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Month of May, 2015


         First major astrological event of May is the Scorpio Full Moon at the 14th degree of the fixed water sign, opposing Sun in Taurus and both Lights forming a T-Square with Jupiter, the Greater Benefic. With Moon in Scorpio the most lit up aspects of our beings and our experience are those places we usually decline to acknowledge, or at least don't take the time required to adequately explore and process. With Jupiter involved the themes of hidden motivations and whatever feelings, experiences, self-images we've disowned over long periods of time are bound to surface one way or another, or in many varied ways. Dreams, unexpectedly painful memories, imagination moving into disturbing or surprising territory or encounters triggering old traumas that have helped define who we are up to now, are different ways the subconscious is calling out for our attention. Fixed water sign favors the darker aspects of the psyche for no other reason than to bring more balance to our all too unbalanced early twenty-first century lives. Sun in Taurus emphasizes the importance of grounding, stability and self-valuing as we encounter the shadow with greatest capacity to work with it effectively. This applies both in the collective realm and the personal. The masses are awakening more to the shadow aspects of world power structures, the hidden power players, the political agendas masked as being for the common good, and this mass awakening necessitates chaos. Many must process the newly encountered reality in spite of the pain that awareness generates. Having one's world view turned upside down is an incredibly disturbing experience, and of course the people who have enjoyed the most privilege are the ones whose awakening is bound to be the most difficult. Collective values are highlighted along with  the individual. It's clear cultural priorities are distorted increasingly in favor of those who do not have the common good at heart, and the masses are restless to enact change. On the personal level facing our own demons, self-sabotaging habits and willingness to go along with the fraudulent consensus reality to whatever degree are the main themes, and what each of us must get to in order to effect lasting culture change. Mercury opposing Saturn approaches the first of 3 squares to Neptune (over the next couple of months in its next retrograde pass) with all 3 planets now forming another T-Square, one that calls for crystal clear thinking and communications enhanced by wider vision, empathy and compassion for self and others. Pluto's involvement in the lunation adds harmonious links to Sun and Moon to support staying grounded and true to our own inner authority. Sabian Symbol from Rudhyar reads: "Telephone linemen at work installing new connections. The need to establish new channels of communication." Of course those channels are opening within ourselves as well as new channels of connection to others that help us form new alliances and deepen existing ones.

    On the 4th Taurus Sun and Jupiter in Leo perfect their exact square for further expansion of consciousness into those areas of personal and mass priorities. Astrologer Cynthia L.C. Wood has written a book promoting the transfer of Taurus' rulership to Earth rather than Venus having 2 rulerships. Having toyed with this idea for decades it's come to a point where I wholeheartedly endorse working with what Ms. Wood is proposing in such an official and eloquent way (see Earth Rise: The Case for Studying and Using Earth in Astrology). The Sun-Jupiter aspect seems to echo the theme, re-examining the (fairly disconnected) tradition of leaving our own planet out of the line up in natal charts. Seems the time has come for inclusion of the very planet giving us life and sustenance, certainly a move that helps us re-connect with Gaia more intimately, exactly what's needed in our present evolutionary phase. The more playful and experimental we get the better, especially with the traditional structures we've been familiar with up to now. This doesn't necessarily mean we'll do away with the Venus rulership of Taurus, just that there's a much bigger opening now to play with "new" possibilities.

    Aquarius Moon forms Last Quarter square to Taurus Sun for the unusual, even bizarre, facing off with the  familiar and comfortable. Of course what's bizarre to us now may become the totally familiar in no time with the speed and intensity of the shifts we're undergoing as individuals as well as in our whole planetary reality. Letting in the unfamiliar now, while maintaining a reasonable grounding in the familiar, is beneficial as it enables us to operate with more ease in the rapid flow of energies streaming in from the cosmos. Our concept of our planet and our place in the Solar System, even in the Galaxy, is expanding ever outward as well as bringing us deeper inward to our very core at the same time. Quantum physics comes closer and closer to aligning with the most profound spiritual truths at the core of most religions. Right now the planets present a case for new awareness of who and what we are as well as our proper relationship to this magnificent spaceship we inhabit. Mars enters Gemini today stimulating and intensifying that mutable air sign's expression while Sun will follow on the 21st. Quick to start off on things and quick to become attracted to yet another path to follow, in other words lack of substantial follow through or in depth work, are some of the qualities of this passage for the next 7 weeks. What we're most interested in for this period is attempting to be inclusive of everything.

