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Month of June, 2015

    The Full Moon arrives on June 2 in all its Sagittarius/Gemini glory with no less than 3 Grand Trines; one in fire, one in air element and an "out of sign" (water and fire) major aspect, as well as a T-square formed by Neptune with the Sun and Moon.  The Neptune at the apex T-square requires even deeper reflection, meditation and dedicated dreaming time than the rest of the Mercury retrograde period so far. This peak in inner focus marks a moment when each of us can gain crucial insight supporting the journey forward. Additionally the collective mindset is up for more enlightening information and events. Allowing vs effecting is part of the message, supported by the 3 Grand Trines. The air sign major aspect involves Sun-retrograde Mercury-Mars all in Gemini, the Moon's North Node in Libra, and Ceres, the Great Mother, in Aquarius. The receiving and transmitting qualities of Mercury are seriously amped up, especially as it's in its sign of rulership and retrograde as well. Emphasis is powerful on all our interactions; personal, professional, commercial, and it's quite clear that being present, grounded and clear-headed are important. The possibilities for distractions of major and minor proportions are big. Advice is to slow down, check one's internal state and breathe deeply to avoid the negative impact distractions can have at this juncture. Being in Nature is also highly beneficial for this lunation as being so immersed gives us direct connection to Magical Consciousness. The North Node and Ceres in the air trine involve the collective consciousness leaning toward the nurturing qualities of the feminine and the theme of universal interconnection.
    Grand Fire Trine with Moon-Pallas, Jupiter-Juno and Uranus-Eris highlights passionate spirit, the urge for freedom from constraints of any kind, new experiences and new alliances along with improvements in existing partnerships, inventive solutions to problems where we've reached an impasse. Releasing age old rage is part of the firey trine, personally and collectively. On the personal level we may need to find ways to process old, stored up rage that are safe, spiritually ethical and cleansing acts. The artificially created religious hatreds so prominent in present time, have been building to horrific levels, as a massive force for destruction in our world. This must be ended by enlightened discourse that Gemini is so good at, and recognition of our commonality as humans. Unity in diversity is Gemini's highest gift while embracing all paths to enlightenment is Sagittarius'. We're called even further to let go of the Lie of Patriarchy of the last 5,000 years. Dominance/submission is not a natural system for humans to operate with; cooperation and working for healthy community is much more natural to our species and are far more effective ways to operate, as Nature reveals to us in so many diverse and powerful ways.
    Ceres, dwarf planet most closely related to the Great Mother of pre-patriarchal human societies, ancient grain goddess and protectress of women and young beings, turns retrograde at this moment in Aquarius. She's providing powerful emphasis now on the matter of food safety, the dangers and deceptions of the GMO mega corporations trying to control the world's food production and distribution. Other aspects of her influence gaining greater attention center around availability of Nature's most powerful healing substances in the movement to legalize cannabis for medical uses and for safe and even healthful recreational use. Bringing attention to the dangers of drug companies pushing for massive vaccinating of babies and young children, and growing numbers of vaccines developed and promoted all the time is part of Ceres taking us on a journey of review over the coming months. If the science is solid behind Big Pharma's most promoted drugs then the discussion should be one free of the intimidation, ridicule and dismissiveness currently used to discredit those who have questions. These urgent issues and more are under Ceres' protective wing, and in the sign Aquarius are up for more authentically open-minded investigation with the common good as the ultimate intent. The fact that NASA has been learning more about this dwarf planet through the Dawn Probe spacecraft  further emphasizes the importance of the former asteroid's presence in our Solar System. Certainly the impact of the feminine principle coming more into prominence is evident, in part through the growing grassroots movements globally that are changing our world. It's become increasingly necessary to shift into the receptive mode, to listen deeply to ourselves and to practice listening deeply with others. Ceres works her nurturing magic right now at the 10th degree of Aquarius as she pivots for her backward spin, a point in each of our charts where awakening to female wisdom and connectedness is more compelling than ever.

    The fact human is that history goes back tens of thousands of years with cultures seemingly even more advanced technologically and in their right relationship to each other and Gaia. Some of these discoveries are finally hitting the mainstream and turning upside down our understanding of who and what we are, and have been, as a species on this planet. Much more of this to come; inspiring, exciting and enlightening discoveries and revelations, all qualities arising with this Full Moon. The Mars-Pluto quincunx meanwhile cautions us to make the necessary adjustments in our consciousness, in everyday thinking, to match the astounding revelations from the Living Field. This kind of shifting of a world view can be frustrating, disorienting, but if we stay with the process with our ideals in clear focus the transition is much easier. Sabian symbol for the Moon's degree from Dane Rudhyar: "A flag becomes an eagle; the eagle a proud chanticleer." The chanticleer can be interpreted in a positive light with the French meaning of purely singing loud and clear, while the rooster connection to the image relates to a nationalistic theme that can be seen here also. "Nationalism is a silly cock crowing on his own dunghill." (R. Aldington) Choosing to "sing" what's really in our hearts, our  visions for the future, instead of bowing to the collective angst, is supremely rewarding.

