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Month of December, 2015

    The last month of 2015 is highly influenced by 2 potent outer planet pairings, still moving us into essential and long lasting change; the Uranus-Pluto square continues very closely within 2 degrees of orb, and the Saturn-Neptune square also amps up the pressure for crucial structural changes, along with mass awakening to matters of social justice, human rights, the need to stop poisoning our environment, food, medicines and minds. We're all in the cauldron of transformative processes, in whatever ways we individually need change and as a collective in species wide shifts. We're feeling the intensity of this time at the very root of our being, whether aware of the source of this growing vibrational experience or not. Extra good care should be taken to make sure we get the rest and replenishment needed to bypass the negative impact this level of unusual stress can have on our systems.

    Jupiter's pass through mutable earth sign Virgo signals a time to reclaim our food and health care systems to benefit us and future generations. Simple things are accessible for many of us to participate, as Eric Utne points out in the Spring 2015 issue of "Utne Reader", through the "locavore and slow food movements, through artisanal restaurants and farmer's markets and CSA's and through the work of people like Severine von Tscharner Fleming, founder of Greenhorns. These people are restoring the land, cultivating self-sufficiency and celebrating local food traditions."Inner city projects are emerging around the country where urban farming is being taught to give people access to fresh foods who otherwise have none available, while fostering self-sufficiency in areas where that's most sorely needed. Of course improving the quality of our food impacts health dramatically as a more empowering and immediate way to take back control over our lives. Jupiter's relationship to the biggest goals and aspirations has been traversing the sign of order, simplicity, details since August and will continue through the months ahead. The answers to so many problems will be easier to access as grass roots movements gain even more momentum during this phase.

    New Moon at the 20th degree of Sagittarius on the 11th initiates a cycle where new perspectives and insights and revelations of truth are available supporting the next part of the journey into the unknown. If the substance of the universe is consciousness as quantum physics and mystics tell us, then this is the lunation of the year most emphasizing that truth. We're remembering "if you amplify the frequency of the structure matter will change". That equates to our thoughts, our consciousness, being the determining factor for our reality. Sun and Moon now form a mystical, practical Mutable T-Square with Chiron in Pisces and Jupiter in Virgo emphasizing multi-dimensional aspects of reality accessible to us in our everyday experiences, if we'll just slow down enough to be present in the moment. This pattern reveals more of the false beliefs and assumptions we've been operating with both individually and collectively. Religious dogma continues to be exposed as a way to keep people separated from our commonality and from our own direct experience of spiritual connection with our world, each other and the cosmos. Mars and Uranus are in direct opposition exploding with possibilities for new ways to be in relationship to each other and to ourselves.  They offer us the courage to step out of the consensus reality even more, validate our uniqueness and act where we see social injustices playing out. Venus trine Neptune softens the atmosphere fostering feelings of unity, compassion, allowing us to feel deeply our true heart's desires. The lower and higher octaves of love, as Venus and Neptune are known, in this watery dance with each other refine human emotions, our values and priorities, compelling us to devote ourselves further to peaceful and loving intentions. Sabian Symbol for this lunation from Rudyhar: "In an old-fashioned northern village men cut the ice of a frozen pond for use during the summer. The foresighted use of natural resources to supply future human needs." This image about being prepared for future needs resonates with us now as this is a time of great shifts, not only in how we utilize resources but in what resources we need to be switching to. It also speaks to the unlimited inner resources we all possess that steer us toward a better future as we learn to rely more and more on that innate wisdom.

    On the 21st Winter Solstice arrives in the Northern Hemisphere as Sun enters Capricorn 9:47 PST. Taurus Moon forms a solid, stabilizing Grand Earth Trine with Jupiter and Pluto, Mercury and Pallas at this pivotal and sacred moment in the yearly round. Jupiter also closely conjoins North Node for a particularly optimistic look into the future, supported by the promise of many practical, effective solutions to the biggest problems we face. Mars tightly opposes Eris energizing all attempts at mediating difficult situations, both personally and globally. This aspect can also unleash rage in places where injustice has been oppressing people over long periods of suffering and deprivation. Venus however stands at the head of a Kite aspect bringing authenticity, compassion and deep devotion to unity to whatever is unfolding. People come together to contain the violence and soothe the suffering with Taurus Moon at the Kite's tail.

    December 25, Christmas Day, Full Moon perfects 3:11 am PST at the 4th degree of Cancer. At the same time Uranus pivots to direct motion charging up this lunar event with futuristic scenarios, surprising shifts in direction, innovative solutions and unexpected collaborations. Sun, Moon, Neptune and asteroid Juno create a Kite aspect at this lunation, also highlighting the need and the possibilities for working together, pooling resources, creating more functional communities. External authority has been losing credibility for a while, something that's quite evident now. We each need to internalize authority for ourselves, validate our own sense of what's important and what we need to ignore or bypass to make sure we're on the right track for our own purposes. This along with awareness of our role in the collective as a unique being contributing the best of what we have to offer. Jupiter's continued alliance with the North Node extends the optimism and pragmatic approaches to problem solving, while also emphasizing the need for an actual health care system that's more about health and less about corporate profits. Models are appearing now that can be considered for the radical overhaul we need in the US, the most undeveloped of the developed world in the area of health care. Sabian Symbol for 4th degree of Cancer: " A cat arguing with a mouse. An attempt at self-justification." (Rudyhar) We all can use this Light filled moment to lay to rest the inner conflicts and wars going on that keep us from our joy, our capacity for effective work and more loving relationships.


















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