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Month of March, 2016

    March begins with the Last Quarter Sagittarius Moon square Pisces Sun at the 12th degree of each sign marking the last week of the lunar cycle where winding up on important matters is most favored. Neptune-Saturn in their ongoing close square impact this lunation strongly making it a particularly tricky turning point to navigate without getting lost in the big mess of life in transition. Mutable fire sign Moon-Saturn point to the future emphasizing whatever has most meaning in our lives, while mutable water sign Sun-Neptune continue to dissolve all borders, boundaries, definitions of separateness, exclusivity and promoting unity and interconnection with all life. Of course also in the mix is a great deal of chaos and misunderstanding since belief systems and the values of the dominant system are in a massive state of flux. This plays out in the very public tragic comedy of US politics, with the rise of fascist attitudes facing off with the unstoppable grassroots movement toward justice and equality for all. Across the globe so many people are either cowering from the impact of the ongoing wars and the forced migration of millions, or aghast at the display of ignorance and uncaring exhibited by the popularity of the GOP candidate for POTUS. They are not being shown the extent of the popular movement that is sweeping the country due to the corporate media's black out. This Last Quarter phase, and the week following as the cycle culminates, is a good time to anchor ourselves in our own highest values, keeping a focus on those ideals that make life meaningful, having faith there are enough others who share our values to effect real change. Taking in the fear so vigorously promoted by the dying power structure will have nothing but terrible repercussions as Saturn-Neptune are challenging us to orient ourselves for the long haul. If fear rules our decisions and actions now the future will indeed match the most frightening scenarios. If connection, compassion and social justice rule in our hearts we're building on the future in the most beautiful way possible, while receiving the powerful support of the cosmic energies, rather working against them. Integrating inner wisdom, intuition, spiritual practices and dream messages increasingly into our lives are important keys to being able to maintain sanity and optimism, and in the face of even more polluting, poisoning events and revelations, deceptive uses of science, with all the Piscean/Neptunian influence.

    The 5th is a day of multi-leveled shifting as Mercury enters Pisces increasing access to intuition and imagination over the next 19 days, while Mars enters Sagittarius igniting the motivation for bold explorations both inward and outward into late May. Mars goes retrograde in April and will slide back into transformational Scorpio end of May completing that passage by August 3. This gives us more time to change our collective and personal orientation to aggression and war as ways to resolve differences. Adding to the shifting energies of this day meanwhile Moon enters Aquarius bringing the count to 3 planets changing signs in one day. Add in Sun-Saturn forming a demanding square. If things are not as we'd like them to be then what are we committed  to that will have positive and long lasting affect?

    New Moon Solar Eclipse at 5:54 pm PST on the 8th is also a SuperMoon increasing its power for major shifts. It perfects at the 19th degree of Pisces, with Sun-Moon in their monthly marriage emphasizing the interconnected of all life forms, connecting the earthly and cosmic even more intimately within our usually way too limited consciousness. Chiron joins the lights, Jupiter opposes as we're invited to be more fluid, dancing with the miracle of being alive. Chiron represents multi-dimensionality and the bridge between the material and the spiritual, the connecting link where we realize our animal and spiritual nature are one, and Jupiter amplifies and expands on this theme reminding us to be humble and honoring of the vast diversity of beings. Jupiter, Greater Benefic, trines powerful Pluto increasing the possibilities for practical, accessible and sustainable remedies and solutions to difficult problems. Mercury and Ceres also in Pisces add to this message that we're all in it together, that kindness and nurturing in our words and deeds are the way to heal ourselves and the world. Saturn forms a conflicted T-Square with the Lights-Chiron and Jupiter and the Moon's Node continuing its command for dedication to highest principles, in our own lives and especially in the reconstruction of society's institutions, government and business in particular. Refer back to 19 years ago for the eclipse on March 8 of 1997 that matches this major shifting point. What was significant then that is about to move to the next place on the spiral in our individual and collective evolution. Meanwhile Jupiter in a tight and tense quincunx to Uranus creates a wide open space for freeing ourselves from beliefs that restrict our options, producing tension in direct relation to how much or little we resist the needed mental shift. We must be discriminating and ethical in the beliefs we choose to guide us. Revelations can be quite dramatic and humbling at the same time. Saturn trines Wild Card Uranus consolidating the intricacies of the new awareness we've come to, making sure we can access what we need into the coming months and years. This lunation in the sign of endings is also a new beginning, making it imperative that we let go of whatever may be holding us back at this moment in our lives. Sabian Symbol for eclipse degree:" A Master instructing his disciple. The transfer of power and knowledge which keeps the original spiritual and creative impulse of the cycle active and undeviated." (Rudyhar) Wherever this New Moon falls in our individual charts is an area of life requiring nothing less than total surrender at a very deep level. What are we ready to offer back to Chaos by way of pain, sorrow, grief, confusion, shame, to be recycled into more resilience and replenishment?
        "That is the Whole. This is the Whole. The Whole comes out of the Whole.
          Taking the Whole from the Whole, The Whole itself remains." (Isa Upanishad, Invocation)

