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Month of November, 2016


    Saturn has been in alignment with a massive gravitational anomaly in Deep Space called the Great Attractor (15th degree of Sagittarius) as November begins and continues through the 6th. Sabian Symbol for the degree is described as: "The value of anticipating new turns of events and ascertaining future prospects." (Rudyhar) This dramatically draws us to whatever commitments of precious life force energy and time we must make to progress on a path of highest intentions. If not focused on those this influence can feel decidedly pressured, heavy weight on our shoulders rather than a sense of standing straight, calm and rooted in inner wisdom. Self-doubt, fears generated by messages about what we should do rather than what we feel we must do can be put aside to cultivate the most substantial, beneficial and long term results in spite of collective hysteria. Uranus-Eris are cutting loose the ancient rage that must be released in order for any unification and healing to take place, both individually and as a species. This catharsis is entirely necessary as uncomfortable and downright dangerous as it can be in some of its manifestations. Rage can be channeled in productive ways, inspiring courage and commitment we've not experienced 'til now, or it arises as the unprecedented polarization, blaming and hateful messages being flung about in the current election cycle in the US. However a Jupiter-Saturn aspect is quite close and ongoing, exact in December, encouraging and enabling communitarian ideals, creative collaborations and socially responsible group efforts. We're in the midst of changing social institutions as new personal choices are required that have been laying the foundation. Revolution/evolution is the overall movement of our times with Jupiter-Saturn do their part in supporting those kinds of alliances and actions. This begins with an inner surge of energy compelling change. When we avoid the needed shifts in our own lives outer events will reflect in increasingly dramatic ways where that will lead.

    On the 10th Saturn and Pluto align in a minor aspect strengthened by Saturn's rulership of the sign Pluto has occupied for the past several years. It brings these 2 planets together in a hefty influence where matters most crucial to our future are emphasized. Are we choosing life or death? We're called to expand consciousness while at the same time put greater limitations on our uses of resources. And still the weight of the world is on our shoulders if we've not yet zeroed in on the core issues of our lives. Have we been buying into the illusion that the lust for power equates well enough with the leadership we sorely need? Or are we passing on with that lesson, ready for the next stage of consciousness that makes us more fully human? Jupiter's illuminating and uplifting input creates openings that, if we follow these leads. can result in life-changing synchronicities.

    November 10-14 Sun in a tight quincunx with electric Uranus, each planet in a Mars ruled sign (Scorpio-Aries), brings out aggression and anger coming seemingly out of nowhere, unacknowledged raw feelings and other extremes of emotion in a flash. We must beware off balance reactions, our own and others', while exercising the most effective grounding techniques we know. Creative expression meanwhile can be extra dramatic having beneficial impact far and wide if we're working from concern for the good of all, while embodying our uniqueness. There's a great need to counter ongoing beat of the drums of war so aggressively pursued by our leaders, even as they purport to be working for peace. The historic and epic gathering of the First Nations people of our continent, Turtle Island, and indigenous peoples of the world, represents the model for Sacred Warrior for the rest of Earth's human population, a model Uranus and the Sun radiate forth; prayer, non-violence and dedication to standing ground where needed, undeterred by even the brutally militarized police and private security armies.

