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Salina's use of her highly developed intuitive insight, compassion and accurate astrological timing facilitate the difficult passages and transitions of your life. Whether your current focus is on personal or professional fulfillment she helps you:

  • Clarify which of your dreams to manifest now
  • Design a strategic plan specific to you and your goals
  • Monitor the follow-through of each step of the plan
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of the plan through specific measurements of success
  • Revise the plan as needed

Optimal success of this work involves process. One of Salina's specialties is working in this way with clients over specified periods of time. This extended work helps you sustain each changing step of the process through transition to realized goal.

For those interested in a less intensive approach to the manifestation of goals Salina does offer Natal Chart Readings and Relationship Compatibility Readings, or you can check in at intervals, at your whim and convenience for support and guidance.

Throughout all of her work Salina helps validate, guide and empower you in living your heart-felt dreams.


About Salina

Salina has been studying metaphysics and divination for over 30 years with various teachers, through tutorials, apprenticeships and supervised practice. Now a full time consulting Astrologer with an international clientele, Salina's experience as a professional textile artist, jewelry designer, rape crisis counselor and member of a ground-breaking women's counseling service in the '70s, along with her journey as a single mother, have all deeply influenced and informed her work. She's a member of the National Council for Geocosmic Research.

Salina has lived in Puerto Rico, New England, Florida, the Southwest, and California; traveled through England, Ireland, France, Italy and Greece on life-changing, personal pilgrimages. She holds an interdisciplinary degree from Marlboro College in Vermont, having attended Goddard College in the revolutionary '60's. Her formal studies included art, anthropology, mythology, women's studies Her education includes 30+ years of seminars, classes, intensives and training in the therapeutic uses of herbs, flower essences, minerals and nutrition; spiritual retreats and yoga, tai chi, chi nadi and a diversity of dance forms. Salina now teaches a gentle and powerful traditional lineage of energy healing, based on her seven years of intensive study and practice of this tradition.

Salina's experience with life-changing dreams since she was a child has also led her to study different cultural perspectives and techniques for working with these nightly gifts from the Soul. She brings all of these elements into her work with clients.

Her work centers on the miraculous, unfolding journey of the Soul; on validating each individual's uniqueness and purpose for being embodied in this time and place. Meditation and daily healing practices center and energize her work, enabling Salina to reach into the depths of whatever process or challenge a person is currently going through, assisting them in going beyond blocks, and freeing up the life force energy for living one's joy.

Salina also does weekly community service promoting peaceful solutions in the world, as founder of the local Women in Black silent vigil, with involvement in the international Women in Black network. She has written a bi-monthly column for Sentient Times, a regional publication, for 13 years, and produced over the last 9 years a weekly astrological forecast on KHSU, Public Radio.

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