    New Moon late on the 17th (9:13 pm PDT) at the 27th degree of Taurus inviting more bold exploration into the mysteries of this fixed earth sign. Mercury is all but still from our earthly perspective, about the turn retrograde on the 18th in the especially-curious-about-all-possibilities sign Gemini, impacting this new beginning for the month and the year ahead with the need to re-think, re-evaluate, remember, revise and re-connect. Careful of the mishaps bound to unfold if we're attempting to operate with "business as usual", cause usual it's anything but! Our current global crisis in the area of sustainability in using finite resources is huge and growing at this lunation along with our consciousness about this, the environmental degradation we continue to perpetrate on our Mother Planet, and including the escalating wars and brutality generated by old world religious beliefs and plain old human greed. Yikes! How are we to deal with all this angst if we're not "earthing" ourselves, connecting in that particular Taurean way to our inner roots by sending them deeper and deeper. We all sorely need our most effective practices requiring a slowing down and daily disconnect from the nerve-jarring hyper-vigilance we're accustomed to, and the ongoing heartbreaking events. Our response is not to close our hearts to the suffering, our own and others', but to fully expand into our larger being to be capable of encompassing it all. Buddhist nun Ani Pema Chodron gives easy instruction for a meditation that anyone can do to help ease the suffering we hear about and witness: Tonglen Meditation: Taurus advocates for peace, abundance for all, loving connection to the matrix of our existence individually and en masse in its most skillful expression. At the tail end of the 7 Uranus-Pluto squares we face the self-created challenges that must be dealt with inventively in order to still be a planetary species when the Uranus-Pluto opposition arrives in 2048, and into the next century with the culmination of the outer planet cycle as they join in a conjunction again for the first time since the 1960's. We can look forward however to the wildly creative innovations and major utopian ideals coming in fast and furious and becoming far more commonplace at the trine between these planets beginning in 2025. Keeping these larger cycles in mind is important for now to maintain some perspective on where we've been, where we are now and where we're going. Of course how we each choose to respond to difficult circumstances in present time is crucial in how the next evolutionary cycle unfolds. Jupiter-Juno, king and queen of the gods mythologically, join up in an open-hearted partnership in Leo New Moon supporting the balance of male and female authority needed to resolve the most challenging problems, and to more fully enjoy the male-female dance free of outdated, strangling cultural gender roles. They're both heading for tradition busting, creative and exciting trines with Uranus in June to help us experience how much more fun and productive true equality of the sexes is. Many more need to awaken to the fact that we actually have less gender equality in our system than many other countries or we will never have that. We have a far distance to go before reproductive rights for women, freedom from the pervasive danger of sexual assaults (a feature of dominance/submission structure throughout written history) and equal pay for equal work are our cultural standards. Our healthier connection to the Earth is a big part of healing the painful split between male and female, the massive disrespect for life being reflected as disrespect for women. Jupiter-Juno also can bring in crazy but wonderful alliances if we're open to that, where connections with unexpected people provide great benefits for all. For each of us personally this New Moon is an opportunity to align more with our own sense of abundance, what that means to us. We know a lot of money does not necessarily translate into that fruitful experience if we've given up what we really cherish in pursuit of it. Venus and Neptune approach a highly sensitive trine that helps immensely in tuning into and operating from our most cherished values. Rudhyar's Sabian Symbol for Sun-Moon degree: "An old Indian woman selling the artifacts of her tribe to passers-by. Peaceful adaptation to collective needs."

    May 20 Jupiter forms a tension filled quincunx with Pluto to expose what we really think and believe. Anything out of synch with core stuff, out of integrity is what it really is, will be showing up to bite us where it hurts, unless that is we're humbly embracing what's most authentic to us. Bottom line now is the chaos and brutality are not dying down yet but the masses are definitely getting their fill. More and more choose productive ways to address injustice, that is where we can since the system still is more invested in generating and promoting violence than in preventing it. With as much courage and dedication as we can find within we need to approach our lives more and more with compassion guiding us, for ourselves and for all we encounter.

     "Do you remember finding your awareness slipping beneath the choppy, unceasing barrage of concerns and thoughts, scraps of this and that, to a small peaceful space in your inner being and then with no effort on your part that peaceful space became so vast that it was able to envelope and contain the unceasing and tumultuous as if it were a mere drop in vastness of your being? That paradox is your true nature." ( Joan Burks Richards, Kundalini Yoga Master among many other things)















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