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Month of January, 2016

    2016 is a year where crises in environmental degradation, social justice and human rights are addressed more effectively, old attitudes and beliefs are challenged to the max, with legal and institutional changes enacted to reflect the need for more equality and individual freedoms. With Pluto-Uranus and Saturn-Neptune bringing things to a head in these areas we'll see much bigger movement toward fossil free energy sources and universal consciousness expansion about who and what we really are as humans. Of course the backlash is also part of this year's dynamics as the old dominance/submission establishment fights tooth and nail to maintain a stranglehold on the world's populations and control of global resources. Pluto-Uranus began this epic journey back in the mid-60's and will not even reach their climactic opposition until 2045 which marks halfway through their synodic cycle. Whatever we do between now and then has immense repercussions on the future for humans on this planet. Saturn and Neptune began their current cycle in 1989 when we had a good look at the oil industry (Saturn) and the need for more oversight and less dependence on fossil fuels (Neptune), while events like the Berlin Wall (Saturn) being torn down. dissolving (Neptune) defined a new era of global awareness, along with the massacre of peacefully protesting students in China. Currently the movement to "Keep it in the Ground" is gaining momentum while some governments are being pro-active on that mission, i.e. Denmark, Sweden and Finland to name 3.

    Starting the year off on January 1 is Last Quarter Libra Moon square Capricorn Sun advising us to get more in balance in our relationships and social interactions as well as attend to matters of social justice in our world. Mercury changes from Capricorn to Aquarius, but is in the last days before turning retrograde on the 5th, spending only a week in the fixed air sign, then sliding back into the late degrees of Capricorn on the 8th. We're compelled to see things from a more futuristic perspective for now, and will of course have the next 3 weeks to review, remember, re-structure, re-organize, revise; all those ways of going back over our previously thinking and accomplishments to see how we can make improvements before Mercury pivots direct on the 25th. The review in the cardinal earth sign includes exploring those assumptions and culturally dictated beliefs that are part of what holds us back from real progress, individually and collectively.
    Mars enters Scorpio on the 3rd meanwhile, one of the 2 signs it rules in traditional astrology, empowering us to act on the most crucial priorities into early August as it will also do a backward dance starting right after mid-April (in early degree of Sagittarius). Topping off the back and forth, now it's here, now it's gone, enigmatic, perplexing and consciousness shifting first few days of 2016 is the pivot of Jupiter at the 24th degree of Virgo to retrograde motion on the 7th for the next few months. Review is in order of all matters concerning higher mind, spiritual practices and alliances, aligning with the sacred quality of every aspect of our lives. We're finding the spiritual connection within ourselves as the need for mediates between us and the divine recedes further into the human past. During this phase many religious and spiritual leaders, gurus, self-improvement celebrities continue to be exposed as men with feet of clay, and too many with histories of manipulation and abuse. Also higher education and access to it for the masses is under the microscope, air travel issues, including the major polluting from all the fuels released in the atmosphere. Problem solving from a more optimistic, yet somewhat moderate, perspective is highly favored for the coming months.
     New Moon at the 20th degree of Capricorn on the 9th perfects at 5:30 pm PST, with both Lights joined by Pluto, squared by Uranus for a good, hefty, continuing shake up of our reality. Jupiter retrograde and North Node join over a span of auspicious days, from now through at least the 24th, to point us in the right direction in all matters ruled by the Greater Benefic; a time when major improvements can be made with the simplest and most accessible elements. Whether it's in the personal realm for each of us indicated by where 23 degrees Virgo resides in our charts, or in the larger picture, with better ideas for improving health care for the masses and broadening educational opportunities. The balance between abandon and control are prominent themes in our lives all this year with Saturn-Neptune, and at this new beginning the 2 planets are helping us to retain what makes sense from the past and allow the inner wisdom to guide us into the future. Sabian Symbol for the Sun and Moon's degree from Rudhyar: "A hidden choir is singing during a religious service. The fulfillment of the individual's creative function through his participation in a group performance consecrated to a transcendent realization of unity."

    Full Moon on January 23 with Moon facing Sun from the 4th degree of Leo to the 4th degree of Aquarius at 5:45 pm PST is also blessed by the beneficent, consciousness expanding Jupiter-North Node conjunction. This helps us individually and collectively align with higher priorities, ethical concerns and effective problem solving that can move us forward into a brighter future. Saturn trine Vesta supports solid commitments to the  sacred in our lives, whatever that is to each of us, and reminds us of the importance of clear and healthy boundaries in all interactions with others, especially in intimacy, sexual liaisons and in spiritual groups. Moon in Leo, Sun in Aquarius illuminate the need for healthy ego balance, individual creative input along with joining in the collective as unity consciousness is on the rise. When we embody our uniqueness in harmony with community we create the better world we've all been longing for. It's near the end for the power structure that's been invested in keeping us distracted, fearful and scrambling to survive. Our commitment to scrupulous honesty with ourselves and in all interactions is emphasized by Mercury joining Pluto, helping us discriminate between truth and fear-mongering as well. "A formally dressed elderly man stands near trophies he brought back from a hunting expedition. The masculine will to conquer his animal nature and to impress his peers with his skill in performing the traditional power rituals." (Rudhyar, Sabian Symbols, 4th degree of Leo) Certainly knowing our role in this time of Great Awakening and fully committing to it, along with the immense support of the Pluto-Uranus and Saturn-Neptune energies, is the most important work we can accomplish.


















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