    Full Moon arrives on the 14th at the 23rd degree of Taurus inflamed even in its calm earthiness by the Sun-Uranus-Eris passionate and inspiring influence. We dance in this field of contrasts and highly compelling events calling us to be present, rooted in our values and ready to act with courage and conviction. Chiron in Pisces trine Moon provides empathy, compassion and for those of us ready a multi-dimensional experience of vast proportions. We can meet with a profound inner peace taking us beyond the magnified human folly of late, the necessary unwinding of millennia of a structure that ultimately leads to self-destruction. Neptune conjoined with the South Node compels unshed tears of regret and sorrow or at least some acknowledgement of as yet unprocessed sadness form the past and the present. This aspect also brings up the massive polluting and wasteful uses of Earth's precious water resources along with a clear message to go beyond those unconsciousness ways. "Water is Life" is the cosmic message booming around the planet in ever increasing volume and immediacy. Jupiter-Saturn at work support the personal and cultural changes serving the highest good, while Jupiter's close square to Pluto exposes more of the demented power dynamics, the darkest manipulations used to control the masses. Eyes wide open is where we must be to counter the power grabs that have already been put in place. This Full Moon is a SuperMoon, meaning it's at a closer approach to our planet (perigee) resulting in much stronger pull on our emotional bodies/psyches as well as the planetary tides and movements of the tectonic plates. Jupiter-Saturn supporting cultural changes in the works that serve the highest good and encouraging us on our personal path of fulfillmentWherever the Moon and Sun's degrees fall in each of our charts are areas we're faced with matters of material needs, desires, values supporting optimal functioning in our stated purposes along with the consciousness of loss, letting go, ultimate endings in all endeavors and relationships. We always walk a tightrope between these opposites. Rudyhar's interpretation of Sabian Symbol for Moon's degree reads: "White dove flying over troubled waters. The spiritual inspiration that comes to the individual in the overcoming of crises." This symbolism is about the divine workings of the cosmos much more than what we generate through human culture. Being able to hang out in that numinous space is the optimal remedy for personal and collective angst.

    Neptune makes its subtle but significant turn to direct motion on the 19th after being retrograde since June 13. During the phase since then we've been immersed huge waves of emotional enrages while faced with a great many illusions, deceptions and confusing messages all around to sort through and attempt to make sense of. Now we can begin more energetically to decipher the signs, symbolism and ultimate truths that have been so subject to intentional manipulation by those who want to maintain power over the masses. The mystical qualities of the outer planet ruling Pisces, and currently transiting its own sign, are also emphasized as the move toward oneness continues in spite of how things may appear for now. We've been pushed to the edge of insanity and chaos, but really by our own design. The shadow elements of our individual and group psyches are up for acknowledgement and ownership. Gracious Venus is in harmonious relationship to Neptune as it turns infusing this moment with even more compassion, empathy and need to connect with each other in more essential interactions.

    On the 24th Jupiter and Pluto form the first of 3 potent, and possibly enlightening, squares raising questions about ethics,  exposes cultural and personal beliefs that result in suffering and pain. The 2nd pass is in late March next year, the 3rd in August. This a fruitful time to examine more thoroughly our assumptions and traditional world view in order to eliminate those not serving the good of all. Events will reflect this struggle on the world stage while manifesting in our own lives to clarify where we each need to divest on material, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. For those with planets or points around 14-19 degrees of cardinal signs (Aries, Libra, Cancer, Capricorn) this cycle will be especially crucial.

    New Moon at 8th degree of Sagittarius on the 29th has Sun and Moon joined by Juno that represents the archetype of partnerships and any one on one interactions, personal or professional. These 3 in a supporting trine with Vesta, the asteroid, highlight what is most sacred and essential to us at this time. What path are we now committing to that embodies that essence? Uranus-Eris-Ceres in explosive, raging, inspiring collusion still help us release what's been building, including the movements of earth beneath our feet. Gaia reminds us of our dependence on her grace and abundant gifts as the planetary being expresses her own rage for ignorance, disrespect and negligence. Seems a good thing for the beginning of this cycle to propitiate the larger beings of which we are only particles. Making our own ceremonies and creating or participating in actions of gratitude, protection and preservation for the good of all life is most favored. In Sagittarius the quest for ultimate truth is the highest expression, and nothing more needed now than that kind of commitment. Venus-Pluto are closely allied in their concern for all the planetary resources, for collective human values and for personal dedication to honesty and integrity in all our relations with others. Mars-Saturn form an easy sextile promising to inspire working together, encouraging us to base our actions on humanitarian ideals and respect for all life. Individually these planets support significant progress in those areas where our personal devotion lies in the cycle ahead. Neptune-South Node extend the process of deep grieving of all that we can no longer change, promoting the insight to not revisit past mistakes. Forgiveness goes a long way, but true forgiveness that sets us free, not the delusional kind where we allow ourselves to continue to be victims as taught in some major religions. "Within the depths of the earth new elements are being formed. The alchemical fire which both purifies and transforms the very substance of man's inner life." (Rudyhar)























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