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Month of September, 2016

    September begins with a New Moon Solar Eclipse at the 10th degree of Virgo, 2:03 am PDT, as Sun and Moon form a challenging, multi-faceted T-Square aspect to Saturn and Neptune in their ongoing mission of rectifying and enlarging our experience of reality. Mars, planet of initiating new paths and projects, adds to the energetics of this particular new beginning as it collides with the Great Attractor, a huge gravitational anomaly in Deep Space, located at the 15th degree of Sagittarius. The impact of this event amplifies the pull of whatever is most meaningful for each of us right now, as well as increasing courage to boldly explore those things arousing passion. Of course the other side of that can play out as extra aggressive push back from the controllers and truth deniers who have a stake in keeping the masses ignorant. The revolution in consciousness is on full force however and will not be stopped, or even slowed for that matter by the tired old fear-based stories of a dominance/submission paradigm. Moving in the direction of our passions and highest principles is what is most supported, in fact the degree to which we experience discomfort or angst is the degree to which we've gotten off center in those areas of life. So pay attention and learn! All the planets expressing through the mutable earth sign Virgo (Moon, Sun, Mercury, Jupiter and Moon's North Node) assure the greatest efficiency in sorting through what we must unload to clear the path forward, to get out of our way as much as possible. Lists of priorities are helpful while deciding what information, skills and techniques, resources and supportive rituals are required for our current purposes. Venus at the Super Galactic Center at this lunation beams out massive waves of grace and harmony, alignment with the path of least resistance and creative energies in support of shifting into a more feminine, social justice, perspective. Mercury and Jupiter join at the last degree of Virgo, Mercury in its retrograde review and remember mode as it offers more options for solutions, reveals all the components necessary to implement our purpose, both individually and collectively. Also possible is the tendency for obsession on things that turn out to be of minor significance, so we'd best be able to recognize that if it's occurring, so easy to fall into in a cultural environment designed to keep us distracted by trivia.
    This revelation of integration can be extraordinary in the personal and the collective as more and more individuals and groups realize that we must connect the dots for greater good by forming alliances among all the different revolutionary movements; gender equality with justice for indigenous populations with environmental perspectives, reproductive rights, racial equality, health care for all free of corporate greed and control, economic justice through living wages and housing the homeless, feeding the children, free education, and on and on. As we connect our causes and passions we become a massive unstoppable force beyond our wildest imagination. The next 3 weeks of Mercury's apparent backward passage, in collusion with Jupiter as it begins, gives us the opportunity to reflect and rethink, to strategize ways we can create bridges between our personal commitments and responsibilities to the larger community. How can we facilitate dialogues between the different groups calling for our attention and support? Doing that connecting in our own minds first is a very helpful beginning. In the personal realm wherever Virgo resides in our horoscope is the area, or areas, of complex and effective improvements if we stay with ourselves free of distractions from fear-based scenarios. The especially slippery quality of the Saturn-Neptune square can generate confusion best remedied by making sure we practice grounding and being present in the moment. Also Mercury-Jupiter invite us to re-visit what was up on August 22 when they first aligned in a 3 part cycle which will conclude in Libra on October 11. Expedited progress on whatever was significant in August is assured in October with proper attention. To be most rewarded for our efforts we must be willing to "tune our dial" to solution oriented thinking over and above perseverating on worry and confusion.
    As we struggle or surrender to the process of what's real, what's illusion we become more impeccable in our thinking process, more discerning in ways that make it harder to be fooled in the future. Tuning into the Mystery in some moments every day is a highly effective practice to begin now, as we learn to stretch the muscle of consciousness so to speak in order to awaken to who and what we really are. Sabian Symbol for Solar Eclipse degree reads: "Two heads looking out and beyond the shadows. The growth of true understanding born out of the transcendence of duality even while immersed in the world of duality" (Rudyhar)

