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Month of September, 2014

    All planets up to Uranus are direct August and September giving us wide open permission, as well as more oomph, to move forward in individual purposes while Jupiter-Saturn enable change on the societal level. Outermost in the Solar System's icy, darker regions, Dark Lord Pluto, relentless instigator of transformations, turns direct right on the Autumnal Equinox this year, and just a day before the New Moon, promising a month of heightened intensity around the most crucial changes in progress for our world. Add to that the Sun-Moon marriage on the 23rd occurs at the Super Galactic Center, the central Black Hole around which our galaxy revolves along with about 50 other galactic entities. This of course is a massively potent area of Deep Space from which emerges worlds, solar systems, galaxies like our Milky Way containing unimaginable numbers of stars, and also into which they all will be consumed. What this means for us Earth beings is the beginning of yet another significant stage in our evolutionary cycle as black holes are about creation/destruction, and this particular one is the matrix, so to speak, for untold numbers of worlds, ours included.

    Full Moon on the 8th at the 17th degree of Pisces is joined by multi-dimensional Chiron, forming a Grand Water Trine with Saturn-Vesta-Ceres in Scorpio and Juno in Cancer. The configuration, along with Neptune at an early degree of its own sign Pisces, is potent emphasis on the water element. Mysticism, heightened emotional states and intuition, and visionary capacity are major themes. Part of the impetus for the energetic tsunami will be unprocessed feelings and other ghosts from the past needing acknowledgement and release. In the biosphere water crises are playing out as human mismanagement (of what are naturally endlessly replenishing resources) is wreaking havoc globally. Ceres-Vesta's strong presence continues to promote food safety and strategies to feed more and more people in need, while also emphasizing the need to protect the world's children from the predatory corporate behemoth. We are now so deep into the global revolution/evolution process that personal choices take on more meaning and impact every day. Jupiter-Pluto-Chiron create a profoundly transformative Yod pushing for creative genius and pure compassion, as much as we can muster, in how we approach the most painful aspects of reality. This pattern also reminds us of the joy and beauty of existence when we opt out of the prevailing paradigm's point of view, and go straight for our own core wisdom which includes the wisdom of Gaia/Nature. "Our entire biological system, the brain and the Earth itself, work on the same frequencies."(Nikola Tesla) Juno also is part of a challenging T-Square with Uranus-South Node-Eris and North Node-Pallas-Mercury. Where do we belong, what resonates strongest for each of us as our sense of place becomes more and more important to help us stay grounded and functional through changing times. Who are our best allies, the beings with whom collaboration comes naturally and effortlessly? What can we do to maximize mutual benefit and support in our relationships, including fleeting encounters? Maestro Mercury helps orchestrate the gathering of a richly diverse array of people, ideas, strategies for effective negotiations in even the most longstanding conflicts. Wherever 17 Pisces-Virgo fall in our charts are areas of much deeper insight and opportunities for letting go of inner obstacles, draining behaviors and attitudes. "An Easter parade. The capacity inherent in all great sociocultural images to unite the members of a community in a display of excellence." (Sabian Symbol from Rudyhar for 17 Pisces) The 8 planets and asteroids in water signs combined also reminds that we are All One, inextricably interconnected through the evolutionary journey as ever changing processes of energetic expression, from one form into another. As a Lakota leader (Aloysius Weasel Bear) conveyed in response to his grandson's concern over stopping the white man's destruction: "That separation carries the seed of its own demise". (C. Eisenstein) That in a nutshell says all that needs to be said about the dying paradigm of separation/ alienation, dominance/submission. Our role through the chaos is to go along with the deconstruction process, while going about our own re-unification with All That Is in whatever ways are unique to each of us, and collaborating with each other wherever that's most needed.

