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Month of October, 2016

    No planetary changes in direction this month helping with steadier progression in all endeavors for October. The 6th is the day Mercury re-crosses the retrograde degree from end of August signaling moves into new territory with the significant details falling more into place. Full speed ahead  now but a caution to have a good, solid plan as Mars in Capricorn squares Jupiter in Libra for about the 1st 9 days. Jupiter's also coming into a supportive sextile with Saturn, the planet of mastery, firm foundations, workable plans and functional structures. Big dreams along with well-considered commitments for our time and energy bring in bringing them to fruition bring superior rewards. We need to be taking other people's needs into account with Jupiter in Libra teaching us more about cooperation, the importance of equal partnerships and how to create more effective group dynamics. This encouraging aspect influences us pretty much through the rest of the year. Mediations and negotiations of all kinds continue to receive great benefit and we have an increased capacity to work on society's injustices and out of balance institutions. However it is no longer a time to forego rocking the boat over situations both personal and collective that we feel are sorely needing fairer solutions.

    Full Moon at 24th degree Aries is joined by electrical Uranus and Eris, goddess of discord and also mediating conflicts. A volatile, explosive lunar event of major proportions, this brings on radical shifts in whatever partnerships or alliances, personal or professional, are out of integrity. Much better to exit situations with building tensions and festering anger well before this moment when things can literally explode in our faces. In any case those situations are and will be quite apparent. There's huge support for releasing ourselves from self imposed limitations, with ugly consequences to the degree we're choosing to ignore the inevitable. Certainly the nastiness that has been flung about through the current political campaign is at a point of major crisis. Is this who we are?Our collective Shadow is being exposed for us to recognize. Only by claiming our darkest beliefs and motivations can we hope to heal and evolve as a species. Wherever we feel out of place now is the 11th hour hour as far as removing ourselves. The ancient rage and urge for independence are being acted out. Certainly finding productive ways to express the rage we feel is the only way to go that makes any sense. Earth movements are also likely. Mercury square Pluto makes diplomacy crucial even as many are tempted toward verbal bullying. This aspect helps us get to the bare bones of any situation if we can keep our cool and dedicate ourselves to level-headed approaches to the crises unfolding. Planets and points in our charts at the last 10 degrees of cardinal signs (Aries, Libra, Cancer, Capricorn) are particularly impacted by this Full Moon, though it's a dramatic one for all. "An open window and a net curtain blowing into the shape of a cornucopia" is the Sabian Symbol for the degree of the Moon. (L. Hill) Imagination and Allowing are themes with this image, along with the cornucopia symbol of abundance and good fortune which  flow effortlessly through our lives when we've let go of inner resistance. We also must remember "every separate thought takes shape and becomes visible in color and form" (Liu Hua-Yang). Liberation from the known is the work of Uranus as we're also being offered great courage at this turning point. Willingness to go along with the winds of change is our work for now.

    Mars joins Pluto on the 19th, a particularly significant aspect since both are co-rulers of Scorpio in traditional astrology. Joining forces in the sign of order, structure, discipline gives us a powerful opportunity to make important progress on any goals. Whatever plan we're working with will reveal itself in regards to how solid and workable it is. Of course the unskillful side will be used for bullying, manipulations and overall controlling behaviors by those out of integrity with their personal power. Unethical business and government practices are further exposed. People with middle degree planets and points in the cardinal signs especially beware the challenges this day presents. Add to this however is Jupiter's urging toward a more inclusive, expanded cosmic consciousness at this time and its connection with Saturn that enables earthly progress from that broadened perspective.
    On the 22nd Sun enters Scorpio late afternoon PDT 4 1/2 hours after Last Quarter Cancer Moon squares Libra Sun at the last degree of those signs. This initiates the final week of the lunar cycle when it's most apparent what we need to eliminate from our physical, mental, emotional field in order to maximize the potentials of the cycle. Time to re-organize, reflect and rest. The 2 events are joined by the Moon changing signs as well creating potent  shifts in the mood; an intensification of emotional states and need to comprehend relationship and social dynamics and be much more inclusive in our thinking. For the next 30 days we're entering further into the dark, those places in our consciousness we usually avoid. This is an especially rich time with Sun in the fixed water sign for deep, healing reflection, exploring the places in the psyche crying out for fulfillment.

    Jupiter continues on its quest for higher consciousness and on the 23rd perfects a tight quincunx with neptune calling for further surrender into the Mystery of existence. This can be by way of tuning into the most earthy elements in our environment or experienced through meditation, chanting, physical movement, music or whatever we resonate to as individuals that takes us deeper into mysticism. It's extremely perplexing however if we're instead trying to grasp at anything solid or non-essential. Any expectations other than the power of compassion and gratitude will likely result in frustration, while this aspect can provide inspiration for the finest artistic expression. Whatever is lost is something that needed to go.

    On October 30 the New Moon arrives at the 8th degree of Scorpio, 10:38 am PDT, with Sun, Moon, Mercury clustered in darkly or uniquely expressive collaboration initiating the next lunar cycle. Mars square Uranus-Eris marks yet another challenge to channel the unstable, volatile and ultimately highly creative energies with discipline and a specific structure or order in mind. The urge to control is heightened while the Scorpionic influence can instigate manipulative behaviors when played out unskillfully. We get to choose how we'll engage these energy patterns; are we intent on making authentic and lasting connections, networking with productive, problem solving people, willing to face our own deepest fears and self doubts with courage and resolve? Neptune's involvement in the beginning of this cycle in a trine with the Lights heightens imagination, empathy, a sense of interconnectedness that helps us go beyond traditionally separative thinking. We can awaken further to our natural genius by letting go of the rigid rules of duality. Meditation, reflection, chanting, singing are all ways to embody the powerful and deeply healing energies at work, as well as any artistic expression, spinning tales from the imagination, immersion in sacred ritual. Clarifying intentions for the incoming cycle can be done most effectively by finding the House placement of the New Moon's degree, showing us the area of life most impacted. "A calm lake bathed in moonlight. A quiet openness to higher inspiration." (Sabian Symbol for Moon's degree, Rudyhar) The more still we get right now the more important insight and clear guidance we'll receive, ultimately more crucial than any outside information coming our way.























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