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Month of June, 2016

     June starts off with a quite powerful, slippery and curious Mutable Grand Trine forming as the New Moon approaches on the 4th. On the 1st Sun square Neptune begins the moment to moment shifting and changing while imploring us to use our highest vision, unfettered imagination to counter the massive fraud, negativity and deception bombarding us from the dying dinosaurs of the dominant ('til now) paradigm. On the 2nd Sun opposes Saturn in Sagittarius to bring on accountability for past deeds, particularly for those in leadership roles, but also creating more personal awareness of where we need to further commit ourselves to stated ideals. The 3rd Jupiter-Saturn that just perfected on May 26 is still generating the expansion-contraction dynamic where we can take 2 steps forward in work on intentions and goals, then have to go 3 steps back to re-negotiate the next moves forward. This ultra challenging dynamic keeps us on our toes, while at the same time Venus moves into her place in this grand drama to bring more ease and comedy to the work at hand.
    Jupiter's next in line for the Grand Cross as Sun, Moon and Venus square the Greater Benefic on the 4th just hours before the New Moon's arrival. Moon's Nodes are also involved in close proximity to Jupiter (North Node) and Neptune (South Node) for extra input on where we've been and where we're headed, individually and as a species. New Moon at the 15th degree of Gemini with Sun and Moon in happy collusion, with Venus at this moment of the sacred marriage, is especially designed for working magic amidst the chaotic and perplexing turning of events. With Saturn, Jupiter and Neptune forming the other arms of the cross impacting us over the last few days the turning point we find ourselves in now is especially crucial. The important shifts needed for each of us are according to the areas impacted by these planets in our personal astrological patterns, a kaleidoscopic unfolding of various themes for our consideration. A potent and practical Pluto, Jupiter and Mercury Grand Earth Trine provides stability and support for continued grounding through the light speed changes. If losing our bearings any simple grounding technique will get us re-oriented if we take the time to root ourselves in the present moment. Eris-Uranus still sound the command to find where we belong, who is part of our tribe, while exiting those situations that drain precious energies. Laughter, lightheartedness, getting silly are part of Gemini's great gifts; the capacity to dance with the changes along with the need to interact with others. Certainly things are frequently, and increasingly, not what they seem, and this New Moon offers plenty of experience with that. Sabian Symbol for this New Moon from Rudhyar: "Two Dutch children talking to each other, exchanging knowledge. The need to clarify one's experiences through actual contacts with like-minded individuals."

    Neptune also brings major lessons around how we can be fooled or fool ourselves, about the vastness of reality and how it changes utterly the moment we open up or shift our perceptions. It's especially strong influence grows each day in its aspects with Jupiter and Saturn and even more so as we approach the 13th when the outer planet most connected with the Mystery turns retrograde for the next few months at the 13th degree of its own sign Pisces. For those with planets or points within 2 degrees in either direction this turning will be felt even more in regards to the dissolving, sensitizing, visionary and somewhat perplexing qualities of Neptune. All of us are of course subject to the blurred boundaries, sense of interconnection and shape shifting, spiritual longing and self delusions. Also be particularly aware of spoiled foods and other substances that can have toxic effect on physical bodies.

    On the 17th the 2nd exact Saturn-Neptune square perfects in close proximity to the retrograde pivot, adding more to busting the illusions, deceptions and frauds, calling for a reality check of major proportions. This cycle began in earnest November 26, 2015. This time Saturn is retrograde also making sure we're especially thorough and disciplined taking care of crucial business. It culminates on September 10 this year having given us multiple opportunities to wake up to our unfounded and restrictive beliefs and self created delusions and take more responsibility for the impact we have with each other, with the non-human beings we share the planet with and with the biosphere that gives us life. Again, dedication to needed change in our power to make is required as we interact moment to moment in the living field. This cycle can be especially confusing and frustrating for all those experiencing Saturn Returns if individuals are not vigilant with spiritual grounding, or grounding through essential values and wisdom. Collectively we're faced with the massive extent of systemic control that has been gained over our lives through many years of deception, manipulation, fraud. Increasingly the "secret government" is being exposed for what it is, a group of psychologically pathological, mega wealthy individuals and families who have no regard for us, the environment that sustains us, future generations or life itself. The aspects of 2016 generate an ever widening global revolution that is not just about governments and economic systems but is actually the indicator of the evolution of the species and the spiritual dimensions of our existence. The secret cabals being exposed greatly disempowers them, and so the chaos ensues as they fight tooth and nail to maintain control.

