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Month of February, 2016

        Last days of January and through almost mid February Saturn's slow, magnetic, futuristic dance with the Great Attractor amplifies all commitments, obligations, reforms and effects of dogma of any kind. This passage  is a powerful time of manifesting whatever we've dedicated ourselves to body, mind and spirit, and operates whether through unconscious energetic focus or, preferably, through fully conscious awareness. Mindfulness practice is strongly advised to optimize the beneficial outcomes and minimize those issuing from unconscious distractions. This Saturn-GA activity will repeat in May of this year and wind up in late October, beginning of November, furthering those projects and intentions we're most allied with. In addition Jupiter and the Moon's North Node continue in intimate collaboration for most of this month encouraging us to Be Here Now, remember our personal ethics and dedication to higher ideals, and supporting all intentions for the common good. Mars in deeply probing Scorpio all month can have a painful sting where the focus is self-preservation and greed, or be so devoted to authenticity, true healing and ethical sharing of resources it carries us further into the sacred territory of re-creating ourselves and our world.

    On the 2nd is the cross quarter day that marks halfway between Solstice and Equinox, one of the ancient and contemporary fire festivals in the seasonal rounds, known in some shamanic cultures of Europe as Imbolc. Days are perceptibly longer while the promise of Spring is more alive, a good time to withdraw to some extent from the usual activities and honor this seasonal turning. Mars connects with Pluto the 3rd with Sun-Saturn also forming a supportive relationship. Both aspects promote getting down to essential business, paying attention to ideals and how we can materialize them more in our day to day functions. 5th and 6th Venus plays an important role in revealing where we need more honesty, commitment and healing in love and money, while also promoting respect for the individuality of each partner and their unique path.

    New Moon arrives at the 20th degree of Aquarius on the 8th with a stressful square of Mars to Sun and Moon challenging us to bring together passionate emotions with the clarity of intellectual inquiry. Supportive sextiles with the Lights to Uranus-Saturn puts the former at the midpoint of the 2 planets to emphasize how the past and future come together at this moment in time in a whole new way. Tradition combining with innovation is a big theme for this lunation. Being inventive is rewarded as is moderation, respect for others of differing opinions along with courage to face the unknown. Jupiter-North Node quincunx the Sun-Moon pushes for stronger ethics, simpler, more accessible remedies to problems and major adjustments in all of us to how we see future possibilities. Mercury, Venus and Pluto all in Capricorn call for accountability and practicality in our interactions, thinking, use of resources. Also these planets are about honoring the elders, which includes the elder cultures of the planet, the indigenous peoples who have preserved traditional ways that will help us through the Transition we're in the midst of. Friends, group involvements, community are part of the Aquarian agenda as we learn more about how to live and work together for the common good. This beginning point for the month ahead, and for the next year in all these matters, is ripe for clarifying and committing to whatever improvements we want to make. This is also the Chinese New Year, with Yang Fire Monkey in charge from now 'til next winter. This from Western School of Feng Shui practitioner and teacher Karen Carrasco: "The Monkey's energy is highly innovative and opportunistic. The Fire element encourages collaboration and philanthropy"…. and brings in "a passion for socializing and communicating heart-felt concerns. When we collaborate with others this year we can turn self-interest into profound social change." The Sabian Symbol for the 20th degree of Aquarius from Rudyhar: "A large white dove bearing a message. The answer of spiritual agencies to thorough, sustained and victorious individual efforts." This can be the year to begin turning America into a true democracy!

    Mercury leaves pragmatic Capricorn on the 13th entering fixed air sign Aquarius, re-crossing the degree today it turned retrograde on January 5. With a Mars-Jupiter combinational at this time we are emboldened to act from a higher perspective, but with bit feet on the ground. More light may be shed on what was going on of significance in early January. Sun enters Pisces on the 18th shifting consciousness more into the realm of the boundless unknown, the Mystery, the visionary aspect of the soul. With Neptune, Pisces' ruler, Ceres, South Node and Chiron also in the mutable water sign we now have major emphasis on waking and sleeping dreams, expression of the finer human emotions, experiencing the web of life, music, poetry, mysticism, along with increased opportunities for misunderstandings, messy emotional situations, nebulous thinking. If we maintain an inner focus, in touch with innate wisdom, intuitive insights, psychic vision we can avoid the chaos all the emphasis on Pisces can generate.

    Full Moon on the 22nd at the 4th degree of Virgo opposes Sun, Neptune and Ceres in Pisces highlighting the sanctity of the mundane aspects of existence. Chiron-South Node oppose Jupiter North Node for the compassion, vision, and devotion to healing the ancient wounds, personal and collective, of the brutal last 5,000 years of dominance-submission; for changing consciousness from separate and competitive to unity, for reviving faith in the innate goodness of ourselves and all humanity and for transmuting our very DNA to resonate to a finer frequency. Paying attention to the magical and miraculous in everyday life is a huge part of the revolution of consciousness we're undergoing, as the crumbling power structure works overtime to keep us distracted in separatism, fear, belief in scarcity of resources and innate greed of the species. Saturn squares the Chiron-Jupiter aspect challenging us to bring forth our most empowering and enlightening beliefs to insure a present and future of life-affirming values. The sociopaths have had their day, and then some, now is the time for utopian ideals to meet with real solutions. "Black and white children play together happily. The overcoming of socio-cultural prejudices." (Rudyhar, Sabian Symbol for 4th degree of Virgo) We're ending a crucial 19 year cycle and beginning a new one with the next New Moon, a Solar Eclipse of extraordinary power. Start looking back to 1997, March 8, when an eclipse began this cycle that is culminating in the next month. What was your focus then, what dreams were essential? We have an opportunity to go to the next level as we approach the Pisces Solar Eclipse on this March 8. May we dream well.


















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