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Month of October, 2015

     October's Libra emphasis extends beyond the Sun as Mercury and North Node also occupy the cardinal air sign associated with partnerships, the quest for harmony, justice and equality in its skillful expression and ambivalence, indecisiveness and manipulative use of personal charm and unsupported promises in the out of balance expression. We're in a constant process of coming into balance, as that goal operates on the unconscious and sometimes conscious levels in the multiple layers of our being; in the body, mental/emotional and spiritual aspects, as well as in our interactions and relationships with those around us. All disease and discomfort in our systems is part of that constant flow of energies within, whose aim is to bring us as close to total harmony in ourselves as possible. The process of bringing relationships into balance is a particularly tricky challenge for us this year as the cosmic patterns have been working on us to dismantle old paradigm models of partnering and collaborating and implement new models based on mutual respect and mutual support of each person's uniqueness and wholeness. This month is significant in the grand opportunities offered this year to get ourselves and our relationships into a much healthier alignment with core values. Life gets so much easier as we forego the old dominance/submission structure that's come to the enth degree of dysfunction. 

    October 3rd Mercury is stationing, meaning at its slowest movement from Earth's perspective, getting ready to turn direct this week, and in conjunction with the Moon's North Node. This occurs at the potent 1st degree of Libra, the same degree our Milky Way's Super Galactic Center black hole occupies in Deep Space. The configuration describes a time of epic realizations, awakenings, group actions and messages promoting a trend into the future for a more vital, balanced, collaborative and overall functional human race. For each of us the beginning of this month is an important time to be considering all aspects of our own inner balancing act and how we can better work along with the cosmic/earthly flow of energies rather than against them. But also just as importantly we're full-on engaged with the intricacies and puzzles of human relationships. How can we most effectively navigate them while avoiding the creation of more karmic conditions we'll need to deal with further on down the road? In groups what are the unique gifts and talents we possess that we can offer at this point for the betterment of the collective, and for all life forms on our beloved planet? The skills for communication in non-confrontive, non-violent language we've learned (in our cultural indoctrination of constant competitiveness) are exploding into the collective to help us move forward with solutions rather than more conflict and eternal warring. Negotiating, mediating, diplomacy, collaborations are the most powerful tools we have at present as the cosmic mandate comes through with Mercury and North Node. Final agreements are in the works and can be finalized by the 9th and beyond.

    On the 8th Venus re-crosses the 1st degree of Virgo where she turned retrograde on July 25. The details are very much in prominence with Mercury's condition and with Venus in Mercury's sign helping us sort through what to keep what to leave behind or give away, be more discriminating, fine tune and consider the good of all.  In fact the 2 planets are in the mutually supportive, gracious dance of Mutual Reception, meaning they each occupy the other's sign. What skill or objective have we been longing to engage with but not felt we had the time or resources for before now? Making that a priority will reap great rewards, as we'll find in taking one step at a time toward the goal brings up almost magical responses to our current needs. Breaking down big tasks into small increments works best now. The 9th brings Mercury's forward spin at that 1st degree of Libra for even more emphasis and empowerment in the balancing act we're all in the midst of. The future is easier to access as now we have clearer vision and more decisive thinking processes.

    Where do we belong and with whom? Who are the people who make up our soul family, our tribe? New Moon on the 12th at the 20th degree of Libra is opposed by Wild Card Uranus, challenging and pushing us to inhabit our uniqueness and independence while at the same time committing to the improvement of personal. professional and community relationships. Residues of anger, ancient rage surface to be processed in safe and productive actions as Eris closely joins Uranus in opposing this lunation. Any vigorous physical activities with the intention to clear anger can be useful practice as long as it's not one we're likely to hurt ourselves engaging in. Jupiter, Venus and Mars are also closely allied in discerning Virgo and in a trine with Pluto in Capricorn. These planets working together in such harmonious patterns provide a great deal of support for moving mountains, mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually. Venus has just exactly squared Saturn adding a mandate for extra clear commitments to what the heart truly desires, with no room for equivocating or wasting time or resources on any level. "A rabbi performing his duties. The ability to draw on the power of an ancestral tradition in order to serve and inspire one's fellow (humans)". (Sabian Symbol from Rudyhar for Sun-Moon degree) This New Moon is a powerful time for initiating or furthering any metaphysical, scientific, herbal or medical studies, or going to the next level of practice in these areas along with the major opportunities for forming or solidifying particularly beneficial alliances. Community projects also are strongly favored.

    Mars joins Jupiter on the 17th for quite effective, energy efficient strategies moving us further toward cherished goals. Don't fall into pettiness, obsessed with the details, but do be attentive to and honoring of the mundane aspects of daily life and the intricate components that make up a solid plan for success in the larger purpose. Energetic patterns are quite productive through the rest of the month and into early November with Venus, Mars and Jupiter all still closely allied in earth sign Virgo.

    Sun enters Scorpio on the 23rd for passage into the darker part of the yearly round in the Northern Hemisphere and a deepening of consciousness as we naturally access what's beneath the surface during the fixed water sign's passage. The Sun in Scorpio journey for 2015 will be one where rising awareness of the false paradigm of dominance/submission spreads exponentially throughout the world. Also in our personal lives we're experiencing a greater connection to the core, to who and what we truly are at heart. This journey of discovery can be both painful and exhilarating as the old beliefs and limiting psychological structures fall away. Pluto (Scorpio's ruler) and Uranus continue to excavate, devastate, deconstruct and radicalize consciousness and consequently societal institutions as they remain in a close square into 2016.

    October 27 Taurus Full Moon at the 4th degree is in a tense quincunx with Saturn pushing for a shift in any inertia we may be experiencing that can be an uncomfortable but fruitful adjustment. Do not resist. In order to fly we need a firm grounding as well as a clear sense of direction. What's "talking to us" as far as important commitments from the latter part of April into May last Spring? Jupiter, Venus, Mars continue their blessedly efficient, aesthetic, grounded-in-the-present-moment passage as cohorts on a mission. We can get right down to the nuts and bolts of making dreams manifest. Jupiter-Venus opposing Chiron stirs the finer emotions and exquisite vision while also reminding us of any unfinished sorrow we may need to allow ourselves to move through. What spiritual or meditative practice would benefit us now? What is the essence of our life story and are we in a place to change that narrative in light of a clearer connection with the soul's intention for this lifetime? Sabian Symbol for the Moon from Rudyhar: "The pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Riches that come from linking the celestial and the earthly nature."


















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