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Month of February, 2015

       February comes in with the first (Gregorian) cross-quarter day each year as many around the world celebrate the ancient fire festival on the 2nd; Imbolc, Candlemas, Brigid's festival, Groundhog Day, halfway mark between Solstice and Equinox. Sun and Uranus connect in a passionately liberating sextile requiring some effort from us for best effect, all reflecting and magnifying the meaning of this fire festival. Lighting fires, from candles to bonfires, is a celebration of the rebirth of the Sun making way for Spring. In Goddess traditions this marks the recovery of the Goddess after giving birth to the God, also her transition from Crone to Maiden in the never ending cycle of birth, death, rebirth. Sun-Uranus call for acts of renewal, rejuvenation, joyous celebration of being alive and of our uniqueness within the unity of the whole. Creative urge is powerful, fertility also high, especially with Mars and Chiron joining in Pisces over the last couple of days. We're in tune with our multi-dimensionality with much more powerful opportunities to manifest our vision right now. We can be more connected to the realm of Elementals, at least in honoring their role in the creation and protection of certain aspects of the world that births and nurtures us into human existence. Tradition for this time is to light every lamp, every light in the house, for even a moment after sundown. Meanwhile the Sun and Moon are drawing closer to their monthly opposition, this one highlighting where our individual uniqueness is faced with finding the most ethical and productive role we can play in an increasingly unified whole.

    Full Moon on the 3rd at the 15th degree of Leo is joined by Jupiter, trined by Pallas and Uranus-South Node, opposed by Sun, all forming a high flying Kite pattern. Forward looking Aquarian Sun is the head of the Kite leading us into bold new territory in our consciousness, showing us distinctively that where we focus consciousness has much to do with creating our experience. A 5 planet line up in Pisces offers the connection to heart and soul more readily, helping us remember innate wisdom, such a crucial shift needed in humanity at this juncture in time. Approaching the Solar Eclipse in March we need to be less involved with purely linear thinking, more engaged with intuition, heart wisdom, universal spiritual truths. Sabian Symbol for this lunar degree reads: "A street pageant packed with people. Demonstrations of joy or egocentric displays". (L. Hill) This image speaks to the power of community celebrations allowing the release of parts of our "instinctual nature" (Rudyhar), and also warns of stressing some aspects of ourselves over others. The mid-degree of fixed signs is a particularly potent one also for going to another level of functioning through perseverance and dedication to personal values. Wherever these degrees fall for each of us in Leo, Aquarius, Taurus and Scorpio in our personal charts are areas of great potential right now.

    On the 11th at 6:57 am Mercury, in its slowest motion from Earth's perspective, turns direct at the 2nd degree of Aquarius signaling a shift in thinking that refers back to January 5. Whatever was under consideration, review, analysis since then has become more crystallized in our minds if we've been doing the work. Clarity in decision making, formulating agreements that work for all concerned, are benefits of this planetary movement. However if we can hold off until at least March 3 for finalizing the most important matters that could be optimal. This is because Mercury will be heading into new territory then which gives us the opportunity to discover more relevant information and/or enlist more allies to our purpose. If we can't wait in a productive and patient way 'til then the Trickster/Traveler/Shape Shifter planet gets "up to speed" by the 19th, for another layer of energizing forward movement. At Mercury's direct motion on the 11th it has been in close sextile to Saturn for several days and will continue in that supportive, stabilizing aspect through the 23rd. The combination helps us concentrate on the bare bones essentials of our plan of action so far, while offering particularly long term benefits if we're staying on track. Innovative ideas need extra attention now as well as considering the feasibility of implementing them. That said 2015 is a year of especially powerful opportunities to break into new, seemingly outlandish problem solving and the cooperation needed to manifest the best solutions.

    New Moon and Chinese New Year on the 18th mark a powerful and auspicious new beginning. Sun and Moon in the 2nd Aquarius conjunction this year, the first in the first degree of the fixed air sign, this one at the last degree of the futuristic, utopian vision sign. Something big is happening here in the matters and the people ruled by Aquarius. We have en extra mandate this year to work with the lessons and qualities of Aquarius; incorporating a broadened range of new ideas and ways of perceiving ourselves and our world, more ethical considerations in how the uses of technology, futuristic scenarios where we make decisions based on the health of generations to come, humanitarian ideals informing our major actions as a collective and as individuals. Science and spirituality approach each other more than ever before as quantum physics reveals deeper, more mysterious layers of reality that match the most ancient religious lineages. This is also the 5th in a string of New Moons at the first and last degree of a sign, indicating the importance of the endings and beginnings we've been facing, showing us that significant change is in the works. Venus and Mars at late degrees of Pisces help us dissolve our old concepts of sexuality and gender as we enter a new era of understanding where we accept that in humans there exists a whole spectrum of possibilities, none of them more healthy than the others.   "Deeply rooted in the past of a very ancient culture, a spiritual brotherhood in which many individual minds are merged into the glowing light of a unanimous consciousness is revealed to one who has emerged successfully from his metamorphosis. The ability for the person with an open mind and a deep feeling for self-transcendence to come in contact with higher forms of existence". (Rudyhar, Sabian image for 30 Aquarius)
    Mars and Venus both enter Aries on the 19th and 20th for an energized, passionate journey through the sign most connected with new beginnings, in close contact with each other into early March. If ever there was a golden opportunity to start fresh in the areas of love and money, gender issues and other social matters, this is it. It's crucial to be courageous enough now to assert our needs and desires most authentically while remaining open to the needs of others. We can also start off on a new path of dedication to core values in how we generate and use financial  and other resources. We're at the very beginning of a whole new paradigm, with one foot in the old world, the other in the new, with different rules and less limitations than we've known. However we choose to engage with this new reality is entirely up to us, and certainly involves taking courageous risks more than ever before.














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