groups ranging from personal associations to national and international. Chiron, the Wounded Healer forms the "finger of god" in a triangular Yod aspect with Jupiter and Saturn. This pattern exposes quite clearly the suffering we as a species have created and perpetuated by clinging to false beliefs about our nature and purpose as planetary beings. Jupiter is the consciousness expander and perennial adventurer intent on moving us into new territory wherever its benign influence is focused. It also can generate overkill, exaggeration, excess in the areas of influence. For the next few months our relationships from human cohorts to group alliances to our deep connection to self and our environment must be refined, balanced, brought into more harmony. This is a mandate with little or no room for ignoring, species wide. To re-negotiate how we collaborate, or not, can bring us to a more humane perspective. The crucial place of art in human cultures is more apparent as the anti-life movement of the far right enjoys its day in the sun for now. Artists of all stripes and colors and mediums flourish in the face of attempts to choke the life from our institutions and from our very existence. Gratitude for the abundant resources of Mother Gaia feeds her and us as well, especially in this passage. Vesta the Protector squares Jupiter as it pivots highlighting the need to care for and cherish the planetary source and sustenance of our lives and all that is dear and sacred to us. Vesta brings up our fragility, vulnerability, insecurities as well tempting us to grab what we can for our own survival, protecting our own interests in the dying phase of dominance/submission paradigm. But the wave of humanitarian ideals and rebellion of the most vulnerable, countered by the wave of fascism in this world creates a dynamic rich with probabilities. Life and justice will prevail as we pick up on the opportunities presented to us form the cosmic/earthly energies at work. 2017 is only one phase however in the epic Revolution/Evolution currently in progress.

    February 10 Full Moon Lunar Eclipse shakes our world with multiple major interactions among the outer planets so intimately involved in this high energy event. We're in a time warp, full speed ahead! With 5 planets in cardinal fire sign Aries (Venus, Mars, Uranus, Eris, Sedna) the atmosphere leading up to the lunation explodes with raw feelings, impulsive behavior, courageous acts. Moon perfects at 23rd degree of Leo whose archetype is the King, in skillful expression that part of us where confidence, generosity and creativity rule. As astrologer VerDarLuz points out this also describes the "arrogant, egoic, 'mad king', me-first energy". As we have clearly manifested in the US (as well as in other parts of the world) national leadership that is the very embodiment of this shadow aspect of Leo, the intensity of meaning at the eclipse increases many fold. Great danger is in the air emphasizing the call to action, both in personal lives and in the collective. But it must be well considered action as Aries can be hot-headed at times, especially times like this. Major high vibrational aspects include 2 high flying, harmonious Kites, a challenging Cardinal Grand Cross and an expressive Yod. Sun and Moon, Jupiter, Uranus, Saturn, Pluto, Chiron are all involved in one or more of these energetic patterns with a cosmic mandate to wake up, find our grounding and commit to highest ideals combined with earthbound strategizing. Venus and Mars in Aries, representing divine male and divine female, travel closely now and through most of this month on the path of the Warrior. Artemis, also a Protector of the most vulnerable among us and of wild places and wildlife, provides a relatable archetype for the fierce warrior aspect of the feminine. Venus will traverse Aries emphasizing and emboldening this aspect of female expression into June as it turns retrograde in March, slides back into Pisces for most of April, then completes the wild, raw and courageous passage in the fire sign shortly before Summer Solstice. Eris' ongoing influence in collusion with electric Uranus has been and continues to instigate exiting all situations and relationships that do not fit our personal sense of mission and individual needs. Wherever we feel unseen, unheard and out of sorts. Sedna puts feet to the fire about care for the environment and personal integrity. The danger and precariousness, boldness and clarity of focus of this time is reflected in the Sabian Symbol for the Moon's degree: "In a circus the bareback rider displays her dangerous skill. The audacity and perseverance required to control and play with the powerful energies of the vital realm in human existence." (Rudyhar)

    Chiron in a discomforting quincunx aspect with Jupiter this month makes it imperative to deal with any disconnects within us undermining ideals. We're faced with feelings of massive powerlessness that Chiron in Pisces informs us is an illusion, a belief emanating from our having "drunk the koolaid" the power-greedy old paradigm defenders have been serving up. Bottom line is our power lies deep within but we must honor and cultivate that essence to not be so susceptible to the insanity of a crumbling system. Don't drink the koolaid! The nectar of inner essence/inner wisdom is our lifeline. The time between the lunar and solar eclipses in February is rich with opportunities to deepen our trust in ourselves and life itself through spiritual practice of some kind. Otherwise the passage can be overwhelmingly chaotic.

    On the 26th the New Moon Solar Eclipse arrives at the 9th degree of Pisces, with a total of 7 planets and points in the mutable water sign: Sun, Moon, Mercury, South Node, Neptune, Pallas and Chiron. The interplay of 5 celestial bodies in Aries and 6 in Pisces plus South Node creates extraordinary experiences of multidimensionality and growing awareness/connection/interplay between rational, everyday consciousness and the numinous zones of existence. We're encouraged to let go of even more illusions of the past about ourselves and our world, particularly the ones about who and what is really in charge. Cardinal Grand Cross now joined by Sacred Warrior Mars still pushes for discipline, devotion and authenticity, integrity and consistency in our mission. We must protect the most vulnerable in society as well as the most vulnerable aspects of our own psyche. But the frightening possibilities of Mars in Aries now in this critical aspect also can play out in the drums of war, both figurative and literal. Our stance must be so rooted in justice and life affirming actions that ongoing war on planet Earth is becoming archaic, just as the battles within merge to be resolved. Ancestry plays a big part in how we respond to life, with generations from the past present in our DNA, our very bones, as well as the psychic/mental/emotional/cultural environment we've been immersed in from birth, and that applies whether we know who our ancestors were or not. Realizing this is crucial for many in the process of self-understanding and healing; we can honor those influences at this lunar event without knowing just what they are and how much they influence our present reality. A prayer to the Ancestors or a heart to heart conversation in spirit, Gestalt-style perhaps. Without allowing unprocessed memory or ancient sorrow take over, the need arises however to work with them as this tsunami of emotion and psychic perception washes over. "A jockey spurs his horse, intent on outdistancing his rivals. Intense mobilization of energy and skill in the drive for success in any social performance affected by the competitive spirit. - Self-quickening is the keyword." (Sabian Symbol from Rudyhar for Sun and Moon) Immersed in the healing and/or chaotic waters of mutable water sign calls for a surrender to something larger than ourselves to alleviate suffering and confusion. The dedicated cardinal signs support the initiative, inspiration, and strategies to channel the surging life force for personal and social justice and healing.

























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