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Month of October, 2017

     Mars and Pluto combine at the very beginning of October in a highly productive, determined and practical trine where great feats are possible. At the same time Saturn, Teacher, Taskmaster and ultimate Manifester, approaches Galactic Center for much of the last 3 months of 2017 solidifying the theme of major accomplishments through consistency and dedication. Saturn enables "downloads" of practical and enduring strategies, based in  higher consciousness, from the Milky Way's central black hole, the cosmic origin of our Solar System. We have all we need to create new and very much improved structures, internal and external. Jupiter and Uranus continue in close opposition for the 1st week with more topsy turvy, disruptive events and important breakthroughs in consciousness. Mars-Venus travel together in earth sign Virgo within 1-4 degrees 'til the 13th adding to the capacity for refinement and intricacy in how we go about working on our current mission. The passion these 2 inner planets generate when together can be skillfully channeled into improved relationships as well as good works.

    Full Moon on the 5th at 11:40 am PDT at 13th degree of Aries brings passions to a head, while Mars-Venus extend and enhance the grounding that helps us make progress, especially in beneficial alliances and effective strategies. Sun and Moon square Pluto the Transformer (recently turned direct) are campaigning for bold, authentic, and courageous efforts in facing fears and other paralyzing emotions. This also emphasizes Pluto's brooding qualities while intensifying the sense of immediacy, impatience, and in many places belligerence. Power struggles play out as aggressive behavior is on the rise necessitating steering clear of already volatile situations. Good time for reassessing resources and how we go about acquiring them. Jupiter-Uranus burst more energetically through barriers of old dysfunctional beliefs offering opportunities for for moving forward with creative brilliance.                                                                                                                                    Wounded Healer and Bridge (between matter and spirit, the known and the unknown) Chiron squareSaturn and quincunx Jupiter requires focused attention to spiritual practices and what we need for personal and collective healing. Sabian Symbol for Moon's degree reads: An unexploded bomb reveals an unsuccessful social protest. An immature evaluation of the possibility of transforming suddenly the status quo." (Rudyhar)

    October 10 Jupiter, planet of inner and outer exploration and expansion in all themes and matters it's influencing, changes signs. A significant shift is in the works in how we connect with higher consciousness, ability to have faith in big dreams, relevance of current belief systems and the general cultural mood of the time. In air sign Libra for the past year we've had major opportunities to work on how we relate to others, partnerships of all kinds, group dynamics and matters of social justice. Now the Greater Benefic, bringer of good fortune and/or amplifier of wrong thinking, enters fixed water sign Scorpio. Now we're drawn into investigating the very core of long held beliefs, where they may have originated and whether serve or hinder higher goals and healthy cultural transformation. We can see deeply into the essence of matter, with the wider realization Quantum Physics offers in aligning with ancient spiritual truths.
    For the next year we're immersed in the emotional, psychic, relentlessly probing waters of the sign of the Scorpion and the Phoenix. Ultimate transformation is Scorpio's highest intent, as this translates into the quality and the means of growth in consciousness we're undergoing into 2018. The most profound revelations will come through exploring all that has been taboo in human culture for the last 5,000 years. 2018 promises further breaking free from the dogmas we've held sacred in patriarchy; religious, economic, sociological, political. In the matter of rampant sexual abuse as a way to control women and children we're coming to a more enlightened awareness. The Catholic Church has been a prime example of that practice, going back so far it's seemingly part of the very foundation of that institution. (This seems further validated by the current Pope's lack of effective action, continuing to protect guilty clergy.) Jupiter in Scorpio reveals it as a pernicious and endemic part of a system of brutality that must be, and has been, kept in the dark to be perpetuated. Pornography that promotes violence against women and children is massively popular in this culture of violence and attests to the festering wound sexuality has become in a general cultural sense as well as for so many individuals.
    Kundalini Awakening is a Jupiter in Scorpio theme with a major growth in awareness about this crucial passage, necessitating research into understanding the symptoms and methods that help us move with it. Individual healing is a crucial theme that leads to healing communities and ripples out into the wider collective experience. Who are we as human beings? How far have we come from living as full spectrum biological/cosmic beings? Evolution has surely not been a straight line to a more enlightened species, but the evolutionary imperative now is in that direction. The year ahead, with eternal optimist Jupiter diving into forbidden, frightening, ultimately filled with riches territories, can be a profoundly transformative journey. For those with planets in Scorpio in the natal chart the possibilities are even greater.

    Exciting and disruptive New Moon on the 19th at 27th degree of Libra 12:12 pm PDT enables the next big turning on the evolutionary/revolutionary cycle as the Lights oppose Uranus the Awakener. Mars, planet most associated with beginnings is still in a tight and tense quincunx to Uranus, warning us to be extra mindful of where we're going, literally and figuratively. We must be careful of too much fuss over minor matters while making necessary adjustments to our current modus operandi. There likely is an approach, technique or combination of elements that will work better. The field is wide open for innovations, unexpected alliances between individuals and groups, and events that clearly demonstrate the malleability of reality. Jupiter-Mercury join Sun and Moon assuring higher perspective, gathering what we've learned over the past year in personal relationships, group interactions and diplomacy in general. Sabian Symbol for 27 Libra from Rudyhar: "An airplane sails, high in the clear sky. A consciousness able to transcend the conflicts and pressures of the personal life……unity beyond polarity."

    On the 22nd Sun enters Scorpio for the next month immersing us even further into the Dark where encounters with our Shadow, individually, as a nation and as a species, are where the most precious treasures lie. Having the stamina and courage to face fears and doubts, to name them and determine to work with and through them will bring rewards beyond measure.






























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