Energy Healing: Reiki Jin-Kei Do

The Way of Compassion and Wisdom through Reiki

Reiki Jin Kei Do is an eastern, meditative lineage of Reiki practice with emphasis on spiritual development and cultivation of compassionate healing for oneself and for others. This Reiki lineage offers no "Mastery in a weekend," and requires that one truly works with the energy sessions and meditations before one goes to the next level. The healing practices are derived from an ancient Tibetan Buddhist system of healing, working with the layers or sheaths of energy that comprise the human energy system. Scientists are just recently catching up with these ancient bodies of knowledge as they tell us that everything in the universe is indeed made of the same "substance," energy.

The Buddhist teachings say the physical body is the densest layer of energy frequency, and the spiritual body is the lowest density. The chakra system and the nadis are the connections and pathways through which we transmit energy from the pulsating, universal energy field to the spiritual body, and into the physical. This is an over-simplification of the whole process, but begins to give us a picture of how we interact with the flow of energy that is the universe.

Reiki means spiritual, or universal, energy, or the Universal Life Force. Reiki Jin Kei Do means: The way of compassion and wisdom through the Universal Life Force Energy.

"Usui Shin Kai" or the "core" or "heart" of Dr. Usui's teachings is another term for Reiki Jin Kei Do. Dr. Usui was the originator of the Reiki healing system in Japan in the early 1900's.

Salina offers attunements and classes in this profound healing lineage that can be used as an important part of one's spiritual growth, as well as providing powerful healing tools, meditations, symbols, etc. for one's own healing and healing sessions for others. Salina also offers Master Healing Sessions to assist in one's healing process, whether preparing for or recovering from surgery, or other medical procedures, addressing chronic illness, or dealing with stress reduction, personal growth, or acute phases of illness. A series of Master Reiki Jin kei Do sessions is deeply relaxing to body and mind, facilitating healing at all levels and helping us with clarity on what other healing modalities will be effective in our unique journey. Absentee, or distance, healing sessions are also available and have proven to be extraordinarily effective over many years of Salina's practice. Animal friends also benefit from this healing modality, and it's Salina's great pleasure to work with them.

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