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Month of October, 2014

    Venus and the Sun are closely allied until the 23 rd of October as they pass through Libra, one of the 2 signs ruled by Venus. This phase puts an exclamation point to all the hard work, musings, confusion and ultimately transformational processes we've been involved in all year so far regarding partnerships of all kinds, group dynamics, interpersonal interactions and negotiations. We're headed for a particularly defining moment with all this by the Total Lunar Eclipse on the 8th where dramas play out to the extent we have not taken care of business in those areas. On the other hand seemingly miraculous turns of events and personal to global breakthroughs are to be expected wherever we have been present, diligent and adhering to our most precious values. In fact the 2 eclipses of October this year are powerhouses of energetic support for the changes we know must be made, and as always with the outer planet convergences, if we don't get to it, it will get to us. Not a pretty picture when we allow the more dramatic energy patterns to remove from our lives what and who must go for our next stage of growth, and also introducing what and who are coming in to propel us onward in the ever-spiralling path. Karmic relationships have been a big part of this year's intensity. Moment of truth, or rather another moment of truth, asks us are we in or are we out? How can we resolve the apparent and underlying discord in the least dramatic and most compassionate ways? Graciousness in leaving involvements of any kind can be the best way to meditate on what action we need to take. Great care in not leaving any of our personal power behind in situations that may have become traumatic is also crucial. In those situations gathering up all of ourselves as we exit is primary! Loving, accepting, honoring everything about ourselves is part of a healing process, even, or especially, that aspect of ourselves that seemed to need yet another dance with some form of abuse or other self-avoidance, however veiled and made to look right or "polite". The Goddess, ie divine feminine, is powerfully afoot alright and she is insisting on justice, equality, truthfulness, authenticity, the balancing of the scales in our personal and collective experience.

    On the 4th Mercury spins around to retrograde motion through the 25th. The retro pass of the closest planet to the Sun is one of the most potentially helpful, so often maligned and dreaded, astrological passages that occurs 3 times a year. Trickster/Fool archetype is close to Mercury's heart, and when all is said and done the Fool "is the wisest of all". If we can go with the universal flow, that can and will upset our artificially ordered world, we'll encounter far more treasure than if we attempt to grind away with linear time; insights, forgotten information and stories, connections to be made or re-made, situations to be rectified and things to be fixed. Meanwhile all the mayhem can be used as rich resource for meditations on the utter malleability and impermanent nature of existence. Being in the moment is the only place to be. Sun square Pluto today along with a Mars-Uranus trine add to the power of the moment, with potential for mayhem, mischief and delightful goings on, with a messy blend of all 3 being the most likely. Beware power plays and ambushes, dramas unfolding in out of proportion scenarios. The review period beginning in earnest now is an important one for going deeper into the dynamics of relationships, groups and how we choose to be present (or not) for solving problems or walking away from untenable situations. Mercury starts off in the 1st degree of deep-diving Scorpio, sliding back into Libra for the remainder of the retrograde pass by the 10th. Facing old fears can be a significant part of this adventure.

