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Month of August, 2014

    First half of August is still under the influence of the tight Saturn-Uranus quincunx that can turn things upside down, create unfamiliar situations, vague or distinctive tensions around the very things we've been working to change. The consequences of our past actions, individual and global, colliding with the requirements of the present and the forces of evolution bring about unusual challenges for us to navigate, ideally with grace and compassion. The more honestly we can face ourselves now the easier the solutions and remedies are for current problems. Watch for wrong turns on the 7th unless we have our internal GPS tuned in as Mars trine Neptune requires more subtle perception to find the right route to follow and may uncover hidden agendas, toxic situations in water resources and emotional attachments.

    Karma seems to be a prominent theme for the Full Moon on the 10th at 19 degrees Aquarius, again in personal experience, group dynamics and in the global situation as humanity struggles with the greed, aggression, brutality and ignorance of our species in contrast with higher aspirations and accomplishments. Saturn squares the lights, Sun and Moon emphasizing accountability for our collective and individual past. The values we live by are under scrutiny as the massive injustice and destruction of the greed based system unfolds in horrific world events. This is the death of the dominance/submission structure that has gone to its most extreme conclusion and is now in the throes of disintegration. The responses to these events also demonstrate the highest potentials of the human species; the courage, compassion and wisdom of those dedicated to facilitating and promoting the shift into higher 4th and 5th Dimensions. All actions from the heart, all dedication to service, relieving suffering and bridging differences are part of the Great Work in present time. Solutions are more at hand at this lunation even as disasters multiply. Be extra aware of making decisions based on highest intentions, while the possibility for being guided by illusion still is quite strong, especially with Jupiter-Neptune quincunx. We must be thorough in our thinking about future consequences of actions taken now. Sun-Mercury consort in big-hearted Leo trining Uranus for especially bold and innovative thinking and extravagantly colorful expression, but are also in an uncomfortable quincunx with Chiron along with the square to Saturn helping us process old grief and sorrows that must be released. We'd best leave plenty of room for tender care of our own and others' needs. Saturn trine Chiron still bring up the past in ways that can hurt or heal, most likely both since the healing process can certainly involve facing painful situations we've avoided. "A forest fire is being subdued by the use of water, chemicals and sheer muscular energy." (Sabian Symbol for 19 Aquarius, Rudhyar) This image describes the "skill and courage" to work with wildfire, both energetically and in the physical plane. We've all been "playing with fire" to one degree or another, and certainly collectively we've reached a point where the consequences are playing out in devastating ways; what's required in response  is devotion to subduing the out of control escalation of destructive passions. Wherever 19 degrees Aquarius-Leo fall in our charts are areas where we must take that responsibility for ourselves.

    August 12 Venus shifts to proud Leo for 3 1/2 weeks of generosity, confidence and perhaps a bit more drama in matters of love and money, and of course backed up by super-radiant Sun in Leo 'til the 22nd. Playfulness is great in this period but careful of the ego's unreasonable demands and fascination with glamor.
    Sun enters Virgo on the 23rd for more grounded wisdom over the next 4 weeks, as we encounter the means to implement our most creative ideas. Health and more beneficial and efficient routines in general benefit while our Solar System's central body radiates through the mutable earth sign. We're at the very beginning of the 13 Moon calendar year (since July 26) which energizes all new starts and renewal of ongoing commitments. More awareness of the lunar cycles and their impact on our day to day lives is an excellent start especially now. The remainder of 2014 has far more potential for moving forward; in fact we may barely have time to breathe between the next unfolding events requiring our attention and dedicated action.

    New Moon on the 25th comes in with Sun and Moon at the 3rd degree of Virgo in a fairly wide opposition to ephemeral Neptune. This marks the annual beginning in all things ruled by Virgo; work and health routines, work environments and co-workers, employees, sacred rituals, service, learning skills, analytical abilities and capacity for integrating divergent parts. Deep reflection is still a crucial aspect of our decision making since the Jupiter-Neptune quincunx continues to operate as a potential for missing the most subtle and important  clues. What is our sacred, or essential, work? How we choose to serve is most powerful and beneficial when aligned with cherished values. New doors are opening to the extent we are investing heart and soul into finding or re-dedicating to that end. Rudhyar's Sabian degree for Sun and Moon reads: "Two guardian angels. Invisible help and protection in times of crisis." That we are at a crisis point in our evolution is irrefutable. How we respond to the call for devotion to our heart of hearts is up to each of us. If we can make it through this period of karmic clearing with the need to face full on the consequences of past choices, from here we can create a new world of justice, beauty, love for all beings and beingness itself.










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