    Jupiter enters Libra on the 9th bringing its expansive, beneficent forces into the sign representing how we encounter the other, social situations, negotiating skills, concern for equality and justice. The Greater Benefic creates growth in all these areas for the next year. Adding to the probabilities for an extraordinary passage for all humanity the early degrees of libra resonate with ZS, or the Super Galactic Center, a central point in Deep Space around which our galaxy and about 30 others rotate. This generates growth beyond what we can imagine, but imagining the best in human potential is a good practice to prepare us, while also relying less and less on old paradigm, either/or duality thinking. Of course these central points such as galactic and super galactic centers are also about massive destruction. We need to be aware the potential we hold right now for ever more escalated devastation to our biosphere, to future generations and to our own soul's evolution if we fail to step up to the requirements of the moment, known most clearly within our heart of hearts. Jupiter travels the few degrees ZS spans in early Libra into early October super charging all negotiations, collaborations, alliances and social causes rising to the fore of global consciousness, all for good or ill however we choose as individuals and as a species to respond. All art forms are also especially enhanced in regards to the urge for artistic expression and the impact on the observer/appreciator, but not requiring any audience at all to be beneficial to the creative individual or group engaging in such activities.

    Saturn-Neptune in their 3rd exact square on the 10th finalizes the individual, cultural and global challenges to see through the illusion of fear-based beliefs we've lived with throughout patriarchy for the last 5,000 years. Trusting the inner authority and the sacred quality of our lives, and all life, is the ultimate these planets can teach us. Personal grounding within our soul purpose is the way through the chaos and horrors unfolding in the world as the old structure (Saturn) disintegrates (Neptune) and a new structure (Saturn) is formed from aligning with the soul's intention (Neptune). The Solar Eclipse having touched on and amplified this final aspect brings greater immediacy to the core work on ourselves and the responsibility we have to the collective experience.

    Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 25th degree of Pisces opposing Sun in Virgo perfects on the 16th in a conflicted square aspect to Mars planet of motivation, courage, initiating new paths and projects, alliances and physical disciplines, as it's completing its meaningful explorations in Sagittarius. Also involved in the lunation is Chiron joining the Moon in the intense T-Square, emphasizing the healing that comes only through a more holistic, multi-dimensional experience of our lives. All denied or unprocessed sorrow, sense of lack, inadequacy, self-defeating illusion is up for consideration. Will we continue to allow such unclaimed emotional states to drain the vitality from us, the energy we need to activate the soul's highest potential? Eris-Uranus still collude in a firey, electrical energetic designed to set us free if we channel the ancient rage into creative action. North Node-Mercury trine Pluto add to the determination to face the worst and resolve old problems and puzzles, giving us access to previously undisclosed information and ability to learn new skills. Our work will have lasting impact if we're willing to learn from adversities we've endured. "A religious organization succeeds in overcoming the corrupting influence of perverted practices and materialized ideals. The power of the Soul to intervene in the personal life and to induce necessary catharsis." (Rudyhar, Sabian Symbol 25 Pisces) Mutable water Pisces is the sign that helps us let go, surrender to the larger reality we're a part of and trust that all is unfolding as it should. When we can perceive from this higher, more inclusive perspective even for moments each day we realize we are right where we need to be; past, present, future colliding in the eternal now.

    Mercury spins around to direct motion on the 21st, day before the Fall Equinox power point in the yearly round.  Thinking is getting clearer, diverse components fit together better, important decisions can be made while agreements made now and in the next few weeks are more likely to be lasting and beneficial to all. Adding to the power and potential of this moment is Mercury's trine to Pluto as it turns. The possibilities for extra efficiency in all efforts can lead to outstanding results. The next day Sun enters 00 degrees Libra and for a couple of days we have Sun, Venus and Jupiter all generating blessings through the Venus-ruled cardinal air sign, with Jupiter of course powered up from its position at the Super Galactic Center.  This can be experienced as a state of grace in some ways, particularly if we're focused on the more skillful Libran qualities of justice, equality, beauty, peace, cooperation. A warning however is in order. The unskillful side of Libra can bring on a bad case of ambiguity and indecision in many instances if we're not taking care of business in the area of life Libra inhabits in personal natal charts. All in all this Fall will be an extraordinary time to come into better balance, improve relationships and all kinds of alliances, find our cohorts in the most exciting, creative ventures and see progress in the global movements for environmental and social justice, powered by nothing less than the next stage of evolution for the human species and  for Gaia.























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