    Late on the 19th , 9:31 pm PST, Sun enters Aries marking the Spring Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere. A continuing big line up in Pisces extends our work the numinous, mystical, non-physical aspects of existence, and the need to make space for more stillness and reflection in our lives. Venus joining Neptune can reveal toxic relationships where deception is at the core, but can also bring exquisite encounters if we've gotten past the illusions, and promotes an attitude of forgiveness. Ceres-Chiron on the South Node emphasizes the problems with food production, GMO's, fluoridation of water sources along with other contamination, bringing to the fore more clearly the extent of greed and bad science used to deceive the public for many years. Jupiter-Pluto still in a get-the-job-done powerful trine offer solutions that can be implemented by relying less on the power elite and more on local communities getting together for problem solving and sharing resources. Spring for 2016 promises to be magical, mystical and certainly messy!

    Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on the 23rd at the 4th degree of Libra 5:00 am PDT opposes Sun and Mercury in Aries for another potent lunation calling for us to bring more balance into all our relationships, personal and professional interactions, group dynamics, collaborative efforts. There's a boldness to our stated intentions now as we've been swimming around in the vastness of consciousness. With all the possibilities in sight we can choose with more clarity the ones with the highest degree of resonance. Our words and messages have greater impact at this time, being extra thoughtful before making declarations or responding to what others have shared is important. Still the Piscean line up immerses us in the often hidden workings of the subconscious, the dream realm, the mystical numinous experiences we generally don't allow space for. It's really not been up to us for the past many weeks, but is simply the cosmic condition we find ourselves in. At this lunation it's more than clear where escapism and avoidance have not been the best tactics, while a more direct and inspired path forward is being revealed. Chiron-Ceres urges the kind of self care and concern for the welfare of others that lead us to increased awareness of the dangers in our food, water and air and how we can strategize to deal these issues in our own way. Insights from dreams have greater power so allowing a few minutes before rising in the morning to contemplate the residue from our sleeping consciousness can bring even greater rewards than usual. Jupiter retrograde perfects its 2nd square to Saturn since last August 3 when the 2 planets especially associated with culture, social structures, shared beliefs as well as individual beliefs, squared off from Leo (Jupiter) to Scorpio (Saturn). That first alignment brought about a pressing need for, and action around, changes from the ground up; for structural renovations informed by human generosity rather than the greed and ignorance that have overtaken so many of our cultural institutions. Renewed courage to speak and live our truth while aligning with others into action are the foremost opportunities for this lunation. Sabian Symbol for 4th degree of Libra from Rudyhar: "Around a campfire, a group of young people sit in spiritual communion. the necessity to unite with kindred spirits as enters unbeaten paths illumined by the still-insecure light of a dawning intuition of new values."




















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