    June 20 at 4:02 am Full Moon arrives at the last degree of Sagittarius while the Mutable Grand Cross re-forms with Mercury now completing this multifaceted, curious and demanding major aspect. At the last degree of the mutable fire and air signs Sun and Moon shine and even more intense light on our most significant thoughts and belief systems as we're challenged to sort through, pick apart and clarify what is worthy of acting on and what is not of any real value at all. Are we flexible, curious and open to different perspectives or remaining fearful and locked into old ways of perceiving? If so life will seem utterly unmanageable, chaotic and unbearably difficult to navigate. As we move and change while exercising a sense of humor and deep gratitude it will all begin to take shape and make some sense. "The need to pay homage to traditional values upon which the invisible community of spirit is built" is the meaning of the Moon's degree according to Rudhyar's interpretation of the Sabian Symbols. Uranus-Eris are still tightly conjoined in their ongoing, often explosive, power surge to free ourselves from situations and alliances that prove to be energy drains, that make us feel out of place and out of synch. Old rage comes up to be vented or better yet channeled into actions that benefit us and our fellow beings in this major push for liberation both individually and collectively. Meanwhile Ceres, dwarf planet representing the ancient Grain Goddess, also joins the rebellion at the same degree of the sign of the Sacred Warrior, Aries. Her mission is to further enlighten as to the dire need for female wisdom, a transformation of the unending patriarchal love of war into passionate and focused action intended to benefit communities rather than destroy them. Sabian Symbol for this highly charged degree reads: "An open window and a net curtain blowing in the shape of a cornucopia. An image of the beauty, joy and richness of life." (L. Hill) We're ready to release the obstacles to experiencing life's richness more fully while sharing the blessings with those around us, 100% supported, even commanded, by the universal energies. Adding to this Mars retrograde in Scorpio is in a tense quincunx to those heated up planets further inciting revolution and rebellion on all levels, but requiring well considered actions rather than simply reacting. Watch out for those situations that can seem to sneak up on us "out of nowhere". Today also is Summer Solstice as Sun enters 00 degrees Cancer at 9:34 pm PDT adding to the import and the power of this turning point in our yearly round. Venus joins the Sun for another validation of substantial increase in the values and wisdom of the female perspective for the season ahead. Mutable Grand Cross informs the season also with its quick-changing, moment to moment challenges to our capacity for flexibility, agility and a lighthearted approach to some of the darkest scenarios. Our perceptions are everything. Plenty of emotional energies set loose in the summer of 2016 as Full Moon informs the next few months as well.

    Mars has slowed down to station to direct motion by the 29th at the 24th degree of Scorpio as we're inspired to act on whatever deep concerns, passions, desires we've been smoldering about since April 17 when Mars turned retrograde. Shared resources are a focus as are unconscious motivations, intimate relationships, deep fears and self-doubts. As a culture we've been getting a very big look at the distortions and violence so prevalent in our culture around sexuality. Much more activism has been and will be happening as especially the younger generations have lose tolerance for the entrenched attitudes that have allowed such brutality for so long. Mercury enters Cancer today also for even more emphasis on emotions, we must beware the tendency to become so immersed we can't function with discernment. Mars will re-cross its retrograde degree August 22 when it's back in Sagittarius, generating much more speed and ease for moving in the direction that most benefits our purposes.


















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