    Mars enters Sagittarius on the 13th a transit that frees up our more adventurous nature in general and energizes any area of the personal chart ruled by the mutable fire sign. From the 20th to the 22nd Mars will transit 4-5 degrees and the actions we take then can have major repercussions next year as Saturn will cross (Feb.) and re-cross (Mar.-Apr.) those same degrees, with the opportunity in the Spring to review and refine, and rewarding us eventually (Nov.) for work well done. There are multiple black holes in Deep Space being triggered and re-triggered by these 2 worker planets in the time span mentioned that greatly intensify the results of our actions and long term commitments, both on the personal and collective levels. (P. Sedgwick) Certainly acting on our higher instincts and ideals this month will manifest the most desired outcomes. The 5 thousand year long suppression of indigenous wisdom and the power of the feminine is over; time to re-claim our heritage while evolving to the next stage of being human.

Equinox falls on the 22nd, one day before the New Moon, with Pluto turning direct at the 11th degree of Capricorn. That pivot impacts the entire season by way of its powerful influence in the energetics of the chart drawn for Equinox 2014, the moment the Sun enters 00 degrees Libra. Planetary energies are more emphasized when celestial bodies change directions, either retrograde or direct from Earth's perspective. Pluto's role in the ongoing evolutionary cycle, fired up from 2012 into 2015 by the 5 squares with liberating, revolutionary Uranus, is quite prominent this Fall. The excellerated demise of the old paradigm is clearly indicated. We can expect events that display "the end" of one social institution after another along with other traditions, power structures and even landscapes/ecosystems. From the wonderful people who produce the Public Radio show "Bioneers: Revolution from the Heart of Nature": "It's nothing less than the complete overhaul of the industrial world, that is not only possible but inevitable" (9/3/14). The comment was in regards to the brilliantly innovative solutions being presented through the model of biomimicking (, asking Nature to show us the tactics, mechanics, technologies that re-create a healthy world. Co-creation of humans with the natural world from which we've become so alienated (to the point of near extinction) is the only solution that will ensure our continued journey as children of Gaia. Sextiles from Pluto to Neptune and Chiron describe some easier transitions than we might imagine, and also dependent on our willingness to let go of the established order. We're called to engage with new, or more to the point different, ways of experiencing our relationship to each other, the biosphere, the cosmos and ourselves. 

    New Moon at the 2nd degree of Libra perfects on the 23rd aligning with the Super Galactic Center, hub of the multi-galactic neighborhood we Milky Way inhabitants find ourselves in. Super Galactic Center, or ZS, is a massive black hole, as stated above, one that inevitably consumes whatever is drawn into its field of gravity, which all the 50 or so galaxies, containing trillions of suns, revolving around it are destined for. "No more potent point of healing exists than that of the Super Galactic Center." (P. Sedgwick) The implications for this New Moon beginning point is then filled with possibilities for extreme, instantaneous and large scale healing for all of us as individuals, in relation to how willing we are to engage with the available energies, and for the masses in a collective process. Relating is a huge theme for this point in Libra, whether in close and intimate ongoing connections or in fleeting encounters of any kind whatsoever. Certainly how we encounter each other, as well as other cohabiting species on this planet, is of tremendous importance as far as how we navigate the Great Change. Super Galactic Center "maintains the greatest implication of soul retrieval of any point in the Universe". (P. Sedgwick) This opportunity to re-integrate, to bring our whole selves home right into the physical body's DNA, is unprecedented at such a large scale in the span of human existence where we've become so disconnected from our Source, therefore from ourselves. Jupiter trine Uranus expands on the new possibilities and also warns that we stay grounded enough to not go wildly off in a wrong direction, while a Jupiter quincunx to Chiron requires practices like meditation, quiet reflection, dreaming and prayer to keep ourselves on course. Rudyhar's Sabian Symbol interpretation for 2 Libra: "The transmutation of the fruits of past experiences into the seed-realizations of the forever creative spirit." Also in the explanation for this degree: "A re-polarization of inner energies leading to a creative centralization of consciousness." Being prepared for the intensification of the transmutational process we're in, allowing of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual experiences we're going through, will lead to a raising of consciousness that enlightens and supports us all the way. The New Earth is birthing.












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