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Month of April, 2015

    April starts off with a fired up Sun-Jupiter aspect that can generate restless for visible progress on our chosen path as the Pluto-Uranus outer planet square still presents challenges to either bypass by recognizing their illusory nature or engage with fully armed with the tools of transformation we've accumulated so far. Which is it we may ask? Depends entirely on our current individual state of evolution and where our soul's journey is calling us to next. Meditative time is well spent though possibly hard to come by. Mercury's trine to Saturn at the same time may nudge us to make declarations that we'd best be prepared to back up with solid facts and the required dedication for follow through.

    On the 4th another Full Moon Total Eclipse occurs at the mid-degree of Libra, Sun-Uranus opposing in Aries while Pluto squares the lunation. What can often be a fairly calm and cool Full Moon becomes especially charged with the energies of transmutation with dramatic shifts unfolding over the next 6 months at least. It's crucial to be clear on what we need to carry forward into this next phase, what to leave behind as the outer planets mandate discipline, focus, devotion and action inspired by the awareness that we're cosmic/earthly beings on an evolutionary journey. It's not a straight path from past to future, it's an eternal, spinning, spiraling trajectory that brings us back to the same lessons over and over but always in a new place with new possibilities for fulfillment. Our relationships of all kinds are being vibrated to a new frequency whether we're consciously aware of this process or not. If we are aware the poignancy and beneficial revelations of this potent moment in time are exquisitely, perhaps also painfully, apparent. Vesta square Saturn now calls for protecting what's most essential through honoring and validating the values of the feminine; nurturing, mutually supportive relationships, healthy communities, intimate connection to biosphere and all animal/plant/devic and spirit realms we co-exist with. Wherever Libra-Aries in mid-degrees fall in our charts by House placement are the areas of powerful shifts for the better. For the next couple of days Pluto and Uranus make exact aspects with the Sun to re-emphasize where our consciousness needs to be focused as a collective and as individuals. Re-inventing ourselves and our relationship with our world and all beings inhabiting it, is part of this evolutionary turning point, nothing less than determining for now what it actually means to us to be human. Refer back to April 3, 1996 when a matching eclipse occurred. This is the next phase we're entering in that 19 year cycle. Sabian Symbol of the Moon's degree from Rudyhar: "Circular paths. Coming to terms with the inevitability of establishing steady rhythms of social activity". The never-ending cycles of life, the process of making mistakes and learning from them. After all how else can we learn? Yet our culture largely continues to operate from the delusion that mistakes are bad and we must be judged for them, the harshest judges usually being ourselves with this internalized paradigm. Neptune, Chiron and Vesta in Pisces all promote the healing truth of compassion for self first. If we feel we've been on a merry-go-round for the past months, or even years, that turns out to be not far from the truth. But attuning to the larger reality more and more brings us to a whole new place with this circular perception.

    April 8 Jupiter, planet of expansion, quest for meaning, higher mind turns direct at the 13th degree of the sign most associated with generosity, Leo. In our heart of hearts what are the dreams we cherish most? Now is the time for re-connecting with those visions we thought would not, could not ever happen. Last September 12-13 were that dates when Jupiter first crossed this degree, referring back to that time can help orient us in present time. What was the big plan then? On December 8, 2014 Jupiter turned retrograde perhaps along with a sense that our vision was fading, no progress or positive signs appearing. Today that shifts with the Greater Benefic's pivot, also quite energized by the eclipse energies from the 4th, still vibrating us at a new and most likely unfamiliar frequency. The golden ring is within reach in this turn around the merry-go-round so we can operate as if that's already happening. At the same time we must beware the pitfalls of overblown ego.

    Last Quarter Moon on the 11th, Capricorn Moon square Aries Sun, requires even more discipline and clear focus as we enter the last week of this earth-shaking lunar cycle. Any additions or subtractions from New Moon intentions on March 20 are most effectively done now. Pluto is about to turn retrograde on the 16th at the 16th degree of Capricorn also, intensifying the energy patterns at work for the Last Quarter. We'll be feeling its death and rebirth, let go of all that's inessential, influence more powerfully from this point and for days after the pivot, most likely in subtle but potent ways.

    New Moon arrives on the 18th 11:56 am PDT at the 29th degree of Aries. Another beginning point emphasizing important endings as we look to the future and the work we can do now to ensure the optimal benefits for us and for our fellow beings. Mars trine Pluto in earth signs gives us stamina and deep dedication to more earth-based values and spirituality, the long term commitment to doing what's necessary to turn around old habits of non-sustainability in our personal lives and in our communities. The planet of action also squares Jupiter to make sure we're not acting too impulsively, expanding out too fast. Going at a slower, steadier pace brings best results with these patterns. Sun and Moon also are at the degree of the Andromeda Galaxy, the sort of sister spiral galaxy that our own Milky Way is spinning closer and closer to, and eventually the 2 galactic entities will merge into one massive spiral. The connection now with Andromeda signifies a growing awareness of ourselves as galactic beings as our limitless capacity for consciousness expands into new and much larger realities, both symbolic and real. Jupiter quincunx Neptune speaks to this huge shift in perspective about who and what we are in essence, and aided by the earthy influences of Pluto, Mars and Mercury to keep us grounded and present. Looking up the House placement for the late degrees of Aries in our personal charts can help us clarify the most important intentions for this new beginning for the year in all matters ruled by the cardinal fire sign. We're digging for hidden treasure while gazing in wonder at the sky above. "The music of the spheres. Attunement to cosmic order" is the Sabian Symbol for New Moon's degree. (Rudyhar) This image invites us to listen within for our unique part of the universal song, and to extend that out into our day to day lives in any ways we can.

    Sun enters Taurus on the 20th for the annual solar journey through the fixed earth sign, most happily connected to all the senses and to more intimate connection to the biosphere as well as our own physicality. We begin this year's passage with a Mercury-Jupiter square, a challenge to keep highest ideals in all our thinking and communications, cautioning us not to become rigid or dogmatic. Over the next 2 days both Mars and Mercury form exact trines to transformer Pluto.  Great timing for clearing out the old and inessential, keeping what's of true value.














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