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Month of March, 2015


    High energies at work as March comes in with the 2nd of 3 Jupiter-Uranus trines on the 3rd while Mars and Venus have been willfully and boldly playing together in firey Aries. These connections not only bring us to a new place in consciousness with an extra measure of inventiveness, open-mindedness and future vision, but also gives us full permission to expose previously hidden desires and the hutzpah to act on them. Caution is advised since this much exciting energetics can lead to unwisely impulsive moves. Refer to last September 25 for the 1st Jupiter-Uranus trine, while June 22 this year winds it up. Of course that does not mean its influence is over, just that our capacity to live our dreams has been energized more significantly than has occurred in many years. Take time to reconnect and review such seemingly outlandish visions from the last few months. On the 4th Venus goes wild and free in a trine to especially generous-hearted Jupiter and conjunction to liberating Uranus, but also squares Pluto. Owning whatever sparks our passion around partnerships, finances, creative projects is accompanied by the need for more caution as Pluto promises consequences down the road if we've not been in integrity.

    Full Moon arrives on the 5th at the 15th degree of Virgo, opposed by Sun in Pisces, along with Chiron in the mutable water sign, and in a potent trine to Pluto in Capricorn. What's illuminated is where we need to go deeper into the mysteries of existence, to combine the aspects of daily living with the most profound mysticism. Immersing in Nature is the most essential way to accomplish the crucial merging required at this point in time. Mars conjoins South Node in Aries signifying clear and clean breaks with aspects of the past no longer resonating with who we are and are becoming. War and aggression and how we deal with anger, personally and collectively, are what we must face in the searingly painful events of brutality perpetrated by the human species on each other, our fellow species and our planet. Each of us are faced with our own participation by way of our indulgence in or avoidance of negative emotions. Examining all that disturbs our equilibrium is a good thing to engage in at this lunation, along with dealing creatively with those revelations. Uranus-Venus, also in Aries, still travel together wild and free, trine Jupiter, square Pluto, quincunx the Moon also referring to the releasing of old connections, values, resource distribution. Many relationships are ending. The ones that continue on with any chance of fulfillment or positive growth are the ones where both parties have been willing to make the changes needed in present time. Ceres, newly appointed (dwarf) planet, square Eris coming into exact alignment soon support the growing awareness around safe food and water, and are empowering the most disempowered to be heard in concerns for their families and the future for generations to come. These 2 planets  Spring through Fall 2015 will bring us to the next level in the movement to label and in some places ban GMO's, while true science will come into mass awareness around the real impact of fluoridating water supplies, more complex and reality-based information about the true impact of vaccines and many other practices we need to examine more closely and non-emotionally. On the personal level Ceres-Eris help us realize where we belong and which people and environments have a toxic effect on us, draining energy and blocking us from the progress and fulfillment we could be experiencing. "A fine lace handkerchief, heirloom from valorous ancestors. The quintessence of deeds well done." (Rudhyar, Sabian Symbol for Moon's degree)This image also reminds us of the importance of the small, often overlooked, details of life that actually can have powerful impact on our sense of grounding and well being, a Virgo-Pisces lesson.

    The 9th through the 11th Mars' inclination to charge forth with energy, and to the exclusion of any outside influence, enjoys full permission to do so in a dynamic trine to Jupiter and conjunction with Uranus, further igniting the already on-fire energetics of those planets. Actions based on ideals are the best way to go while sheer impulse can lead to bigger trouble than usual, so cautions most decidedly do apply. That's in all movements, as people will be speeding up and paying less attention than usual, which is already apparent at the start of the month. The square to Pluto on the 11th emphasizes the need for thorough consideration of actions taken as consequences will be immediate and severe if we stray from personal integrity. On the other hand we can move through, over, under or around obstacles that have been major problems in the past if our attention is clearing focused. Positive male archetypes appear more prominently now in contrast to the 2 dimensional, heroes with feet of clay, cultural models we've been indoctrinated with. We'd best beware angry people and volatile situations, remain true to personal passions.
    On March 12 Mercury enters forgiving Pisces bringing communications into a softer, more empathic realm, affecting our perceptions also in the 2 1/2 weeks ahead. Intuition, psychic sensitivity and imagination prevail along with an increased tendency to project our own stuff onto those around us. The tender-hearted are especially vulnerable to how and what we communicate, a good timing to bring more mindfulness and awareness of others into personal interactions. Now through the 30th this greater care is needed to avoid misunderstandings as objectivity and distance from emotional states are harder to come by.

