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Month of August, 2016


    First few days of August are dynamic starting with a Sun-Saturn trine that's stabilizing a lot of the firey energies. Saturn, Lord of Time helps us make substantial progress through dedicated focus and consistent work over the long term. It will turn direct on the 13th, a highly significant date this in August, after over 4 1/2 months retrograde in Sagittarius, sign representing our quest for meaning and truth. On the first and second Mars is in the last degree of Scorpio completing this phase of its transformative journey through the fixed water sign which it rules in traditional western astrology. We've been faced with the negative or shadow aspects of our cultural understanding of the masculine, where raw aggression and sexual dysfunction, much of it played out in violence or violent fantasies, have become more and more the norm. Of course for the entire history of Western culture violence toward and degradation of the feminine have been underlying themes, so much so we have not even been aware of the pervasive impact. Now we begin to see there are other ways of living than under the constant threat of amped up testosterone going wild. Begun in early January this stage of our process is winding up with deeper insights and an expanded sense of what divine masculine really is about.

    Sacred Cross Quarter Day August 2, halfway mark between Solstice and Equinox, as well as being the New Moon in Sun-ruled Leo. Mars starts off on a new journey as it re-enters first degree of Sagittarius (went retrograde in Sag back in April) 3 hours before the New Moon at 11th degree. This creates an even more dynamic, energized beginning point in the cycle as we engage anew with divine male, a greater sense of purpose and meaning and certainly more adventurous spirit. Sun and Moon trine foundation building Saturn continues to empower all our creative projects and planning for the benefit of future generations, helping us go in all the way, heart and soul. Jupiter opposite Chiron brings out awareness of the multi-dimensional aspect of our reality. Vision opens, we receive more information through all the senses if we slow down to experience each moment. Out of time experiences are common with this aspect but also very practical applications of what is perceived are available. Great timing for using vibrational remedies like flower remedies, homeopathic, color therapies and music therapies, giving and receiving Reiki and other energetic modalities to start the new cycle well attuned. Jupiter also forms a contentious quincunx with Uranus and Eris, whose archetype is Goddess of Discord. Beware the tensions peaking at least through the 10th of this month. We're at the crux of rising ancient rage meeting with the need for intelligent and compassionate action that can also be quite spontaneous. Neptune joins South Node and is quincunx Sun-Moon requiring further validation of intuition and how we feel about situations even more than what we think, for now at least. Surrender of old, fixed ego patterns is part of Neptune's offerings at this lunation. What could that be for each of us? We're at the end of a process that's taken eons for humanity to work through, absolutely no sense in believing the tired old lies of the power grabbers about what we must do in order to have the least evil outcome! This new ball game calls for new rules, and new rules say be dedicated to our most cherished ideals. Much more to come in this summer of change. New Moon intentions can be based on this new sense of possibilities and wonder at the opportunities a human life presents in the ongoing soul's journey. Sabian Symbol for Sun and Moon's degree: "Children play on a swing hanging from branches of a huge oak tree. The power of tradition as it shelters the beginning of individual self-expression." (Rudyhar) Earth elements are the most powerful keys to healing the imbalances in ourselves and in the environment; plant, fungus, mineral and animal allies along with fully honoring our place in the larger scheme of things. Technology is only a benefit in relation to how much it enables people to engage with the biosphere in healthy ways, as we enter the next unknown.

    The 13th marks Saturn's direct turn after being in review and re-work mode since late March in the sign of higher mind. Jupiter, ruler of Sagittarius, is exact in its discordant aspect with Eris calling for safe release of built up tensions and in many cases skillful mediation of old disputes. Eris is still quite intimate with explosive and rebellious Uranus, igniting this moment in time with even more immediate need for change. Especially dangerous time in those areas where disputes and injustices are so entrenched that adjusting to the needs of the present seems impossible. But any efforts will be rewarded. We can best navigate this dynamic shift in the winds by dedicating ourselves to whatever is most essential in our lives, whatever commitments of our precious life force energy are fulfilling our main purpose for being here. Situations can turn complicated and tangled, seemingly beyond repair if we're not clear-headed, grounded and based in the heart. We also need be certain of the possibility that there exist fair and healing resolutions for all. Those with planets and points around 8-10 degrees of mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces) or in fire signs (Sagittarius, Leo, Aries) are more immediately impacted by Saturn's pivot. Venus squaring Father Time at this moment sets up a bit of a push-pull between the smaller and the larger picture, a further possibility for complications requiring a delicate approach, especially in disputes around values, and necessitating restraint from harsh judgements. The simplest and most available remedies and solutions are the most effective.

    Full Moon August 18 at the 26th degree of Aquarius is a penumbral Lunar Eclipse, one that barely skims the edge of the Earth's shadow, but felt energetically just the same. We are building on what we've learned over the past months as Sun-Uranus form a liberating, joyously creative trine that enables incorporating new perceptions and innovative approaches to old problems. Jupiter-Mercury are the "finger of god" in a yod aspect with Moon-Pallas (Aquarius) and Uranus-Eris (Aries), pointing the way to simpler, wiser, more grounded, yet seemingly radical solutions. seemingly radical only because we've gotten so far from our roots, our original earth wisdom. Aquarius rules technology and this lunation can highlight the fact that our technologies are only good in relation to how much they enable us to get back to that earth wisdom. This turning point in the 4th year after the Mayan Calendar ended reminds us of the need to remember what it is to be humans on this planet. For each of us the placement of late Aquarius and Leo in our own charts are the areas of most important illumination for the path ahead. Mars-Saturn move together to energize the serious commitments we've chosen over the past weeks. Mercury, Venus and Jupiter all occupy the mutable earth sign Virgo for now helping us sort through the ideas, beliefs, skills and tools most crucial to our purpose. In fact Mercury will transit Virgo through early October this year as it retrogrades late this month making this good timing for learning new skills and refining our daily routines, including practices to maximize health and well being. Venus trine Pluto at this lunation promises success from any efforts at creating better order in our finances, uses of resources and practical solutions for improving relationships of all kinds, especially as Venus joins North Node offering her practical wisdom to guide us into the future. "A garage man testing a car battery with a hydrometer. Testing the earthly vehicle for its roadworthiness" (L. Hill Sabian Symbol)

    Mercury's entered the "shadow" degrees by the 10th of this month meaning the matters most needing review for the retrograde period, from August 30 to September 21, are already in our field of experience. Venus and Jupiter colluding with the Winged Messenger, especially from the 24th to the 30th, bring more ease and aesthetics not to mention higher perspective to our work and the quest for improved health, relationships and material rewards. These 3 together remind us to keep our feet on the ground, be centered in gratitude and praise for our lives and our world and pour our love into everything we do. Symbol for the degree of Mercury's pivot reads: "Having an urgent task to complete, a man doesn't look to any distractions." (L. Hill) One-pointedness serves us well into the Fall of 2016.





















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