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Month of January, 2015

   Chiron and Pluto have been doing a slow dance together, off and on, in a harmonious sextile for the last 2 years and will continue into early March of 2015. This coincides of course with the Pluto-Uranus squares that have been shaking our world and changing what has seemed unchangeable. Chiron holds the key in all healing processes, and in Pisces for these last couple of years has lent more insight and instinct, not to mention enthusiastically promoting music therapy as one of our most potent healing remedies. (That of course refers to only music that resonates with our Source, not the kinds that separate us from it.) Chiron in Pisces refers to the need for facing our grief and allowing ourselves to move through it in order to connect with the core of joy within. The world's water resources in dire need of cleaning up fall under Chiron's current influence. Respect Gaia's resources, the biosphere that brings us life, or face extinction. Pluto meanwhile has dug into the most deeply entrenched, and unethically founded, institutions of society to expose the rot as well what we can do to make productive changes. On the personal level Pluto shows us our own shadow in undeniable terms, also revealing the way to unload negative karmic conditions, habitual behaviors undermining well-being and the delusion that we're separate entities who need to adhere to a set agenda. These 2 celestial bodies in combination present situations awakening us to the essence of our existence, the most crucial values we hold, our innermost worthiness along with the worth of all sentient life. For those born 1945-49 a powerful, challenging and healing yod is formed with transiting Chiron-Pluto and natal Pluto. Natal Pluto plays the role of "finger of god" in this configuration, pointing to the path of heart-centered wisdom as the alternative to increasing confusion and suffering. Baby Boomers were a generational force for change in the Pluto-Uranus conjunction in the '60's and now are needing to step up or clear the way for the younger generations in total support in the next phase of that revolutionary time as the 2 planets form their squares. "Your old road is rapidly aging…Please get out of the new one if you can't lend your hand". Never more relevant than right now!
    As 2015 begins Pluto-Uranus are still quite tight in their conspiracy for evolutionary change of grand proportions, and remain that way through most of May this year. March 17 marks the 7th and last of the exact squares of the outer planets since 2012. This means the intensity of the forces at work on and through us will not let up for at least the 1st half of this year. However the motivation and impetus to move forward on the most important things we can accomplish is extraordinary, like a massive wave of high frequency energies that propel us forward. The month starts off with a Full Moon on the 4th at the 15th degree of Cancer that forms a Cardinal Grand Cross with Sun-Pluto in Capricorn and the Moon's North and South Nodes and Uranus in Libra and Aries. This pattern plays a significant part in how we enter the new calendar year, with possibilities for feeling overwhelmed if we're not pacing ourselves in a rhythm that matches our personal needs. This lunation lights up even further the most extreme situations for our consideration, with solutions available and quite obvious too. The trick of course is to see where we undermine connections with each other, creating unhealthy communities and family relationships, and to dedicate ourselves to shifting the course we've been on. Creating a good balance between home and work life is always a prominent theme with Cancer-Capricorn axis. There's a tendency to feel insecure, unsafe, needy, so it's important to look at what we can do to change that without succumbing to fear or blaming others for creating a dangerous or untenable situation. The more we can realize our divine source and connect through kindness the better things get. However kindness and bending over backwards to help another are 2 different things, a fine line many women especially need to clarify. Being off center in ourselves is never going to bring good results other than realizing we need to come back to center. Tender self care (Cancer) and one focus discipline (Capricorn) are the balance we must come to for 2015's challenges and great opportunities.

    Jupiter's retrograde 'til April 8, encouraging us to revisit and refine all dreams and big ideas we'd entertained over the last few months, mid-September to early December, as it reverses its path through the 23rd to 13th degrees of fixed fire sign Leo. Higher self is ideally engaged through this process of review as we sort through our best ideas, most supportive beliefs, and discern which we're devoting significant time and energy to as the year unfolds. From April through July we have golden opportunities to move forward with confidence and flair, painting the future in bold and colorful strokes straight from the heart. This does not mean progress cannot be made 'til Spring, but the latter half of the year will be an especially productive time.

    Mercury and Venus enter open-minded, futuristic and quirky Aquarius in the 1st week of January, while Sacred Warrior Mars completes its fixed air sign passage. We're re-negotiating and re-creating concepts of masculine and feminine from a more universal, equally valued viewpoint, freeing up gender roles even more from the rigid and antiquated dominance/submission model. Clearly we've made progress, but the truth of how entrenched that paradigm has been is revealed in the current waves of stories about the rape culture designed to keep women "in line" for centuries; from the military to college campuses, from sex slave trade thriving and growing in our own country and worldwide, violent, demeaning pornography becoming a billion dollar industry, to iconic, beloved role models who've gotten away with using their power to victimize and subjugate others over decades. Crimes against women in wars are not even reported because the journalists doing the reporting don't even find those to be worthy of notice since they're assumed to be happening anyway. All signs just in our own back yard of the iron hold male violence has had on human culture for five thousand years. Aligning with healthy and balanced masculine and feminine is a major aspect of our personal and planetary evolution. This necessitates a certain amount of chaos of course since the old beliefs and systems in place are crumbling and new ones being put into place. Mercury will retrograde in Aquarius from January 21 through February 11 and won't leave the fixed air sign 'til March 12. A reassessment of our most innovative ideas and inspirations is in order, as is the need to question our usual perceptions, to be able to see things with new eyes. We'll make more informed "real world" progress then into mid-March and beyond. Venus' role here is to bring a measure of detachment to relationships for increased ability to see where we succumb to old dysfunctional patterns and how we can shift out of those. Also financial matters receive the cooler perspective of Venus in Aquarius as we're able to discern what changes we can make that will serve us better.
    New Moon at 1st degree on the 20th starts the next lunar cycle with 4 planets in eclectic, brilliant Aquarius. Neptune, Mars and Chiron occupy visionary Pisces, and along with the Aquarius planets, call forth creative muses, wisdom teachings and teachers, offering great healing potential especially in the areas of consciousness and old emotional patterns. Sun-Moon sextile to Saturn in Sagittarius supports commitment to a spiritual lineage, philosophical system, metaphysical studies that resonate with one's inner truth. Teacher/Master archetype is highlighted with Saturn in Sagittarius for the next 2+ years, a time to connect or re-connect with the Master within, and which may lead to connecting with an outer Master who supports that inner process. South Node and Uranus are joined in a volatile and dynamic energy of release. Past patterns of denial, self-sabotage, anything that's blocking our personal evolution is up, as well as global events that mark a significant passage into a new era. Wherever the 13th degree of Aries falls in our charts represents a huge turning point for each of us, from past into future. Pluto's input adds to the momentous changes for all of humanity. Our old narrow and largely false view of ourselves and our world has reached its illogical extreme as we awaken to a much more vast, open territory filled with unlimited potential, along with great responsibility for how we respond to this time.














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