    Saturn has been slowing to an almost grinding halt for days before its pivot to retrograde motion on the 14th at the 5th degree of Sagittarius. For the next few months we're compelled to review ingrained beliefs, mass consensus in cultural values, the explosion of religious intolerance in the 21st century, driven by people in power whose goal it is to create perpetual war. The human spirit must prevail over religious dogma and manipulations in the evolution of our species.The few days leading up to this turning from Earth's perspective may feel like we're dealing with a heavy weight, vague fears or worries we'd best face full on. Wherever the 5th degree of Sagittarius falls in our charts is an important area needing our full attention right now.

    The last of 7 Uranus-Pluto squares perfects on the 16th bringing to the next stage the revolution of the '60's when these 2 outer planets came together initiating this major wave of evolution for our planet and all species who share it. World events, climate anomalies indicating significant permanent changes, volcanic activity and earthquakes are all featured with great emphasis in this truly earthshaking aspect. The old and dysfunctional is on its way out, the new and liberating will not be stopped by any means whatsoever. That's why we can most be at peace with ourselves to the extent we welcome and engage with the shits and innovations.

     The end of something quite important and the need to let go fully characterizes the New Moon Solar Eclipse on the 20th at the very last degree of the sign most associated with endings. Release is assured on many levels and in the area indicated in our personal natal charts where this degree falls. Rebooting or re-organizing around a different aspect, or deeper level, of our being, and collectively around the very essence of what it means to be human, is what's going on underneath the surface but distinctly felt if we're at all aware. We're virtually ejected in eclipses from one aspect of reality into another, ideally broader version, this one being particularly dramatic in that regard with the final Uranus-Pluto square just having perfected. In this unusually powerful need for completions, indicated by sign and degree of the lunation, having a conscious focus on what we're being called to let go of for good is paramount. Grieving is to be expected in line with the extent of the letting go required. Unified Field Theory, a term coined by Einstein in his quest for proof that all phenomena are part of a unified field, and and currently an alternative view of the universe, has been a big part of the work of maverick physicist and mystic Nassim Haramein. His work has only recently entered the mainstream of scientific thought, still not at all well accepted, but to so many resonating with truth in our experience of the energetics of existence. "At the same time (as his article was published in a reputable scientific journal in 2010) they (conventional scientists) found out that the galaxy had HUGE bubbles of gas above and under it. They thought the galaxy was flat (my emphasis) and modern physics absolutely can't explain this." The new model of the universe of course matches Haramein's theory. (For a simple explanation of mind expanding Unified Theory of Haramein's see: / This eclipse offers a prime moment for consciousness expansion resonating with this different view of reality and of who and what we are as cosmic/earthly beings. Visionaries are in their element with the work of such brilliant beings as Nicola Tesla coming back around to be used for the common good, to actually re-structure the human world around the ethics and economics of nurturing life. Visionary experience is also amplified for those of us not usually prone to such inspirations. Sun-Moon in their sacred marriage can lift us into higher dimensional realities with crucial meaning for our time if we allow for the space in our lives to reflect, meditate, surrendering into the vast ocean of consciousness. Rudhyars' Sabian Symbol for last degree of Pisces: " A majestic rock formation resembling a face is idealized by a boy who takes it as his ideal of greatness and as he grows up, begins to look like it. The power of clearly visualized ideals to mold the life of the visualizer."














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