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Month of November, 2014

    November's first significant astrological event is the Full Moon at 15th degree of Taurus on the 6th, opposed by Sun still intimately connected with Venus (ruler of Taurus) and Pallas Athene as they transit Scorpio. Saturn also continues toward its completion of the 2 1/2 year transit of Scorpio in the later degrees substantially increasing the influence of the fixed water sign. We're now pressured and prodded into making needed reforms in shared values, resource management and the deeper levels of personal relationships as the Teacher planet completes this passage. Between early November and December 23 the planet that teaches us mastery of our essential purpose completes its Scorpio passage, backing up a bit into that sign again mid June through mid September next year, giving us that much more time to work on refining and reforming wherever needed.

    Mid degree of fixed signs in this lunation have considerable power being tied to the Law of Karma. As we've entered a particularly karma clearing time in our collective human journey this implies a quite potent turning point in the collective around shared values; do we choose humanitarian values or continue down the road in line with sociopathic leadership? In the personal realm those with planets and points at that degree in Taurus, Scorpio, Leo and Aquarius have increased opportunities to resolve/release any karmic conditions causing pain and suffering. Certainly those would be the ones that persist over time or keep coming back over and over no matter how long we've been dedicated to healing the condition or situation. So many meditative and healing practices to choose from to enable liberating ourselves, but consistency in commitment is of course what works best. The point is to engage in some practice that is clearing, replenishing and restorative for the entire being.

    The Full Moon illuminates the next step(s) for each of us in resolving and healing whatever came up for us at the Solar Eclipse in October, or simply how to go to the next level of personal evolution. Jupiter square Sun and Moon challenges us to re-think beliefs about abundance, hoarding or sharing as fundamental principles to live by. The poison of false beliefs has never been more evident as the essential lie of the ruling class crumbles, the one about deserving all the wealth because they work for it. No one ever got rich all by themselves Jupiter (often by way of Elizabeth Warren) reminds us; surely not without using publicly funded resources and the blood and sweat of workers to get there. This mid term election is more about money and values than ever. Be sure to ground by making direct contact with bare earth, perhaps devoting some time to a walking meditation today by pressing a smile into the earth with each intentional step (a Buddhist meditative practice learned from a monk many years ago). Excellent way to begin each day in fact. "Head covered with a rakish silk hat, muffled against the cold, a man braves a storm. ---the willingness to accept crises and go through them."
(Rudyhar, Sabian Symbol for 15 Taurus)

    On the 8th at 3:09 pm Mercury, the Alchemist, re-enters Scorpio at the degree it crossed on September 28, then went retrograde a few days later. Now that it's direct and back at the 1st degree of the fixed water sign we're more prepared for whatever decisions were up for consideration then, questions to be resolved, puzzles to unravel. Mercury's particularly prone to alchemical processes, the transformation from one state of consciousness to another, in the sign Scorpio. This is also the degree of the Solar Eclipse and Venus on October 23, for even greater emphasis and impact, conjuring forth the power and beauty of the feminine like never before! Take some time to immerse in the perspective that takes us deeper into our innate knowing. Whatever lies beneath the surface now is most significant to acknowledge, so listen closely.

    Along with Venus' power surge this year we have emphasis on the ethical, restrained, disciplined aspects of divine masculine while Mars transits Capricorn. This brings wonderful opportunities for deep healing, within ourselves and in our cultural environment, through an exquisite balance between the 2 polarities. From the 10th through the 12th Mars in its most industrious and responsible mode makes potent aspects with Pluto, then Uranus, dramatically triggering the ongoing Pluto-Uranus square that will culminate next March in a 6th exact aspect that has been instigating revolution, last ditch power grabs, earthshaking cultural and weather/climate shifts and increased movements in the Earth herself. On the 10th Mars forms an alliance with Pluto energizing focused intention along with the ability to act with courage, uncovering whatever resources or power sources we need to accomplish our goals. This requires clear dedication coming into the extreme aspects this week, otherwise we can hit the wall of our own, and others', deep resistance and unpreparedness. Power struggles are sure to be played out, we just need to steer clear while remembering what we know about non-violent communication, and being willing to stand our ground in ethical ways. Beware a tendency to be hard on others and ourselves.

    The square to Uranus on the 12th can be a harsh awakening to whatever has been missing from our long term plan, but could also manifest magically as the holy grail in a flash of inspiration. Again extremes are to be expected in the midst of an energy field filled with unexpected events and situations unfolding. Major challenges to the status quo reverberate from the intimately personal to the global. These aspects will impact the entire week no doubt, so planning for increased neediness in others and stabilizing practices for ourselves, including the ability to say no, will benefit all.

    November 15 Neptune turns direct at the 5th degree of the visionary mutable water sign it rules heightening dream states for days before and after, along with visioning, sense of interconnectedness, and can also pull us into addictive, escapist mode if we're unprepared. Great timing for working more with symbols, images, mantras, all kinds of meditative practices to sink deeper into the Mystery. Wherever early Pisces falls in our charts is where we're being called to soften, open perceptions, surrender to something much larger than ourselves. The next day Venus enters wild and freedom loving Sagittarius shifting our focus on love and money to a more anything goes and optimistic attitude. Alliances are now made more through shared beliefs, philosophical systems while exploration increases into the spiritual, or higher mind, aspects of relating. On the more mundane end it can also send some into partying hard or other unskillful behavior to express independence within a relationship, a very good indication that the connection is not going anywhere without serious work. In any case investing further in our own spiritual evolution is favored through December 10 when Venus moves on.

    New Moon on the 22nd at the 1st degree of Sagittarius is still joined by Venus in a wider arc but the feminine continues to be a powerful influence. All our new beginnings of late must be infused with the wisdom, life affirming and inclusive approach that characterizes the feminine principle. Sagittarius is the sign in which we connect to higher mind, the need to explore new territories of the mind and landscape, our spirit of independence and adventure however that manifests for each of us. Saturn close to Sun-Moon in late Scorpio grounds us in the moment reflecting back whatever is most crucial for us to accomplish as we step into the new cycle for the month and year ahead. A building Jupiter-Mars quincunx, exact on the 24th-25th, cautions us to stay disciplined in all expansive moves. Chiron is stationing to turn direct tomorrow, with emphasis on greater validation and honoring of intuition, dreams, visions and further immersion into the Mystery. The string of New Moons at 1st degree of the sign for a few months indicates the need for fresh starts as much as we can manage, by way of willingness to see things from different perspectives than we have before, act in ways we have not allowed ourselves to so far and allow our personal evolution to unfold more smoothly and naturally by doing so. Sabian Symbol from Rudyhar for Sun-Moon degree: "Retired army veterans gather to reawaken old memories. The will to reaffirm value of the struggle upon which civilization and group-achievements are founded." Wherever early Sagittarius falls in our charts is now our opportunity for reaching the next stage of that personal quest for meaning. In the collective it marks the next phase of our yearning for more social justice and public institutions that function for the good of all.












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