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Month of September, 2015

    Venus, still in her retrograde review passage, and Mars have just consummated their marriage in risk taking Leo, as September starts off. It's the last few days before the Queen of Heaven pivots around to direct motion on the 6th, a time when bright Venus has far more power and influence in human affairs. Her areas of rulership are under much stronger scrutiny as we prepare for the next steps for each of us individually and in our collective experience. She represents divine feminine, the principles of interconnection, receptivity and responsiveness, values, self esteem, empathy, money and how we attract or repel what we need and what we want. She also represents the roles of women in the global community which presently are changing radically as we get a clearer picture of the centuries old oppressive, brutal and demeaning attitudes of unbalanced, male dominated societies. This direct turn in the 1st week of the month signals a brief time of enthusiastic forward movement between now and the 17th when Mercury turns retrograde. The merger with Mars on the last day of August energizes that movement while stimulating changes that help us gain a balance between feminine and masculine qualities in ourselves, and more female-male equality in our world. This can be at times a quite painful process as facing the full extent of the inequities and the brutal conditions they have produced is what we've been avoiding for a very long time.

    Meanwhile we have a look at what needs our utmost attention right now. We're ready for taking bold steps forward if we've been properly reflective and facing our own stuff since July 25 when Venus turned, at 1st degree of fastidious Virgo, to her "backward" phase.  The opportunities are for clarification of what's needed for improved relationships, specific steps we can take to better attract resources and manage finances, added energy to creative expression and remedial actions we can take for increasing health and well being in general. Sorting through the activities we engage in every day, weeding out those habits, ideas, attitudes that do not serve improved functioning and personal happiness, are most favored with Sun and Jupiter both in Virgo and heading for a Virgo Solar Eclipse on the 12th. Mars trine Uranus on the 8th lifts us out of our usual limited areas of functioning by enlightening, "out of the blue" events, either feeling divinely inspired or seriously upsetting our sense of security and comfort. This can instigate highly impulsive actions, dangerous if we're not grounded and focused on our own purpose.

    New Moon Solar Eclipse at the 21st degree of Virgo perfects 11:41 pm on the 17th. Sun and Moon oppose multi-dimensional Chiron in Pisces, the sign of utter surrender to the oneness of all Creation. Unity, both within our individual psyches and in collective consciousness, is a major theme for this potent, shifting lunation beginning a new cycle of evolutionary movement. Virgo's refined, precise capacity to focus on all the components of a situation, problem, healing process is enhanced immeasurably by Chiron's ability to go into the very essence of anything under its influence. The Lights are also in a tension producing quincunx with futuristic Uranus, pushing for radical adjustments wherever most needed. Again, this can be through open minded willingness or it can hit us with a disorienting, disruptive situation that must be dealt with here and now. The extent of pain or discomfort is largely relative to how willing we are to make the necessary shift. Chiron's presence also helps us uncover the most powerful healing potential, the most effective remedies and remedial actions we can take, while Virgo's input favors the simplest earth-based solutions and substances we have available. Jupiter and Neptune oppose each other (exact on the 16th) expanding consciousness well beyond old boundaries, helping us clarify specific intentions from the broadest areas of possibilities before us. However don't get lost in the stratospheric illusions these 2 planets can generate when working together. Using effective grounding practices and invoking inspiration and guidance from our favorite personal muses, angels, deities, dakinis, ancestors are great ways to ensure maximum rewards over the coming year.

    On the 17th Mercury turns retrograde at the 16th degree of Libra, the cardinal air sign ruled by Venus. From now 'til October 9 the planet most aligned with moving between worlds, negotiating and mediating in conflicts, perceiving and articulating takes us on a complex and thorough review of those same Venus ruled themes of relatedness and responsiveness until direct motion. Thereafter, and up to November 1, Mercury's encouraging the implementation of the newly found or refurbished skills as well as thinking more inclusively, making informed decisions and communicating. Diplomacy is key. Thinking before we speak is mostly a good idea as Libra teaches, but the down side of that wisdom is the tendency for over-thinking. Getting stuck in mental conundrums is not a fruitful or comfortable place to be. However both Mars and Jupiter in Virgo from late September through the rest of Mercury's Libra pass promote precision, decisiveness and confidence needed to cut through any ambivalence. Meanwhile during the retrograde phase be mindful of all the usual cautions; being attentive to the smaller details and diverse components of any situation, double checking travel schedules and other related particulars and having vehicles checked out before starting on a trip. Making or signing agreements before all the information is in always a very tricky practice, but much more so during the Trickster's most trickster-y passages.


    Between Venus direct September 6 and Mercury retrograde September 17 exists an open space for embracing from the depths of our souls those most desired outcomes. Having discerned what we really want, then articulated with the grace of a more awakened heart's yearning we also may have increased social consciousness about the painful scenarios playing out in our world every day. On October 9 when Mercury spins to move forward it crosses the Super Galactic Center at the 1st degree of Libra, the degree of a black hole in Deep Space, with one major possibility being access to powerful solutions.

        "The largest known black hole, ZS, gravitationally organizes more than thirty galaxies, ours included, at the cost of cannibalizing all of them. Contained in this congregation structure lie 3 trillion stars and over ten thousand globular clusters, all captive to the infinite gravity, time dilation and violent energy eruptions of this central influence" (P. Sedgwick)

This description of SGC, or ZS, portrays a point of immense power to create or utterly devastate. As we're on a crucial brink of even more massive destruction than is imaginable, it seems this moment in time is one of many with potential for turning around the course we're on. In our individual realms getting clear about energy sucking relationships in any context of one to one interaction is a possibility, while also becoming more  capable of forming alliances of greater mutual benefit. In the global community political bullshit and not so subtle smokescreens that perpetuate war and destruction are likely far more transparent to the masses. Mercury comes forth out of the "underworld" potently energized to lead us into new mental and relational territory. That feminine perspective continues to infuse consciousness through the Fall with influences bringing us into greater balance and harmony with each other, our world, and most essentially, within ourselves.

    Full Moon Lunar Eclipse September 27 at 5th degree of Aries completes the cycle of eclipses for this year with feminine archetype asteroids Vesta and Juno intimately conjoined with Moon and Sun for added emphasis on the emerging new paradigm where divine male and divine female dance together in mutual love, respect and appreciation of the qualities of each. Moon trine Saturn brings fundamental and long term changes in prevailing belief systems and what we see as possible for our collective future. This is the 2nd of 3 in a row SuperMoons this year, and is the closest to the Earth of the 3, meaning the gravitational pull is stronger on our biosphere and on our body/mind systems. All of this reveals patterns with enormous power behind for increased awakening and release from the depths of our psyches  those things we've been most resistant to facing. Sun and Moon degrees from Rudyhar's Sabian Symbol interpretations: "A man revealing to his students the foundation of an inner knowledge upon which a 'New World' could be built."(5 Libra) "A triangle with wings. The capacity for self-transcending." (5 Aries) Moon's North Node is headed for the Super Galactic Center meanwhile, in fact off and on that 1st degree of Libra from the Solar Eclipse into November. This guiding force from Deep Space points to a future of radical new ways of living, true to our core nature, on planet Earth. The alternative is to allow ourselves, mainly through stubborn resistance to that scenario, to be sucked into the grand cosmic vacuum cleaner to be re-issued in some other form, and in some other far off galaxy. Certainly the choice is ours, but perhaps not for much longer.


















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