    June 11 the Winged Messenger Mercury shifts from full-on Trickster mode to turn direct 3:33 pm PDT at the 5th degree of Gemini. For many referring back to the Scorpio Full Moon on May 3 will provide further insight into what was going on then and which direction to take in the present. The green light is on for moving forward, becoming even clearer and more compelling by the 27th when Mercury will re-cross the retrograde degree and be up to its usual speed prograde. That's the optimal time for serious decisions, alliances, activating networks, finalizing contracts. On the 12th Neptune turns retrograde for a quite subtle but pervasive influence for many days before and after, still compelling us to enter the realm of hidden or non-physical realities. We're much more in tune with the numinous, mysterious, mystical aspects of existence, so sorely needed now to balance the hyper-vigilant, constantly buzzed state we tend to be in most of the time, even quite often in spite of intentions to the contrary.

    Saturn in its annual retrograde phase meanwhile slips back into the last degree of Scorpio on the 14th to complete the 2 1 /2 year cycle in the fixed water sign this Summer, re-entering Sagittarius the 3rd week of September. We're finishing up very old business collectively in regards to the rotten, outworn aspects of institutions and foundations of human societies. Exposure of the manipulations, deceptions and toxic practices of government/big business have been a huge part of this passage since late 2012. Facing our shadow in all levels of group karma, as communities, political entities like states and nations, has been necessary to wake up to what we need to do toward reform and reconstruction. It's a challenging phase as the darkness seems to have gotten a firm foothold in our world, so much so that the revelations can be overwhelming. But it's only worse the longer we exist in denial of the extent to which we've been bamboozled. This Summer will be a period of massive resolutions as well as equally massive and necessary destruction of old institutions and traditions. In the personal realm wherever the last degrees of Scorpio fall in our natal charts is the area of major reform also, facing the shadow in ourselves, owning it and ultimately making those inner demons our most powerful allies. Sweeping changes are happening. It's our role to go along with them free of resistance and contributing from our own unique perspective and personal gifts.

    New Moon on the 16th brings Sun and Moon together at the 26th degree of Gemini joined by antsy and motivated Mars and squared by Chiron in Pisces. This beginning point for the next cycle emphasizes any grieving we need to face and acknowledge as carrying old sorrows past this moment will have more negative consequences. The motivation and support for grieving fully and letting go as much as we can right now is strong, individually and in groups; families, communities, nations, our entire species. Compassion for self and others is an important theme. Water therapies and just spending more time at the ocean or on the river are highly effective as are all the more subtle energy healing modalities in this moment of new possibilities. Juno-Jupiter, Eris-Uranus and Pallas are still in close and passionate Grand Fire Trine urging us forward in re-inventing ourselves and our relationships as we articulate (Gemini) our most cherished goals and intentions. Ceres, Mercury, North Node Grand Air trine also continues to encourage us to work for whatever serves the common good, especially more ethical practices where food and medicinals are involved, not to mention reverence for the feminine and all the women worldwide who labor daily to keep home and hearth, family and community together. Individually we can be guided to our own most effective medicines and self care needs, physical, mental/emotional and spiritual. "Frost covered trees against winter skies. The revelation of archetypal form and essential rhythm of existence." (Rudhyar, Sabian symbol degree for Sun-Moon)

    Summer Solstice on June 21 ushers in the season as Sun enters 00 degrees Cancer with Moon, Juno, Jupiter and Venus all lined up in expressive, heart-centered or ego-driven Leo. That's a big challenge with such a strong fixed fire sign presence to stay away from over or under valuing ourselves, to remain centered in what we feel from the very core of our being. Venus quincunx Pluto requires profound adjustment in our personal and collective values. What can we shift in the next 3 months to improve personal interactions, partnerships, spending habits, generating income and other material resources through means aligned with our ethics and excitement? One Billion Rising represents a potent aspect of the global transformation of women's roles, the healing of that essential split between matter and spirit, male and female, and consequently the overall improvement of life on Earth. When Mama's happy, everybody's happy!

















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