    Full Moon Total Eclipse at 16th degree of Aries on the 8th, 3:51 am, is joined by Liberator Uranus, South Node and Eris, representing female archetype of channeling rage into activism. Again, where do we belong and where do we now feel distinctly out of place? The angst of unequal, unfulfilling, or abusive relationships in the personal and social injustice in the collective has reached unbearable proportions. Time for decisiveness. Along with this movement toward more independence, equality, humanitarian ideals and finding/validating our unique contribution, retro Mercury cautions us to consider and re-consider how we go about extricating ourselves from whatever involvements weigh us down. Truly in the blink of an eye things can change this week and in the weeks following this eclipse. The more open and pro-active we are about change now the more outcomes seem miraculous rather than more of a shock. becoming fully awake is surely painful as well as exquisitely rewarding. Where have we come since the last New Moon? Are we in or are we out of current involvements? Where do we feel we most belong? What are the most gracious ways to exit any situation not still serving our growth?Feeling our way can be so much more telling now than trying to figure it out through sheer logic. The impulse toward individuation is much stronger now for those who haven't been on that path, along with self-validation as to our gifts and talents. High frequency, high flying Kite formation include Sun-Moon and their current cohorts, Jupiter, Mars for ease in going with whatever calls to us from the soul level. A T-Square also including Sun-Moon, Uranus, S. Node, Eris, Venus, N. Node, Pallas and Dark Lord Pluto puts the pressure on to divest ourselves of those habits, situations and relationships that don't serve who we are becoming and our vision for a healthier future. Rudyhar's Sabian Symbol interpretation for the Moon's degree: "Nature spirits are seen at work in the light of sunset. Attunement to the potency of invisible forces of nature." As we awaken to our role as co-creators on this planet, rather than separate beings here to take advantage of the resources, aligning ourselves with the forces of nature becomes not only sensible but crucial. Working toward balance and harmony among humans and within ourselves are the only ways to navigate this transition.

    New Moon Solar Eclipse at the 1st degree of Scorpio on the 23rd resonates with one on the same date in 1995 for the next level of a 19 year cycle in our lives. Whatever was most prominent for each of us then is up for the next stage of growth. Where do we see ourselves headed from here? Six planets and asteroids line up in fixed water sign Scorpio, with Sun-Moon-Venus-Pallas very closely allied for  emphasis on the transformational power of the feminine, while North Node and Mercury in Libra add more to the wisdom of the feminine perspective. This beginning point for the month ahead, and the year ahead in all Scorpio ruled matters, is amplified by the energetic dynamics of a solar eclipse. Our most cherished, authentic values are featured with an imperative to commit to them even further through our daily habits, where we spend most of our time, attention and energy. Trusting the potency of consistently focused vision along with the dedication to take steps toward that vision is primary in this time. Lunation trines visionary Neptune and forms supportive sextiles with activist Mars. The more we share our dreams with others the faster things will manifest over the next 2 years of increasingly intensified shifts. Put forth New Moon intentions with confidence, love and devotion for the most healing outcomes on all levels. The courage of ordinary people becomes exponentially more powerful as far confronting the crumbling power structure in many diverse ways, from using our buying power, boycotts of certain industries and companies, to protests in the streets, petition campaigns and communities gathering to discuss the problems we face and finding solutions together. As we commit to our authentic selves, needs and desires, foregoing the outwardly imposed images of who we're "supposed" to be, our personal power grows into the most massive collective power the world has ever seen. " A crowded sightseeing bus on a city street. The fundamental human eagerness to expand one's social horizon and to experience the results of collective achievements and new ways of life." (Rudyhar, Sabian Symbol for 01 degree Scorpio) Will we choose the unexplored territory, where the heart is pulling us, or the same old familiar road? All the choices we make now have magnified import.

    On the 25th Mercury stations once again, this time to turn direct at the 17th degree of Libra, the degree it last crossed over on September 14. Themes from that time are up for increased clarity and more solid decision making. Contracts and agreements can be more safely made now, but November 10 is the date when Mercury re-crosses its retrograde degree supporting all forward movement, large purchases and reliable information sources that much more. Mars enters Capricorn on the 26th, sign of its exaltation in the planetary dignities, giving us a major boost through early December in productive, dedicated, one focus work.
    “WE ALREADY HAVE everything we need. There is no need for self-improvement. All these trips that we
      lay on ourselves—the heavy-duty fearing that we’re bad and hoping that we’re good, the identities that we
      so dearly cling to, the rage, the jealousy and the addictions of all kinds—never touch our basic wealth.   
      They are like clouds that temporarily block the sun. But all the time our warmth and brilliance are right
      here. This is who we really are. We are one blink of an eye away from being fully awake.”  Pema Chodron












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