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Month of May, 2016

    Five planets are retrograde as May begins; Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto, with 3 in earth signs, 2 in fire. Matter and spirit, body and soul, heaven and earth are certainly areas of reconsideration and re-connection. What is our relationship to these seemingly opposing elements? How do we experience and honor the sacred in the most mundane moments? How can we balance and integrate these aspects more completely? This is where the split exists that keeps us suffering, perpetuating misery in our lives and in our world, the world view that is contrary to life itself. In the trickiest, most immediate phase of that human created quagmire of many thousands of years is where we stand now as the evolutionary thrust of the cosmos compels us to move in synchronicity rather than resist any longer. This review period is crucial in its import for each of us and for the entire species. Don't be invested in things going as expected. The universal energies are making a very compelling case for re-working the old plan and being open to the changes and adjustments that are needed to make our lives more functional, responsible and effective in the ways we most need to be.

    For at least the first 3 weeks of the month Sun, retrograde Mercury and Venus all travel with purpose, concern for how productive and fulfilled we are in the cautious, thorough and acquisitive sign Taurus. The fixed earth sign learns best through visceral experience, through all the senses; sight, hearing, smell, touch taste. On May 9 Jupiter turns direct near the mid-degree of the mutable earth sign Virgo signaling a shift in how we can bring more meaning and increased well being into our day to day routines, more refinement and clarity to the thinking process, especially in terms of the broader view of things, and with optimism in producing beneficial outcomes.

    New Moon at the 17th degree of Taurus on the 6th, 12:29 pm PDT, is especially grounding, productive and favorable for resolving material world tasks, working with the body's requirements and resource management in aspects with Jupiter and Pluto forming a Grand Earth Trine. Most auspicious for review and making required adjustments as we navigate this powerfully earthy phase, fueled by the fires of idealism, enthusiasm, spiritual connection. Clarifying intentions for greater effectiveness highly favored. A tight quincunx from Sun-Moon to Saturn increases the pressure for self-responsibility and discipline in stated purposes. Neptune has its numinous, enlightened influence for a reminder of the larger reality within which we play out our all too often petty human dramas. With Jupiter's stationing now to turn direct in a couple of days its call of the wild is stronger , even as the Greater Benefic cautions us to be respectful and accountable, moderate and practical in all adventurous undertakings. This is the 3rd of 3 SuperMoons in a row this year, enhancing the gravitational pull on our planet and in our human watery systems. Impact is on all levels, body, mind spirit. Sabian Symbol for lunation's degree from Rudhyar: "A symbolical battle between 'swords' and 'torches'. Refusing to depend on the past, the seeker turns warrior, fighting anew the eternal 'Great War'.----The spiritual light within the greater Soul must struggle against the ego-will that only knows to use the powers of this material and intellectual world."

    Meanwhile the ongoing Saturn, Jupiter, Neptune T-Square is a sort of backdrop to all happening over these few weeks, and works on our sense of purpose. It brings up for many a loss of confidence, clarity, resilience until we've figured out where our spiritual grounding is, an essential task for this time. We're faced with the problem of what's real and what's illusion with the caution to avoid being too hard on ourselves and others. Some time tested structures on all levels of existence are falling apart, disintegrating, fading away both in the personal and collective realms. This leaves us with some uncomfortable gaps in our lives but it's important to allow the dissolution process to unfold with no resistance, to surrender in total trust as much as we can. Let there be some empty spaces for now and the right path, the right structure, the right commitment will naturally arise.

    Sun enters curious Gemini early on the 20th offering more lightness to the atmospheric conditions, calling us to connect, gather with our tribe or find our community over the next month. Full Moon on the 21st, 2:14 pm PDT, at the 2nd degree of Sagittarius opposes Sun in Gemini joined by asteroid Vesta. This combination  brings to the fore what is most sacred to each of us and in the collective consciousness, continuing that theme at this illuminating moment in time. It emphasizes the power of our thoughts and words. Are our interactions in alignment with personal integrity and ideals? Are we having the impact we want in how we present ourselves and our ideas, how we share what we most care about? Retrograde Mars joins the Moon as well in a potent addition to this lunation, a reminder of sorts to stay tuned in to how our actions reflect the highest intentions. Wherever the early degrees of Sagittarius-Gemini fall in our charts are areas subject to greater mindfulness and insight. "White capped waves display the power of wind over sea. The mobilization of unconsciousness energies under the pressure of superpersonal motives." (Rudhyar, S.S. for Moon) Mercury is also stationing right now to turn direct tomorrow at the mid-degree of Taurus. The review time for values and material matters is over, now is the phase where we more easily sort out all we've gone over in the last 3 weeks. With Mercury and Jupiter direct there's even more support for moving forward on the practical aspects of important projects. On June 7 Mercury will re-cross its retrograde degree for an even clearer green light on moving ahead.

    The 3rd of 3 Jupiter-Saturn squares becomes exact on the 26th completing part of the cycle that began August 3, 2015 and was re-visited on March 23 of this year. The first square was in Leo-Scorpio starting off the culture changing and personally challenging aspect with a conflict between ego needs and responsibility to others in how we work with shared values and resources. This ending part of the cycle has the planets exposing the cultural changes in the works while individually showing us where limiting beliefs have frustrated fulfillment of goals and dreams.

    Last day of May a potent, volatile conjunction with Uranus the Liberator and Eris, mythological goddess of discord, compel us to break free from situations and alliances where we feel like misfits. We have a burning, in some cases raging, need to feel seen, heard, supported in mutual relationships. Possibilities are explosive for those situations where freedom has been denied, either from without or within, as major eruptions ensue. rebellion is the answer to ancient rage, and of course we can channel that raw energy into creative action as we find just the right place to be, people to work and play with and where we fit into to the current and ongoing revolutionary/evolutionary movement That's transmuting our planet and all of us along with it into the "New Earth".


















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